Family Severs Penis of Man Who Eloped with Their Daughter

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese citizen Rabih A., 39, who hails from the Akkar town of Hrar, was found wounded at the square of the Aley town of Baisour with his penis cut off, state-run National News Agency reported.

Lebanese Red Cross medics rushed the man to the West Shahhar Hospital with life-threatening injuries, NNA said.

The agency said the incident happened after Rabih eloped with a woman identified as Rudeina M., who hails from the town of Baisour.

"When the relatives of the girl learned of the issue, they investigated the circumstances and found out that Rabih and Rudeina were at a chalet in Tabarja, so they went there and brought them to Baisour, where they severed the man's penis and left him at the town's square,” NNA said.

Meanwhile, security sources told LBCI television that Rabih arrived at hospital suffering from “extreme fatigue after he was severely beaten.”

The man arrived at hospital “without his penis, which was chopped off, while his testicles were smashed,” the sources added.

"After Rabih and his girlfriend agreed to tie the knot despite the objection of her family, her relatives telephoned him and said they wanted to make a reconciliation and agree to the marriage," LBCI said.

"They agreed to have dinner at a restaurant, but after the dinner the man was kidnapped and severely beaten," it added.

The relatives "severed his penis to punish him for marrying their daughter," LBCI said.

"The tragic incident caught the attention of the political circles and a high-ranking leader fiercely rebuked the girl's family and the group who committed the crime," the TV network revealed.

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Thumb justice 16 July 2013, 16:18

sectarian hustlers!

Missing mrelhage 16 July 2013, 17:12

They should be hanged for this, cause i can garantee this man now has nothing to live for & he will do it if the gov does not

Default-user-icon Wissam (Guest) 17 July 2013, 20:03

If its ur sister I think if u r a man enough u will do that same

Thumb geha 16 July 2013, 16:22


Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 16 July 2013, 16:34


Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 16 July 2013, 16:55

Very tragic indeed...... Cannibals

Default-user-icon jojo (Guest) 16 July 2013, 17:06

I wonder what happened to the Penis?

Default-user-icon Manny (Guest) 16 July 2013, 17:08

what ??? no arrests were made?

Default-user-icon amir (Guest) 16 July 2013, 18:18

Yes it is embarrassing and shameful to identify as being Lebanese. Politicians out of this world.....completely Lunatic.
Sports team internationally on blackmail list due to Corruption and politicking.
Penis cut as the family do not agree with the daughter marriage.....middle or cave age....who owns wait until the religious fatwa and the politicians protect the family culprit.
Owners of stolen cars have to publicly advertise to negotiate with the thieves.

No government and contractors are free to get paid and build for less.

what did I miss ???

What a backward feelin

Default-user-icon Non Arab (Guest) 16 July 2013, 19:04

And you say Lebanon has a civilized society???? Yeah rrriiigghhttt !!!!

Thumb ibrahim-of-sidon 16 July 2013, 19:06

This is absolutely disgusting and barbaric. Throw them in prison!

Thumb Marc 16 July 2013, 19:06

Likely it is or his boy Akram S. Evidently, the girl is from the Malaeb family since there is only 2 family names in baissour: Malaeb and Aridi... Majority of Malaeb family are PSP and the Maj. of Aridi are SSNP! This Rabih guy is likely not Druze . . . Some people are still living in stone age - Shame

Missing lappeaudecouille 16 July 2013, 19:06

This guy will start a foundation for people that have lost their penises but will soon realize he's the only one which will make him the only benefciary. Ain't that cool for a living?

Thumb Bandoul 16 July 2013, 19:08

I pray the perpetrators of this heinous and deplorable crime are caught, tried, convicted and thrown in the slammer for life without parole. Furthermore, their assets to be seized, sold and the proceeds awarded to the victim as restitution. Maybe you cannot teach Barbarians to be civilized but you can certainly make an example of them.

Thumb cityboy 16 July 2013, 22:26

Come on roar, lets not be too hard on lebanon's judicial system, the same seems to happen in many western countries. In canada you have murderers getting off in less than 3yrs, despite victims family pleas for harsher sentences. This is one time where i might be inclined to agree with saudi arabia when it comes to law enforcement.

Thumb Bandoul 17 July 2013, 00:50

@the_roar, lawlessness and depravity towards human life bring me to my knees in despair and disgust. I cannot fathom harming another human being in such a fashion regardless of how they injured me or someone I love. My father was shot in the face in front of me (he survived his injury, though scarred for life) when I was a child and even then I couldn't imagine acts of violence such as we saw in the Lebanese civil war, honor killings and the heinous atrocities in Syria...we have failed as human beings we do this sort of thing to one another.

Thumb Marc 16 July 2013, 19:08

Or he will have a transplant and get a bigger you put in . . .

Thumb Senescence 17 July 2013, 00:40

A penis transplant ? Lol, gold.

I suppose they can extend what's left of it from inside the body (there's actually some 5-15cm (I think) of the organ inside the body(the muscles at least))... meh.

Default-user-icon Zinganur Joulkhan (Guest) 16 July 2013, 19:53

I'm sorry to hear this news about NostraAllouchti. I never thought he had one of those! NostraGabbyMarch14, please be careful.

Thumb cityboy 16 July 2013, 22:40

not to sound sectarian, does the old myth that you should never approach a druze girl hold true here??? I mean is it true that druze do not like their girls to marry outside of their sect, perhaps others have better knowledge about this than me.

Missing helicopter 17 July 2013, 01:18

It is true in most religions, but with Druze and Islam it is more so. It is encouraged for a Muslim man to marry a Christian girl but forbidden the other way around.
THis is why we need strong army, strong courts, and strong institutions, because if you leave up to Mafia politicians and men of religion, injustice will always be the outcome.

Thumb cityboy 17 July 2013, 01:51

Good points helicopter, though I think Christians in lebanon are just as guiltly of this. Outside of lebanon as in the west, yes I would agree that christians are more lax when it comes to inter marriage but that may be due to christians becoming less religious. You do make some interesting points regarding the need for strong courts and institutions. well said.

Thumb Senescence 17 July 2013, 00:42

Events of such heights of barbarity are I'd say no rarer in other countries.

Missing aslan7aram 17 July 2013, 01:39

i think they can do penis reconstruction surgery now

Missing aslan7aram 17 July 2013, 02:04

a little taste of m14... sad story

Missing formerlebaniz 17 July 2013, 04:26

really? you had to shove in some politics into it? No there is no reconstructive surgery to rebuild the penis they can extend it but and use it for urination but that's about it. The tip is gone and this man's life well... horrible.

Default-user-icon Ezinganam Bosharti (Guest) 17 July 2013, 06:25

No worries. Jumblat, the monster and low life scum bag piece of crap will figure out a way to shelter and save these monsters.

Default-user-icon jamal (Guest) 18 July 2013, 16:02

these are the dourouz people who are believe that their daughter must marry only from their religion , they are really animals.

Default-user-icon chill (Guest) 20 July 2013, 08:57

actions of a certain people don't reflect the thoughts of a sect...

Default-user-icon cocknockertom (Guest) 30 November 2013, 06:11

Lost penis must be returned

Default-user-icon Sonia (Guest) 22 July 2013, 11:02

Where is the wife after all this?? What have
They done to her?