53 Wounded in Car Bombing at Parking Lot in Dahieh's Bir al-Abed

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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A booby-trapped car exploded at a parking lot near the Islamic Cooperation Center commercial cooperative in the Beirut southern suburb of Bir al-Abed on Tuesday, leaving 53 people wounded and causing extensive material damage.

The caretaker Health Minister, Ali Hassan Khalil, said 53 people were wounded. But 41 of them were discharged and the rest were being treated for non serious injuries.

Ambulances and fire engines, their sirens wailing, raced to the area and witnesses said casualties were rushed to the nearby Bahman and Rasoul al-Atham hospitals. People were seen running in the street away from the site of the explosion which set dozens of cars on fire.

The force of the blast shattered windows and caused serious damages to several nearby residential buildings, including cracks in their walls.

State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr tasked military police and forensic experts with carrying out the preliminary investigation, which said the explosives were packed in a Renault Rapid or a Nissan four-wheeler.

An army command statement said the military was probing the attack to find the perpetrators.

Some Syrian rebel groups have threatened to strike in Lebanon after Hizbullah joined Syrian President Bashar Assad's troops in their battle against opposition fighters.

But Hizbullah MP Ali Ammar told al-Manar that the blast was carried out by the supporters of the so-called American-Israeli project.

There attack “bears Israeli fingerprints,” he said as he inspected the damage.

"This is a message, but we will not bow," said Ziad Waked, a municipal official speaking to al-Manar.

Caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel, who also inspected the scene along with acting Internal Security Forces chief Brig. Gen. Ibrahim Basbous, condemned the blast saying it was “an attempt to create Sunni-Shiite strife.”

But he stressed that neither sect would be dragged into discord, he said.

In May, two rockets slammed into a Hizbullah stronghold in south Beirut, wounding four people. The rockets struck hours after Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah vowed in a speech to help propel Assad to victory in Syria's civil war.

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Default-user-icon Anti (Guest) 09 July 2013, 11:37

This is the first, and many more to come....

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 12:03

HA didnt budge in 30 days of heavy bombing by israel, you think this will bend it? to the contrary, they're going to go find out who is behind this, go out there and hand him by his beard.
brace yourselves nusra boys, a world of pain is about to open up for you.

Missing nopasaran 09 July 2013, 12:26

Phil, tu te rends complice de ce genre d'attaques avec tes commentaires. STP, par respect pour le Christianisme, pour notre Seigneur Jésus, pour la Vierge Marie, lorsque tu écris ce genre de saloperies, ne le fait pas avec l'image du Christ. Tu me donnes envie de vomir toi et tes amis salafistes.

Default-user-icon overseer (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:47

I am hoping the bombing injured or killed flame thrower since he would be hanging out there. The amount of SPAM on this forum will go down heaps.

Thumb salafiboy 09 July 2013, 22:43

Damn FT. You got nine lives boy? Are you the guy wearing the black T-shirt to the right in this image?


Default-user-icon Respectmeandiwillrespectu (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:57

Yes I'd like to see comments from past articles on naharnet ...8 years ago when malls were being hit just cause they are in moderate districts... When commentators here were rejoicing because M14 politicians were dying... Yes what goes around will eventually come around. And don't expect sympathy or help... Not anymore! Fida sayyed Hassan....maheik???

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 12:58

a simple look at your comments here, you and your friends, is enough for anyone to see that honesty isnt one of your qualities.

Thumb thepatriot 10 July 2013, 12:40

oooooh....looks like mowateh is a record breaker with his 101 thumbs down :D

Thumb _mowaten_ 10 July 2013, 19:12

wooooooooooohooooooooooo :D
101 like the 101 dalmatians
or 101 on how to bug m14 supporters

FT, aren't you proud of me even though i beat your score? ;)

Default-user-icon Real Mowaten (Guest) 10 July 2013, 19:36

101 like your level of knowledge :

- Politics 101
- History 101
- Debating 101
- Lebanon 101

You do hold a master degree though in propaganda, lies and illusions

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 July 2013, 11:43

hahah FT you held the record for a while, now it's my turn. keep bugging them and one day it will be your turn again ;)

fake mowaten: does the university of (guest) deliver diplomas? i need to redecorate my toilets

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 11:38

as expected.
this is the 1st one in a series of such events that will happen in retaliation to hizbshaitan involvement in Syria.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 11:41

you dont even condemn it i see. i guess terrorist bombing is very normal in your mentality, isnt it?
and yes, it's very predictable that salafi terrorist scum will do what salafi terrorist scum do best: butcher the innocent.

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 11:51

no I neither condemn it nor agree with it.
I just note that hizbushaitan has succeed in bringing the Syrian war to Lebanon in a bad manner.
hizbushaitan has brought this on Lebanese people.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 12:01

okay, so since people in tripoli are supporters of assir, would you have the same attitude if they get terror attacks there?
i doubt you would, because you're a blind hater, but i would condemn it just as much as i condemn this attack here. it doesnt matter where it happens, blind killing is blind killing, and FYI is it WRONG. there's no justifying it geha.

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 12:08

I expect the same ting in Tripoli too.
and as far as considering it wrong, may I remind you that hizbushaitan are the ones who started this by going into Syria to kill Syrian people.
if they did not expect such retaliations, then they are naïve and stupid.
when one plays with fire....

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 12:12

no, you only think it started when HA went there because beofre that you never gave a damn about abducted pilgrims, rockets on hermel, massacres in border villages, and religious shrines attacks. all this for easily ignored by you. the fact that HA remained silent and patient for 2 years doesnt mean they hadent been attacked and provoked.
anyway, i dont care who you think "started" it, now it's about who is going to finish it.

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 11:51

no I neither condemn it nor agree with it.
I just note that hizbushaitan has succeed in bringing the Syrian war to Lebanon in a bad manner.
hizbushaitan has brought this on Lebanese people.

Default-user-icon natalie (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:03

How can you *not* condemn a terrorist attack? Also, how can you ignore the Salafi terrorists dragging the Syrian bullshit in with them?

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 12:25

condemn what?
a terrorist attack on a terrorist group?

Default-user-icon FlameCatcher (Guest) 09 July 2013, 16:06

FT doesn't know how to debate ... his solution is to "Exterminate" the opposition just like Hezbollah did, is doing and will keep on doing.

FT is the only person I know who can promote "democracy" and "execution" of all opponents at the same time...

This is the true face of FlameThrower... Hitler sounds like a puppy compared to him.

Default-user-icon FlameCatcher (Guest) 09 July 2013, 18:45

I love it how FT / Mowaten start using the vocabulary I use against them (Blind, propagandist ...) it's a sign of success :)

So if you do not promote democracy...

You promote hatred. You justify weapons of murderers. You accept that an armed gang of thugs can also run in elections and that their weapons are impacting the electoral process and outcome.

You accept to live in a country where you have no rights whatsoever and where people with guns are the new lawmakers.

You accept to give up your freedom and rights to armed gangs.

You accept that you have no voice and therefore it is useless to speak up .. just shut up and enjoy the tyranny of HA / AOUN ... why bother commenting ???

Default-user-icon FlameCatcher (Guest) 09 July 2013, 18:47

Regarding the votes against Mowaten, he's the only one to blame for saying such stupid things ... no need for Naharnet or Divine influence to boost the votes.

Mowaten is doing such a great job being who he is...

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 19:02

reaching for a score of 80, minimum! FT today might be the day i break your record! :D

besides that, flamecatcher (guest) you claim we use "your" vocabulary!? did you like invent those words? or were you the first one to use them like uuhh... three days ago when you appeared here?
here's a banana, go get it champ!

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 11:39

now we know why assir had hundreds of kilos of explosives in his mosque, he was planning on organizing some salafi traditional ceremonies.

Missing rudy 09 July 2013, 12:19

So now it's never Israel anymore?

Ken kel ma 7ada tfarkash Israel was behind it. What happened?

Missing mohammad_ca 09 July 2013, 15:23

3a 2ases Israel did this...

Missing mohammad_ca 09 July 2013, 17:51

how am I diverting attention enlighten me...he is trying to place the blame on Asir and his masters are saying that Israel is behind this ... clarify.

Thumb Senescence 09 July 2013, 18:09

US-Israeli-Takfiri axis, the one and the same.

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 09 July 2013, 11:40

U asked for it unfortunately... U so deserve it... embrace it!

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 11:50

what a sick mentality you have. who is "U" ? what do you know about the people who got hurt? that they were in the southern subburb makes them guilty?
if you cannot understand it is wrong to aim randomly at people than you deserve to be blown up. you, not your brother/mother/father/children/neighbor or whatever, you "dddd".

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:01

Actually am sad people in dahie got hurt, u spelled it your own way and u made me say things i never said!
Those " brother/mother/father/children/neighbor or whatever " didnt apply in Qsayr?
Al Badi azlam! ya mo3aken ..

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 12:15

" U so deserve it.. "

man your comment is still up there, just shut up and save whatever dignity you still may have instead of trying to deny the obvious.

Thumb dasphinx 09 July 2013, 11:50

Rude, ignorant, and hateful.

Thumb dasphinx 09 July 2013, 11:46

Allah yel3an el sabab w el mousabbeb! The innocent people in Dahia do not deserve it ya DDDD. No one does.

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:48

totally agree! yel3ano mallioun marra!

Thumb dasphinx 09 July 2013, 11:49

Everyone knew that when you play with the cat you have to fear its claws. Those people believe that if they die they go to Heaven and if they kill innocent people they expedite sending them to Heaven, so why mess with them Hezbollah? I do not see them bombing Iranian cities and people. Why do we have to fight other people's war?


Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 09 July 2013, 11:49

Really?? And the innocent victims on the street?? This is an act of terror. Regardless of whether one supports Hizbullah or not!

Thumb dasphinx 09 July 2013, 11:50

Only innocent people get killed.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 11:51

eat your own heart out you scumbag.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 11:56

may the innocent victims rest in peace, and may the hezbollah fighters bring back a thousand cannibal beards for each of the innocent dead.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 11:57

oh you got censorred "hearteater" ? it's too bad, i think it was nice to see your mentality exposed, and to see you rejoice at a terrorist bombing.

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:38

put Hizbezeb flag and take out the Lebanese one.. Our flag is for Lebanese only ya 'Farsi-mo3aken'

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 13:00

it's not your flag you cheap salafi goat. your flag is black in case you forgot.

Missing freemind 09 July 2013, 11:52

Totally second Zadig.
A bit of respect. Civilians always pay the price for stupid, sectarian rivalries.

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 11:54

I agree with you on the humanitarian side, but the people in that region are staunch supporters to hizbushaitan, so they should expect such matters to happen in these areas.
the only one responsible for this is hizbushaitan.

Thumb dasphinx 09 July 2013, 11:56

"Religion is the opium of the people" Karl Marx.

I am not against religion, but the devil is in its interpretation by fanatics such as Hezbollah and Al Qaeda.

Ramadan Karim. What an ugly way to start a beautiful thing.

Default-user-icon natalie (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:06

Hezbollah and Al Qaeda->two totally different things. I agree with your general sentiment but don't conflate a religious extremist group founded to kill non-Muslims and a militant political party founded to kick Israel off occupied Lebanese soil.

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 12:31

hizbushaitan are as dangerous and extremist as the salafis.
if you want to educate yourself, go check on Wikipedia about the hssasines

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 15:10

this goes to show the history of shia extremism.

Default-user-icon Wikipedia (Guest) 09 July 2013, 16:22

Wikipedia is more reliable than OTV / Al Manar :)

Default-user-icon Wikipedia (Guest) 09 July 2013, 19:00

Look who's talking ...

Seems you have a 24/24, 7/7 shift :)

Don't you get any sleep ?

Do they pay you by the character, comment or just a plain monthly salary ?

Do they pay you in Farsi or Syrian Lira ? I heard both currencies are hitting the fan :(

If you want, there are some awesome jobs paid in Lebanese Lira. EDL collectors in Dahyé for example ... i'm sure it's more lucrative :)

Default-user-icon Guest (Guest) 09 July 2013, 11:57

U idiot with the Jesus picture..... I want to c how happy u will be when they destroy ur churches and slit ur throat over ur religious belief. I can't believe how ignorant and narrow some of us can be. Wake up!

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 11:58

HA doesnt do bomb attacks. they will identify the people responsible for that a go get them by their beards, one by one.

Thumb dasphinx 09 July 2013, 12:02

Too bad they couldn't identify the people who killed Hariri... or wait a minute... they can't go after saints.

You are such a hypocrite.

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 12:03

oh yeah? hizbushaitan don't do bomb attacks?
either you are naïve or stupid for saying that.
they are responsible for so many bombings and murders....

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 12:09

funny that when assir attacked in broad daylight the army, you guys were there shamefully asking for "proof" in a bid to find him excuses, but when there is ZERO PROOF nor even MOTIVE for HA to have killed hariri, you already judged and found them guilty.

you're nothing more than a bunch of tools for world powers to play with... pfff
still thinking the UN is impartial? ya habibi how cute.

Missing samiam 09 July 2013, 12:16

will the real moweten please stand up? seriously, no bomb attacks--they may not be much into suicide bombing, but their MO is targeted bombings?

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 12:18

bombing military positions? yes of course. but terror attacks in the streets, aiming at civilians? no way.

Thumb EagleDawn 09 July 2013, 12:53

@mowaten of iran: since you have already concluded it is nusra or whatever syrian related group committed this terrorist act and targeted civilians in Dahiyeh, do the HA soviet-era multiple rocket launchers that rain hell on Qusayr and homs not target "civilians" in their well documented accuracy? What happened today is more than a tragedy.... if you want to link it to the Syrian crisis, then don't mention HA does not kill civilians in Syria or anywhere else. Not credible.... RIP to all the innocent who died for no reason....((((

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 13:36

hezbollah biggest strength was always their discipline. nobody will make a move without orders, and orders to kill blindly wont be given. remember in 2000, when the enemy fled and nasrallah gave orders not to touch the SLA thugs, even people who had been tortured by them in khiam and dreamt of revenge for years did not disobey.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 13:39

about the war that "doesnt concern us" how can you say that phoenix? how can a war on our border, where we're getting not just the stray bullets but the rockets and shelling, where our land was used for years to stage attacks in syria, where the same families are spread between lebanee and syrian villages, NOT concern us?
how can 20,000 sectarian hating fanatical fighters massing up right next to our border, not concern us?
and how can anyone blame HA for intervening, when they are the last ones to do so? how many combatants were sent from tripoli without the slightest condemnation?

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 15:08

no one will make a move without prior orders?
then how do you describe the attack on the interior minister?

Default-user-icon Real Mowaten (Guest) 09 July 2013, 15:47

Mowaten, you say there is ZERO PROOF and ZERO MOTIVE for HA to have killed Hariri ? Evidence is unsurmountable ... supply your HA colleagues for interrogation and if they are innocent, it will be easy to dismiss.

I will give you a couple of motives : Hariri was against HA weapons. He was turning against Bashar (The SPONSOR), He was threatening the Syrian Status Quo in Lebanon and HA's share of the power pie, ... you want more motives ?

You say in 2000 when the Enemy fled... the enemy did not flee... they left. HA has no credit for this.

You say the War in Syria concerns us ... you're absolutely right. However, it is not our fight and even if some parties are fuelling it, it is insignificant compared to HA's involvement from the beginning there and no excuse for HA to intervene. This is way beyond the "justification" of their weapons :

ISRAEL, the invisible enemy and UNJUSTIFIED, UNPROVED EXCUSE for "sanctioning" all HA ILLEGAL activities.

Default-user-icon Real Mowaten (Guest) 09 July 2013, 16:18

FT : again, you have reach new heights of "DIVERSION" of topic and "IRRELEVANCE".

1. There cannot be any FALSE WITNESSES if they are not even WITNESSES in a TRIAL. For them to be witnesses, you need a TRIAL ... and then only can they be judged as FALSE WITNESSES and you will get what you want.


2. The 4 Generals deserve life in prison for countless crimes against humanity ... forget Hariri ... ask any Aouni how they were beaten and brutalized by Jamil el Sayed and the 3 stooges...

Check how Jamil el Sayyed is involved in bringing explosives into lebanon and the murder of countless others (Samaha case for which Hassan was murdered by HA / Bashar).

3. Are you completely BRAINWASHED or trying to brainwash others ? It could be both but my god how resilient you are ... I applaud M8 for having this power over your feelings, actions, reasoning and beliefs ...

Thumb dasphinx 09 July 2013, 11:58

Ignorant fool. Sometimes better to say nothing than to talk BS.

Default-user-icon Georges (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:02

There was no doubt this would happen. Just a matter of time really.

The extremists are thriving in this environment and frankly Hizb is too powerful to take on directly so this is classical asymmetric warfare. Hizb wrote a book on this type of warfare.

Sadly though it is always the innocent that pay.

Missing maroun 09 July 2013, 12:04

this is a sad day for Lebanon.why don't we mind our own business and look after the interest of lebanon first and not get involved in other conflicts.

Thumb cedre 09 July 2013, 12:06

One day before ramadan. Scumbags...

Default-user-icon Georges (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:07

The Lebanese lack a sense of identify. Each sect associates themselves with some external power and claim to be more patriotic than the other.
However it boils down to lack of identify. What does it mean to be Lebanese? Who are the Lebanese end of the day? Is it the guy in Sidon? Ashrafieh? Tripoli? Bekaa? I bet you each one would have a different definition.

No real point here. Just making an observation.

Pity the nation......

Missing helicopter 09 July 2013, 17:48

Great and thoughtful post. The problem is multi-tiered. Partly is the secterian cloud in the minds. Partly is the heirarxhy and the worship of the individual leader which entices a leader to auction himself for the highest bidder and the sheep will follow. And the more sheep he has the higher the auction goes. Partly because the central Government and army always were weak and fear breakup of the army, which allowed the the leaders more movement to do their bidding without fear of punishment or subjection to judiciary. And lastly our neighbor Syria has done a great job arming surrogate groups to ensure the eternal weakness of the Central Government.

Missing un520 09 July 2013, 12:10

Lets not jump to conclutions, let the official investigation (if Hezbollah permits such a thing..) reveal what was the cause of this blast. It could well have been a car bomb that went off pre-maturely, intended for someone else.

Default-user-icon help for peace (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:11

first time hezbollah is touched by this kind of terrorism maybe they will learn of how painfull it is ... but no they only will call for revenge, that the way barbarian answer to other barbarian... shame on our country leaders and a big thought to the victims and their family

Missing samiam 09 July 2013, 12:15

and automatically, it was already a zionist plot--how did the MP know that there were clear "israeli footprints" if he wasn't on site to inspect the damage?

Default-user-icon Hankash (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:19

Innocents in Beirut and Achrafieh also died when Hizb killed PM Hariri and MG Hasan in car bombs... Some of the people who got it today were distributing Baklawa... at least the ones who are not crying about it today will probably have the decency of not shooting in the air for victory or "distributing Baklawa"... how did we get to that level? this is so sad... Hizb and his supporters have to bear at least this responsibility, i.e. getting the Lebanese to such level of hatred...

Missing nopasaran 09 July 2013, 12:21

Cette attaque terroriste est tout simplement un aveu de faiblesse de la part des salafo-wahhabo-sionistes, l'Armée de l'Antéchrist par excellence. Incapables de tenir tête à la Résistance, ils en sont réduits à ce type d'actes lâches. Il y aura beaucoup d'autres tentatives de leur part car cela fait partie de leur culture, beaucoup seront avortés à temps, d'autres pas mais au final, cela reste toujours un aveu de faiblesse de leur part. Nous nous y attendions mais cela ne fera encore une fois que renforcer notre détermination à combattre l'Armée de l'Antéchrist. Les personnes qui comme Geha applaudissent à ce type d'actes et par conséquent s'en rendent complices, ne valent pas mieux que les lâches qui ont perpétré cet attentat.

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 12:28

dans tous mes commentaires en haut, tu peux m'expliquer ou j'applaudit?
you are obviously an Iranian thug.

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 12:56

je ne te prend pas pour un imbecile: tu es un imbecile pour deduire ce que tu deduis.
as for your accusation of me being a salafi/asiri :) you definitely prove you are stupid.
all my posts are there for those who understand what they read.

Missing nopasaran 09 July 2013, 14:19

GEHA,tu n'arrives à convaincre que toi même et encore, c'est même pas sûr...tes copines salafistes te croient peut-être, mais pas nous mon grand...tu es aussi médiocre qu'eux et c'est la raison pour laquelle vous ne réussissez pas et ne réussirez jamais...nous avons un temps d'avance sur vous...et encore, je suis gentil...quelqu'un qui compte sur Assir, Rifai, Chahhal, Joulani, Omar Bakri,Zawahiri, Arour, Qardaoui ou un de ses multiples excités pour arriver à quoi que ce soit est un ignare doublé d'un sauvage...looser

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 15:15

to both of you above:
trying to label me as pro salafi is way off:)
but then again because I am against hizbushaitan you allow yourself to label me as you like.
then again, this is normal coming from obtuse people like you.
I criticize teveryone who does wrong to the country and the state, and as much as I criticize the army, I criticize the ISF when they d wrong.
you can go back and check my posts.
I am true to myself in loving Lebanon, free of Iranian hegemony, and you seem to be true to yourselves in loving iran.

Default-user-icon nopasarannepasserapas (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:30

commentaire totalement imbécile ! il est temps de suivre une bonne cure de désintoxication : l'antéchrist n'existe pas ... juste des êtres humains lorsque des personnes comme vous (ou comme les auteurs de l'attentat) auront compris ça, le pays ira enfin mieux... pauvre homme

Missing nopasaran 09 July 2013, 14:12

Tu ferais mieux d'envoyer tes copines salafistes se faire désintoxiquer pauvre ignare illettré...Il existe et apparemment tu fais partie de sa clique...ne fais pas semblant d'être neutre et de condamner les 2 parties et ne t'avise pas de les mettre sur un même pied d'égalité...il y a d'un côté ceux qui croient en l'homme, qui veulent vivre avec l'autre et ta clique de barbus illettrés qui n'attendent qu'une chose c'est de raser cette espèce de la Terre et toi avec parce que tu as beau les supporter, ils te méprisent tout autant que moi mais se servent de toi en attendant...et que tu le veuilles ou non, l'Antéchrist existe et son armée de salafistes sionisants aussi...

Default-user-icon ououi (Guest) 09 July 2013, 14:29

nopasaran, tu devrais mettre ton unique neurone au repos ! il surchauffe ... et ton discours est tout aussi belliqueux que celui des barbus que tu cites

Default-user-icon nopasarannepasserapas (Guest) 09 July 2013, 14:55

nopasaran vous devez vous faire une raison et je sais que c'est difficile à entendre mais: NON l'antéchrist n'existe pas ... lâchez vous un peu: respirez les fleurs, promenez vous main dans la main avec une femme etc... ça vous fera vraiment du bien

Missing nopasaran 09 July 2013, 15:04

ououi..j'ai un discours belliqueux à tes yeux mais tant que cette agressivité est dirigée vers des gens du niveau de tes copines salafistes, je me ferai un plaisir de le rendre encore plus belliqueux...je ne discute pas avec des pédophiles, des cannibales, des descendants de Juda, des gens qui ne poignardent leurs ennemis que dans le dos, qui s'en prennent à leurs enfants, leurs femmes, leurs vieillards...alors oui mon cher ououi, mon discours sera encore et toujours plus belliqueux à l'encontre de tes copines...

Thumb thepatriot 09 July 2013, 17:03

Je vois que les abrutis ne sont pas encore en voie de disparition sur Naharnet... avant, lorsque l'on attaquait le Hezbollah, on etait un agent Israelien... maintenant on est des Salafistes... non mais vraiment.... la betise fait dire n'importe quoi!

Missing nopasaran 09 July 2013, 17:11

nopasarannepasserapas...Dieu sait que chez moi nous respirons les fleurs quand tes amis ne les ont pas toutes brûlées, que nous nous promenons main dans la main avec des filles quand tes amis n'ont pas coupé nos mains pour ce geste ou décapitez nos femmes pour avoir oser se promener les cheveux dans le vent..alors vos belles paroles d'hypocrites, adressez les à vos amis salafistes cher Monsieur...

Missing nopasaran 09 July 2013, 17:11

nopasarannepasserapas...Dieu sait que chez moi nous respirons les fleurs quand tes amis ne les ont pas toutes brûlées, que nous nous promenons main dans la main avec des filles quand tes amis n'ont pas coupé nos mains pour ce geste ou décapitez nos femmes pour avoir oser se promener les cheveux dans le vent..alors vos belles paroles d'hypocrites, adressez les à vos amis salafistes cher Monsieur...

Default-user-icon nopasarannepasserapas (Guest) 09 July 2013, 18:43

Croyez moi vous êtes bien plus proche des salafistes que je ne le serai jamais... vous êtes identique et seul votre haine vous guide dans ce monde. Lorsque vous aurez brûlé tous les salafistes alors vous me brûlerez parce que de votre tête et seulement de votre tête est sorti le fait que je suis leur ami et puis lorsque vous aurez fini avec moi vous vous en prendrez à nos enfants à tous etc... Vous trouverez toujours sur cette terre de quoi alimenter votre haine et votre paranoïa. Vous êtes exactement identique aux salafistes, alimenté par la violence et refusant obstinément que quelqu'un puisse être différent et puisse penser différemment... Non je n'ai aucun ami salafiste et aucun ami du Hezbollah, mais je n'ai aucun mal à partager ma terre et ses fruits avec ceux qui refusent la violence et qui sont de bonne volonté quelque soit leur couleur et leur religion ...
Vos paroles de sang et de colère se rapprochent bien plus de ce qu'un "antéchrist" pourrait prêcher que les miennes.non?

Missing nopasaran 09 July 2013, 20:09

nopasarannepasserapas...oui Mr vous êtes un hypocrite, un lâche et un menteur..vous êtes un fanatique en costume cravate...j'ai encore plus de mépris pour vous que pour vos copines salafistes..avec eux on sait au moins à quoi s'attendre..Mais vous Mr Propre, vous vous cachez derrière un masque...la haine que j'éprouve pour vous et vos copines salafistes est une fierté...j'ai la haine de l'hypocrisie, de la fourberie, du mensonge, de la fausse modération...cette haine est une fierté et j'aimerai que vous et vos amis obscurantistes croupissiez dans des prisons pour les crimes que vous commettez contre l'insoumission, la dignité, la liberté...vous prétendez vous battre pour cela mais vous n'êtes qu'un menteur..Non nous ne sommes pas comme vous, nous ne vous tuerons pas, ce ne sont pas nos valeurs...nous vous jugerons pour vos crimes et votre hypocrisie et nous ferons repousser les fleurs que vous brulez...

Missing nopasaran 09 July 2013, 20:09

vous lez regarderez à travers les barreaux de vos geoles...mais peut-être que vous vous repentirez d'ici là et alors je n'aurai aucun mal à vous tendre la main pour qu'ensemble nous nous promenions sur une terre fleurie et libérée de cette tumeur...c'est mon unique souhait...

Thumb thepatriot 10 July 2013, 17:18

Ecoutes coco... demande autour de toi qui empeche la vente d'alcool au BHV de Jnah... les salafistes ...ou tes amis (les autres) barbus!?
Fourre toi ca dans le crane: "C'est la meme Me**e"!
La liberte, c'est moi, le crime... ce sont TES Amis, la Dignité, c'est moi, l'Indignité ce sont tes Amis, ceux qui tuent, ceux qui sont fourbes, ceux qui sont entachés de Haine...ce sont les tiens! Les Hezbollah!
On en veut pas de vos Barbus, qu'ils soient du Nord ou du Sud, de Gauche et de Droite, alors de Grace, arretez de nous les refiler sous pretexte que eux aussi refusent la dictature de Nassy!

Thumb thepatriot 10 July 2013, 17:20

PS: T'es fleuriste ou t'as fumé nopasdaran?

Thumb Dimyl452 09 July 2013, 12:29

No matter on which side you are, every Lebanese should condemn this act of cowardliness on our soil!

Their is no doubt that this is in retaliation of hizballa's involvement in Syria and this is the price we ALL have to pay.

I am a supporter of nobody! But thank you hizaballa for your decisions in participating in Syria and bringing the conflict inside our borders (once again).

Hassan Nassralla is not the person to blame but the Lebanese people that are sheep to their masters(no matter which side you are on).

Once again we are humiliated and degraded as Lebanese people for the gain of one side or another, the proof is the idiotic if not childish comments on this article!

When will we become a real country and put the country's interest above ALL!


Default-user-icon lebnani (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:34

I totally agree with you Dimyl452

Default-user-icon Whatkindoflebanondouwant (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:52

Lebanon will become a real country when coexistence is tolerated, when people fight with pens rather than arms... When education is by far the most we invest in... When no sect has weapons and beleive they are above the law.. When politicians work for the good of all Lebanon and not for the good of their pockets, when politicians stop eying a seat or a ministry to rob people... When one side reaches out to the other and does not bluntly say "our weapons are not negotiable".

Default-user-icon lebnani (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:30

what a shame to read the above comments with all my respect to you guys
we will never success and build this beautiful country with such mentalities
they are simply playing with us, and who is paying? nasrallah? General? Ja3ja3? Berri? Hariri? Junblat?....? who ? its all of us? once one from these political leaders calls, he will gather 100 of thousands on the streets, instead of saying no for them.....

Default-user-icon Omar Yazeed (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:30

I am having bi2lewa, anyone care for some? :) There are 20 injured terrorists but how many dead?

You want to involve yourself in Syria and eat bi2lewa when your political opponents get killed, you brought this on yourselves and deserve this.

9 tammouz yawm majeed

Missing helicopter 09 July 2013, 20:00

Omar, sorry I disagree with your post (you got lots of thumbs up and that is disheartening).
If you want to be like HA, then you might as well join them.
If you want to see change from the wrong they did, lets be a good example and be the change we want to see. I am aware fully well that arms and violence give its proponent instant gratification, but it brings misery to all. Only walking the high ground will give the desired long term effects.
In the USA, every disaster they encounter brings the nation together, they stop being Republicans and Democrats and they all become Americans. In Lebanon sadly we see the opposite, every disaster the befalls one group, splinters us even more.
My posts are full of the wrongs HA is doing, and I want to see them dissolve today (not tomorrow) - but I condemn this act like I condemned all HA acts dating back to 1982 when they blew up the USA embassy killing many civilians in the process.

Default-user-icon Weaponsallaroundornoweaponsatall (Guest) 09 July 2013, 12:44

First blast to hit HA suburbs since what decade? I remember back in 2005/2006 when they started blasting malls in Christian and moderate sunni i.e beirut areas just to instill fear among people there... What were HA supporters saying back then? how about naharnet show is the comments of people back then... Well all I am allowed to say on this site is what goes around will eventually come around! Bess Shu.. fida sayyed Hassan...

Missing lappeaudecouille 09 July 2013, 12:57

This is very sad. The war is slowly but surely spilling over into our beloved country. May the lost souls rest in peace and the injured ones get better soon.

Default-user-icon Youreapwatusaw (Guest) 09 July 2013, 13:00

You r fighting Syrians in Syria... What did u expect? At least when M14 districts, malls, politicians were getting bombing, all they were asking for is independence from HA and Syria...

Missing tazafresh 09 July 2013, 13:04

Most likely someone playing around since he chose two of the names that shiites hate, omar and yazeed.

Default-user-icon Borat (Guest) 09 July 2013, 13:48

"the so-called American-Israeli project"! you've got to love this one!
when will we stop blaming external forces and take responsibility for what happens in our country. surely people can't continue to believe this stories

Thumb bashir 09 July 2013, 14:14

A sad and disheartening development, where we go from here is anyone's guess.While we don't yet know who did this or why, speculation that it is the FSA or other trying to pressure Hizbshaitan out of Syria makes no sense. Hizbshaitan is in Syria for survival reasons, keeping open their life line and supply routes to the mother country, Iran. Attacks here will not dissuade them from this path but merely lead to many dead Lebanese.SAD.

Missing idris_gray 09 July 2013, 16:05

it's called revenge dude...hezb is killing them in syria and they are retaliating and they have every right...

Thumb LebCynic 09 July 2013, 15:06

This a attack is nothing but a low act and what's even lower are the people on this thread defending the action of the terrorist's (ie geha dddd). Nothing but our prayers and thoughts should be with the LEBANESE citizens that have been effected by this low act. No body deserves to be targeted based on the suburb they live in. Ramadan Karim.

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 17:32

where do you see me defending anything?
my posts are clear enough: just noting.
but it seems if people do not agree with your opinion they become whatever :)
you have an obtuse mind :)

Thumb Bandoul 09 July 2013, 15:11

Shame on you M8 and M14 for using the people of Lebanon as pawns in your chess game of murder and mayhem while your foreign masters settle their scores at our expense. No one will love and care for the best interest of Lebanon like its sons and daughters. The foreigners toy with us and we let them because we follow the likes of M8 and M14 zbelleh. We don't deserve such a beautiful country and we don't deserve such a beautiful heritage. May God have mercy on the innocent and ease their suffering while the filthy M8 and M14 condemn us to an eternity of bondage and misery.

Thumb primesuspect 09 July 2013, 17:23

it could be FSA or it could be Asir.... who knows. don't necessarily involve M14 please.

Thumb primesuspect 09 July 2013, 17:24

I gave u a green thumb because u've always been decent.

Thumb Bandoul 09 July 2013, 21:02

@primesuspect, I am decrying the general situation not necessarily accusing either party or even caring about the who what where when and why. These two parties are responsible for the general lack of security in the country. Their animosity for one another is holding the Lebanese public hostage. May God be with the innocent victims. What I would like to know is how a booby trapped car made it passed the HA security apparatus into an HA controlled territory???

Missing helicopter 09 July 2013, 20:04

Moderates always get thumbed down when emotions are running high.
Salfists go to KSA
Nasserites go to Egypt
MB go to Qatar
Baath go to Syria (along with your armed Palestinian fellows)
HA go to Iran
Leave us alone, let this country live in peace

Thumb thepatriot 10 July 2013, 12:33

FT... ne te sent pas obligé de faire un commentaire idiot a chaque post vieux...

Missing Lebanonwbass 09 July 2013, 15:16

can't believe how hateful and narrow minded most of these comments are. this is a typical specimen of the Lebanese mentality that you see in people all the way to politicians. Sad...

Thumb cedre 09 July 2013, 15:42

Calm down lads, could be false flag. Who did use bombs often in Lebanon and would benefit from discrediting FSA and creating tensions between Lebanese and syrian refugees ?
Clairement une diversion pour unir les chiites derriere le hizb, discrediter les rebelles syriens et legitimer les massacres du hizb en syrie...

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 17:33

a possible theory.

Default-user-icon Elmo (Guest) 09 July 2013, 15:56

I've been a quite observer of the comments for a long time. But now, far out, not sure who's worse... our greedy and heartless politicians or the party leaders... or the sheep that defend them. March 8 - 14, like a friggin ping pong ball going back and forth with who's to blame. How bout everyone's to blame. I truly believe that every political party has true intentions for Lebanon, but what is terrible is their crappy practices, movements, approaches, and communications that are so bad that they outway the good intentions. Wake up Lebanon for the love of God.

Missing idris_gray 09 July 2013, 16:08

what goes around comes around....no sympathy for hezboshaitan....they are killing and oppressing our brothers in syria and this is their just retribution. Or do they think they can come to syria and kill us while we just say thank you?

Missing idris_gray 09 July 2013, 17:01

Yes, Homs is being completely obliterated by these animals hezboshaitan and this baathist army, it literally looks like something out of world war 2.....where is the outrage?!!!

Default-user-icon James (Guest) 09 July 2013, 16:36

I do really feel bad to the injured and the dead, and let us not get confused and blame each other that who started and who should be blamed for the action/reaction theory. The salafist fighters from Tripoli,Sidon or other parts of Lebanon that went to Syria and fought and or contributed to the fight, were not affiliated to any kind of hardcore political group within Lebanese government but only redicals affiliated to certain mosques or imams, but it is not true for Hezbolalh. Hezbollah is a legitimate political party, resistance against Israel, with the right of having the power of an army in the sense of military equipment which was allowed under the terms "resisting against Israeli occupation", but once that arm was used in different direction that is what we get.

Default-user-icon james (Guest) 09 July 2013, 16:37

So let us only blame hezballah for creating/allowing this kind of pain come to the civilians of Lebanon. If the bomb was designed or deployed by Hezballah the death toll and the damage would have been much higher, as it was with the case of the explosions with Harriri and other politicians, but here we see the effect and we can conclude "it was the job of an amateur" group.

Thumb primesuspect 09 July 2013, 17:22

Nosrallah must die.... unfortunately, the coward will let all shias die before he gets taken down...

nosrallah, u must answer 4 ur crimes, before a court or by any other mean.

Thumb lebanon_first 09 July 2013, 17:27

Sad event. Condoleances to the victims.

Regarding HA's reaction... "American israeli project"
You think americans and israelis care about bir el abed? This is el qaeda answering to the special invitation that HA sent them to export their activities to lebanon.

Beyond everything, This is the law of karma. Whatever you inflict on your brother will be inflicted upon you. And unfortunately HA has inflicted a lot of pain on its victims....

Thumb lebanon_first 09 July 2013, 17:30

Why is Naharnet such bad translators? In arabic they say only injuries were sustained. In english, they say "casualties". Dont they know the difference?

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 July 2013, 17:32

phoenix, first HA was not involved in the first months, I strongly disagree on that. first there was never the slightest proof to back the rebels' claims (which i bet were made to get the "sunni street" to join their fight) and second just look at what happens when HA is involved (quseyr was loud & clear).

had they not intervened in quseyr, there would be today not only assir (who had been "prepared" years ago) and tripoli and arsal but also the tens of thousands of qaeda fighters from quseyr causing havoc in every corner of the country. now they're reduced to cowardly attacks on civilians because they can't do much more.

Thumb geha 09 July 2013, 17:35


Default-user-icon independence (Guest) 09 July 2013, 17:41

nobody should be happy with this .58 people wounded for no reason this is the way the civil war began on the 1970 .its sad that this keeps happening

Default-user-icon MB (Guest) 09 July 2013, 18:43

Cant you all SHUT UP and save this country before we all ruin it! Look at yourselves arguing about stupid politicians and who is right and who is wrong instead of standing as one. GROW THE F*** UP! The whole world is advancing and we are still in the same position we were 10 or 20 years ago. People should care about ways to make this country a better place and stop fighting for stupid politicians who brainwash you to believe they are doing it for the country. THEY ARE DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES! THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES BENEFITTING FROM EVERY PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY! WAKE UP!

Missing helicopter 09 July 2013, 20:24

Level headed comments are not so popular today. HA followers are totally committed to Hezb (forget preaching Lebanon and peace). HA opponents are convinced that HA understands only violence.
If we all throw away all affiliation flags and leave only our national flag, look for what unite us instead of what divide us. When the strong gives way and bends, it makes the weak more accepting and feeling safe.
Rigidity is going to ruin us and take us back to the painful civil war.
Pleasse heed to the moderates in this forum, there are many of them (radical is not sexy).

Thumb justice 09 July 2013, 20:15

This act is horrific and no matter how much some of us disagree with HA, targeting innocent civilians is hideous. We do not want to go back to civil war days and booby-trapped cars. We want to live and prosper. I think we all should be united in condemning this barbaric act.

Missing helicopter 09 July 2013, 20:18

But this is like looking for bad apples in a box 90% of its apples are bad. It is a daunting task for security forces and army. Would have been possible if we are dealing with few armed and lightly armed individuals. What we have (and thanks in bog part to HA) is groups, parties, etc. that are heavily armed and well trained in big numbers.
Only unity of the citizens and moderate thinking should prevail, and I am hoping that time would be ripe to disarm all with minimum blood shed.

Default-user-icon Minx (Guest) 09 July 2013, 21:05

Second attack on Dahieh...Light casulties no death..
HA needs to strengthen support for his offensive in Syria...Expectation of high casualties amongst it's fighters when they start Aleppo battle (after this incident it will start soon)
Spitting image of israeli & Syrian strategies...Very clever Hizb and very blind supporters...SHAME

Thumb Bandoul 09 July 2013, 21:08

I wonder how such a bomb got passed the HA security apparatus into HA controlled territory. These are the questions we should be asking.

Missing samiam 09 July 2013, 23:20

on another note, anyone notice that al-manar seems to have had exclusive coverage on this attack and the one on asir's compound last week...

either they have put some money into their news division or are owed big by somebody....

Thumb thepatriot 10 July 2013, 17:10

Akhhh....ya mowateh akh....I sent you youtube links at the time, and you denied it... even after Hezbillies confessed you denied it...fffff.... what a waste of time this guy...brainwashed to the bones!

Thumb _mowaten_ 10 July 2013, 19:32

you never sent videos man, you said i should go "find them myself"

if you had them then, you have them now, so please show me. (and no, three nusra goats shooting towards a bush and saying there's an invisible hezbollah fighter behind it does not count as proof.

Thumb _mowaten_ 10 July 2013, 19:33

you never sent videos man, you said i should go "find them myself"

if you had them then, you have them now, so please show me. (and no, three nusra goats shooting towards a bush and saying there's an invisible hezbollah fighter behind it does not count as proof.

Missing Lebanonwbass 10 July 2013, 22:49

lol lots of ignorant blind followers here or I should say Khwarif...your religious men are guiding you to the path of destruction and hate, playing you like puppets, taking you to hell with them whether sunnis, Christians, or shites. sha3eb ahbal men hek ma fi.