3 Injured in Hermel Roadside Bombings

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Two roadside bombs exploded at the entrance of the northeastern town of Hermel on Sunday, injuring three people, including two soldiers, the army and the state-run National News Agency said.

They said that the first bomb targeted a Honda CRV, damaging the vehicle and injuring its driver Iman Nasereddine, who hails from the town of al-Ain.

She was taken to Hermel state hospital.

The second bomb went off when an army patrol was inspecting the site of the first explosion. The blast injured an officer and a soldier and caused damages to the vehicle, the army communique and NNA added.

Media reports later said that the military found the remote control device used to set the blasts.

Security sources said that the incident was linked to the conflict in neighboring Syria.

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Missing tazafresh 07 July 2013, 15:57

It is also hezballah style. They even named themselves as party of God stealing a word from the quran and claiming the quranic verse is about them. So where is the diffirence? The only diffirence is that asirs type are open about their feelings while hezballah types practice taqiya and will kill you and then walk in your funeral and perhaps even shed a fake tear.

Thumb primesuspect 07 July 2013, 16:36

Tazafresh, they stole the sentence to boost their terroristas' morals to help them skin innocent Syrians and torture them to death. I hope Hell exists, because we have lots of candidates.

Missing spirit 07 July 2013, 16:06

May god protect our LAF , NOT the Politicians of our country !

Missing tazafresh 07 July 2013, 16:15

Shut up or put up. Wow how original. Who mentioned the army? Hezb el fars, the filthy liars are not our army. They are a bunch of hypocrites who thanked the assads for occupying us after the MAJORITY of lebanese kicked them out, including fpm supporters. We are with our lebanese army, not hezb el zbeleh, the farsi shiite army. I hope you will keep supporting our army when it decides it has had enough of hezb el kizeb.

Missing helicopter 07 July 2013, 22:06

fabio 1,
I think I agree with you, HA style would have caused a cater almost 5 meters deep and 10 meters radius (such as that in front of San George Hotel)...... killing over a dozen and injuring in the 100s.
Asir has a long way to go before he becomes worthy of HA attention.