Maronite Bishops: Armed Groups Must Lay down Their Weapons in Favor of Official Security Forces

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Maronite Bishops council condemned on Wednesday the spread of illegal arms in Lebanon, saying that it will only create chaos in the country.

They said in a statement: “All armed groups must lay down their weapons in favor of official security forces.”

The bishops made their remarks after their monthly meeting headed by Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi.

“Political groups cannot rely on arms to achieve their goals, but they should do so through democratic means,” they declared.

“Lebanon is passing through a critical phase and the people must adhere to coexistence in order to fortify their country,” they demanded.

The bishops therefore called on all political powers to launch dialogue and respect the state and army.

Commenting on the political deadlock, they lamented the parliament's failure to approve a new electoral law, saying that the extension of its mandate is an “unjustified” excuse to cover up this failure.

They also demanded the formation of a new government capable of tackling the political disputes and easing the tensions.

The parliament extended its mandate for 17 months after political powers failed to agree on a new electoral law, prompting the postponement of the elections to 2014.

Addressing the Syrian crisis, the council condemned the intervention of any Lebanese power in the conflict regardless if it supports the regime or the rebels “because it violates Lebanon's sovereignty.”

Eighteen soldiers were killed and 50 were wounded in clashes in Sidon between the army and armed supporters of Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir on June 22 and 23.

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Thumb mckinl 03 July 2013, 13:01

Illegal arms indeed ... The good Bishops could mention just who is turning their weapons on to the people of Lebanon ...

They need only look east to where one of their good Bishops and his aide were taken and beheaded with a field knife ...

Thumb _citizen_ 03 July 2013, 13:16

Sorry to disappoint you.... The italian church only yesterday denied any bishops were executed in Syria. The video was either fabricated or was of people who were not bishops. I will attempt to find the link as I read it yesterday!

Thumb _citizen_ 03 July 2013, 13:27

correction: the greek church

Missing VINCENT 04 July 2013, 03:57

Said Catholic priest was shot but not beheaded. Same intention and result either way.

Missing beirutbastard00 04 July 2013, 08:23

I just read the article in the guardian.

It said the vid is of some other two ppl getting beheaded in front of a cheering crowd, chanting god is great.

The priest was actually shot n killed inside his church, as he tried to intervene between nuns n the rebels, when a group of Islamist took over the town, and ransacked the monetary. Destroying everything.

Also, as a side note, there's a link at the bottom of the article, that leads u to a story about the first hand account of Mohamad Katta, the 14 year old kid killed for making a remark, seen as blasphemy by the rebels, at his coffee stand. Great read, so sad.

Missing --karim_m2 03 July 2013, 14:00

God bless the Maronite Bishops for dropping a hammer on February 14-sponsored terrorism.

Missing beirutbastard00 04 July 2013, 08:27

I wonder how u came to that conclusion, but roaring flame thrower came to the exact opposite one?

Thumb benzona 03 July 2013, 14:20

Le Cardinal aurait-il recu des instructions du Saint-Siège? pourquoi tourne-t-il casaque soudainement? A moins que ce soit la visite récente de Aoun chez les Saoudiens.... qui sait.

Thumb habib 03 July 2013, 14:26

Roaring f t matefham galat lmatarni wad7in metel 3ayen shames kool sila7 ya zaki zamenak .bedak lhezeb yo3taraf fi sileho 3endama yasba7 fikanaf adawla wahowa jez2on menha wa3ndama yasba7 yata3ata biannaho jez2on menha walaysa tagiyen fisila7 3alayha.

Missing beirutbastard00 04 July 2013, 08:30


Thumb habib 03 July 2013, 14:37

Karim 14 ashraf NAS wa 8 nosson ok bas lba2yin te3tir hom manja3allo anfoson sel3a mesla jeneral lakol halmedi met7elaf ma3on w3arefon mabihomon yebno dawli shoenno momasel mo7taref bado yestared sha3bito yali saro yesekhro menno wkashfino menhala2 fasa3idan mofaja2at ktir ye3ni jeneral 3anbi7ej bi maka lmokarrama robbama jeyi leyem

Missing beirutbastard00 04 July 2013, 08:30


Thumb geha 03 July 2013, 16:10

and m8 guys still do not get the message!
they really have a thick head with an empty brain for not getting it yet.

Missing beirutbastard00 04 July 2013, 08:31

U didn't say nasrallah = hitler :p

Missing beirutbastard00 04 July 2013, 08:28

I wonder how u came to that conclusion, but karim came to the exact opposite one?

Missing beirutbastard00 04 July 2013, 08:32

But we have beaches and skiing... All within an hours drive! :)

Missing beirutbastard00 04 July 2013, 08:40

There needs to be an honest discussion in this country. Everything, all the grievances, from both sides, need to be discussed in an honest manner.

Both sides have their points. Anyone reading these comments can see that... And can also see the amount of propagandists, and general idiots on the Internet.

Missing mark 04 July 2013, 09:03

.To all religions leaders(Muslim and Christians,...... ). Please go pray apraise your God, and stop interfering in politics
Please let this country live one day without your poisonous blessings

Missing peace 04 July 2013, 12:33

“All armed groups must lay down their weapons in favor of official security forces.”

divine advice for the "divine" weapons hahaha!