Suleiman Says Army-People-Resistance Formula No Longer Applicable in Policy Statement

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Suleiman has said that the army-people-resistance formula can no longer be used for the new cabinet's policy statement over Hizbullah's involvement in the war in Syria, al-Liwaa newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The daily quoted Suleiman as telling a delegation from the Beirut National Gathering that the resistance took a unilateral decision to fight in Syria without consulting with the army and the people.

Such a decision took the resistance out of its commitments to the people-army-resistance formula, he reportedly said.

According to al-Liwaa, the president hinted that he would sign a decree for the formation of a neutral cabinet if Premier-designate Tammam Salam comes up with such a lineup over the failure of the political parties to limit their conditions.

Salam has so far been unable to form his government over conditions and counter-conditions set by the March 8 and March 14 alliances.

But an official close to Suleiman told As Safir daily that the president continues to insist on Hizbullah's participation in the cabinet despite calls by March 14 officials to put the party aside over its fighting alongside troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

“There is no hostility between the president and Hizbullah … nor between him and any other Lebanese party,” the official said.

He defended Suleiman's Army Day speech, saying the president differentiated between the resistance and terrorism.

“The speech did not target Hizbullah. All arms used in the fighting in Syria are illegitimate and all weapons used locally are also illegal,” the official said.

He stressed that only weapons targeted at Israel are considered legitimate as part of a national defense strategy.

Suleiman said in his Army Day speech last Thursday that “it has become urgent to approve a defense strategy after the resistance's arms went beyond Lebanon's borders.”

“Out of our differentiation between the resistance and terrorism, it is time for the state and the army to be the sole decision-makers on the use of force,” said Suleiman.

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Missing helicopter 07 August 2013, 08:40

I love what you said Mr. President.
It is time for establishing law and order
It is time to make the LAF the only protectors for all
It is time to disarm all groups without exception
It is time for citizens to feel like they have a country not a farm
Thank you and may God protect you from those who might wish you harm.

Thumb bigsami 07 August 2013, 15:56

LOVE IT! Finally we are seeing unity between Lebanese leaders to rid us from this BS formula fabricated by the scums themselves! Resistance? My rear....what are you doing in Syria? All of sudden you are a 'resistance' of your choice? Scums!

Thumb geha 07 August 2013, 09:05

The President has put things in their proper place.
hizbushaitan is a terrorist Iranian militia, and it is expected they will aggress the President in some way.
May God Protect truth tellers from this filthy militia.

Missing helicopter 07 August 2013, 18:13

You mean he fooled the Syrians like Harriri did? Good for them.
Now Syria's Assad know who the true Syrian loyalists are (SHN and Berri). Exchange you Lebanese I.D for s Syrian one and save us your betrayal of the country that sheltered you (assuming you are Lebanese).

Thumb general_puppet 07 August 2013, 09:16

“Out of our differentiation between the resistance and terrorism, it is time for the state and the army to be the sole decision-makers on the use of force,” said Suleiman... Excellent!

Missing people-power 07 August 2013, 09:16

I hope he doesn't come out tomorrow and deny that he said this.

Missing ghzayel 07 August 2013, 09:27

god help you mr the president in your mission impossible we are all behind you in your present endeavor but please tell us what are you going to do to bring ha, their shiite followers and all other errant lebanese back to lebanon and put lebanon's interests above all???

Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 07 August 2013, 09:51

Dear Mr. President: Thank you for your opinion, but it simply does not count. The Islamic Secular Resistance aka HA (Hussain Army) is the only entity that is entrusted with the protection of Lebanon and its institutions. In matters of national security and fighting terrorism, the resistance cannot consult with you, the people, or the army. For your information, any new policy will eliminate the Army and People from the equation of the defense strategy and leave only the Islamic Resistance. In fact, there should be no army and no people except Ashraf Al Nass and Hussain Army. We the Shia of Ali Ibn Talib will liberate Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine. Tfehhhh

Default-user-icon be careful !! (Guest) 07 August 2013, 09:51

now that he said this.... he should not leave the presidential palace as syria and hezbolah have always killed off those they dont like...

Default-user-icon Farid Hares Chehab (Guest) 07 August 2013, 10:04

God Bless You, Mister President

Missing ___-wolf-___ 07 August 2013, 10:20

The only "neutral " cabinet to be signed by the President's " decree" would be to place the LAF in temporary power until a new election & if possible a new referendum of a new " constitution " is put forward to the citizens' of Lebanon to vote including lebanese living abroad ! There are no institution in Lebanon that represents the whole broad spectrum of our society than the LAF ! Be it Shia , Sunni, Dirzi , or Christians ! But put my opinion aside the President has made a tremendous speech!
Signed Wolf .........!

Missing cleanleb 07 August 2013, 10:23


your opinions on armed Palestinians? Hariri's Takfiris? Tripoli mobs? Amal? Marada? Jumblat's weapons?... are you all blind? or so narrow minded? Are you looking for a clean Leb? Or just HA phobic?

Thumb geha 07 August 2013, 10:30

my opinion about all the stated groups has always been clear: No to all the above.
I have always stated: weapons ONLY in the hands of armed forces.
is it clear to you now?

Missing cleanleb 07 August 2013, 10:35

no it is not... read the above and tell me where you have stated that?
you are all starting to sound like the old Syrian sound track that was repeated by all politicians that were in bed with the Syrian regime "darouri wa moakat wa mostamir".

Thumb geha 07 August 2013, 10:52

I believe that you should go back and read my previous comments.
you should understand that the above comment is in response to the current subject, thus restating my view would have been just a repetition.
however rest assured that this is my clear opinion: no weapons outside the state.

Thumb geha 07 August 2013, 10:55

so called patriotic-Lebanese
I have been reading your posts and truly I can say this to you:
- you have nothing patriotic in your posts as you support the terrorist Iranian militia.
- you try to divert the discussion towards the Saudi and Israeli while you support iran.
the day you will support Lebanon ONLY, then you can call yourself patriotic and Lebanese.
as long as you are the mouthpiece of iran, do not even try to label yourself as Lebanese.

Thumb geha 07 August 2013, 11:33

At least I refer to something concrete when I post: you do support the terrorist Iranian militia called hizbushaitan :)
whereas your attack is unfounded and all my posts have always been patriotic Lebanese.
pure m8 reply: baseless :)

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 07 August 2013, 12:54

what the hell does one thing have to do with another??? you eat noodles is one thing.. you being chinese and posting as "patriotic-lebanese" is another... you being "hot" (yeah sure) has nothing to do with you stealing a pic from a chinese girl with only chinese friends on FB... you can major in nuclear fusion for all i care.. does not change the fact that you are hiding who you are and trying to gain "affection" by acting like a girl.. one reply.. why are you stealing other peoples true pictures??

Missing ghzayel 07 August 2013, 11:44

just to clarify things and if you read my statement carefully you would have noticed i put ha first because they are the most powerful and illegal lebanese group challenging the lebanese institutions and armed forces.
but then again i recognized they were not the only challengers to the lebanese government and authority so i added " ...and all other errant lebanese..."
as far as demanding from the palestinians or other foreigners to comply with our laws,i firmly believe the lebanese government cannot tackle this issue before consolidating its stand and spreading its authority among all lebanese first.

Thumb bigsami 07 August 2013, 15:59

HA you are so in love with filth then change the name to dirtyleb. If the shoe fits...wear it!

Missing helicopter 07 August 2013, 18:27

I have repeatedly said no arms wxcept with the ISF and the LAF. So to answer your concern: YES remove all arms for ALL groups including the ones you mentioned. The logistics can be worked out such that no one group will feel threatened by another group while being disarmed (so I proposed the proportional disarming of all). We need a nation not armed fiefdoms.

Missing VINCENT 07 August 2013, 10:56

While foreign forces and interests have successfully divided Lebanon into "Army-People-Resistance", the very country that we are supposed to resist from is sitting pretty and prospering culturally, politically and economically. The allies who funded, built and are now prolonging the alleged resistance have not lifted a finger against whom they are allegedly resisting. The very cancer (Israeli/Palestinian) which is the root of Lebanon's demise that has invaded our bodies (Lebanon) are still preset and spreading. Yes Mr. President it is time to admit that this "baby formula" our mothers are feeding our children is poisonous. It is time to cut ties with all those who place their regional interests ahead of ours and are in conflict with our well being and prosperity.

Missing ___-wolf-___ 07 August 2013, 11:07

Well said " Vincent "
Signed Wolf ....

Default-user-icon Tariq (Guest) 07 August 2013, 14:06

Ah, stop with these eternal excuses for the Lebanese failures . Typical Lebanese, always blaming outsiders for your demises. I agree that the State should be in charge and militias (HA, other lebanese, palestinians) should be disarmed. And sure palestinians, syrians, iranians, israelis, saudis and westerns had their share in Lebanon.
But come on, you guys hated each other since the 19th century. From time to time you fought smaller civil wars at your own. You never admit that you yourselves are the first to blame. Perhaps, if you didn't sell yourselves to foreign interests like cheap prostitutes, many problems wouldn't have happened. No, it's easier to blame things on palestinians or syrians. Have the guts to admit: you failed as society, killed yourselves for power over other sects, lack of society and nation values.

Missing VINCENT 07 August 2013, 20:56

Rest assured we know. When we say " It is time to cut ties with all those who place their regional interests ahead of ours and are in conflict with our well being and prosperity", it means we want to cut ties from oppressive thugs, eliminate their access to parliament and government portfolios, deviate from the past and elect qualified civil servants who serve purely Lebanese interest as a whole regardless of religion, race, sect, etc. I would put a paper bag over the person who we elect to achieve the above so no one would know his/her sex, race, etc. Joking.

Default-user-icon DieShmeckt (Guest) 07 August 2013, 12:03

the Army-People-Resistance Formula was never applicable Mr. President since the majority of Lebanese rejected the idea of it, and claimed the Lebanese Army as their sole representative, people want Army not beirdos!

Default-user-icon Kilimano Ophtan (Guest) 07 August 2013, 13:10

This is a superb position by our great good-for-nothing corrupt president-by-parachute known for singlehandedly removing the zeer from the beer in a record 5+ years. This wonderful position of his will be expended at one of our hallmark financial institutions, Bank al Iflas al Watani. mabrouk

Default-user-icon Ashekman Antobile (Guest) 07 August 2013, 17:23

alla byeb3at, minibash, SIR.

Missing rudy 07 August 2013, 22:03

When i read this, i realized ive been coming to this website for too long now

Default-user-icon JUNDI (Guest) 07 August 2013, 13:45

That's My President!! So Proud!

Default-user-icon trueself (Guest) 07 August 2013, 13:53

When the power was all in the hands of the Maronites, Lebanon was the Paris of the Middle East and the country was the capital of the Arab world with all head quarters stationed in Lebanon. When these powers were taken out from them, the likes of HA and their fanaticism came on and destroyed the beauty and tranquility of this country. Lebanon had been freed from israel and the resistance is no more applicable. If HA want to liberate palestine, which I can't deny them this, let them all go to Iran and do as they like. After all, Iran want to clash with israel so let it be. Here in lebanon we need civility, not the arrogance and ignorance of HA and its cronies.

Thumb ado.australia 07 August 2013, 16:27

what to do with the Palestinians in Lebanon? Israel must be forced to take them back or let ksa or the gulf countries take them. They allow millions of western foreigners to live in their countries... Why can't they take the Palestinians and spend the billions of dollars supporting Syrian rebels on relocating the 400 thousand Palestinians in Lebanon. This would end most of the barriers to peace, but will allow Lebanon to overtake their positions of influence as the true buisness, banking, cultural, tourist and diverse nation in the middle east.

Why would they want that?

Hezbollah are Lebanese and cannot be kick out of Lebanon.

Missing kamal_jamra 07 August 2013, 19:55

When power was in the hands of maronites, non-maronites were tied to two ends of cars who drove away, non-maronites were raped, harassed and brutally murdered or tortured. Muslims, and orthodox christians as well as druze were opressed when maronites were in power and the maronites had their own fanatic miltias and thugs. Other than that lebanon was only referred to as the paris of the middle east by the maronites themselves lol. So get down from your high horse. Maronites were kicked out from syria for making trouble there so they came to lebanon to continue the tradition of trouble making. I would rather be ruled by shiites or muslims even if hezballah or mustaqbal than by maronites and i assure you many orthodox feel the same. We know history and remember your crimes well.

Thumb Bandoul 07 August 2013, 20:55

Yes and they signed off on bringing in the Palestinian refugees and got paid handsomely. Please, by all means recite facts but include all of them.

Thumb Bandoul 07 August 2013, 20:55

above directed at trueself

Thumb primesuspect 07 August 2013, 14:32

God bless the president, he's got cojones if i may say so. god bless lebanon without terroristas occupying its streets.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 07 August 2013, 14:48

FT, as i have mentioned many times, and the1phoenix was so kind to spell out, many plans were formulated during the talks that HA simply refused.. it is no longer m14s job or the presidency to suggest ideas.. why isnt HA coming up with a formula and time frame and presenting it to the Lebanese saying ok.. here is our plan.. as soon as this is done we will hand over our weapons.. but the have done nothing of the sort, on the contrary, said that their weapons will stay until the liberation of Jerusalem... so i ask as polity as i can, why are you, who advocates for people-army, not asking HA what the plans are.. why should m14 answer that?

Default-user-icon Guthix (Guest) 07 August 2013, 15:52

I wish FT and co. would answer genuine questions like these (hopefully with genuine answers). Instead of replying to useless comments by his opponents with more useless comments..

Default-user-icon maddy (Guest) 07 August 2013, 14:59

A self respecting president can not exist alongside a party like Hizubushaitain in any country

Missing samiam 07 August 2013, 15:20

lol--i can't figure out if you are just trying to get a rise out of people or are that stupid and brainwashed---i am leaning towards the latter....

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 07 August 2013, 15:20

100% phoenix.. this man's toe nail is cleaner than ANY politician out there.. this man has no blood on his hands, no multi-million dollar bank accounts filled up with Lebanese citizens money. this guy is the true definition of Ashraf-al-nass. Sulaiman loves this country and will not allow fear to stand in the face of the truth and what is right. I hope his term is extended because he is 10 times the man any of our post civil war presidents were.. and 100 times the man any presidential hopeful from m8 or m14 is. God bless him.

Thumb ado.australia 07 August 2013, 15:29

This is the Presidant of the Republic of Lebanon! Finally we are hearing a statesman!

Unfortunately, all our Presidant can do is make speeches. We need an adjusted constitution, not to extend parliament or positions, but to give more power to the Presidant so that he can end deadlocks like we are seeing now with the formation of the new cabinet. The Tiaf accord has made these constant deadlocks routine. PM designate Salam can take 20years to form a government and no one can do anything about it.

The resistance should officially join the LAF and together with the people we can Truely overcome everything together as a strong united Lebanon.

Thumb Senescence 07 August 2013, 22:21

The problem with deadlocks and such is that there is no timeframe that is imposed on the formation of important political aggregates. It's just that which needs to be adjusted. You really can't change the constitution in any part of the world without impending(even if short/temporary) chaos and high death tolls.

Thumb ado.australia 07 August 2013, 15:32

Southern, we know the reasons and however justified and supported by most of the lebanese people, the point is there needs to be coordination with the LAF. The way to do that is full integration with the state.

Thumb ado.australia 07 August 2013, 15:41

Whether we agree 100% or not with his speech, it's nice to see a strong and decisive position. I support Hezbollah's view and position on Syrian infiltration by foriegn Islamic extremists and the threat of them coming to power in Syria will be much worse than anything that happened to Lebanon in the 70s through to the end of Syrian occupation. But coordination and alliances are not only one way street. The resistance need to unite with the Lebanese army. The army is Truely the only institution in Lebanon that can be trusted.

Unification with the LAF and the resistance... and then a military coup to control Lebanon for 10 years.

Thumb cedre 07 August 2013, 15:58

hizbos are not better armed than syrian army just because they have m16 and nice gears/shoes...

Thumb cedre 07 August 2013, 16:01

he's been accomodating shias and christians, not all lebanese.

Default-user-icon Neal (Guest) 07 August 2013, 16:54

as i read all these posts and contemplate the pros and cons , i wonder why is it so hard for some to put the Lebanese interest above all . why is it conceivable to make the army the only protector of the people? . and then i realized " wait a minute this is not a country it is a farm we the people are the cheeps
can someone tell me why the so called resistant are not resisting Israel.
can some one tell me when was the last time the resistant shot a bullet toward Israel?

Mr. president we know your stand is pure Lebanese and in the interest of all people but as much as i hate to say it . "it will not amount to anything sorry Mr. president " . as long as the mentality in Lebanon is to protect foreign interest we will not have a country Just a Farm.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 07 August 2013, 17:07

so their plan is to liberate Jerusalem? and you are fine and dandy with that. who cares what the president looks like.. you mention peaceful solutions.. peaceful solutions were suggested and refused over and over again by HA... so it is now HA's turn.. stop blaming it on m14... if their "this is what we need to do" is liberate palestine, then go there and do what you need to do.. we are not obligated to suffer for the palestinians more than we have already. clearly they will NEVER liberate palestine, because they are not even trying, it is just an excuse to hold on to their weapons.. and no matter how many suggestions are thrown their way they will just refuse.. and akeed, you will say sit and talk some more. lol

Missing helicopter 07 August 2013, 18:42

denying lebanese reality ........... I dare to say that you love this reality.
how do you plan to disarm the resistance mr president? .......... with the help and solid support of good Lebanese citizens (such as yourself and mowaten).
if you look away from hezbollah, this wont make hezbollah disappear............ he did not propose looking away or make HA disappear, only what is essential to have a nation (one army).
you have a faction that is armed even better than the Syrian army.......... I bet this makes you happy and proud.
how do you plan to integrate it into the lebanese fabric?............... who is it? HA or its armed wing? HA as a political party is already integrated into the Lebanese fabric, its armed wing will be dissolved and its arms given to the LAF.

Missing helicopter 07 August 2013, 18:49

Your first sentence was wonderful, your second sentence was meaningless.

Default-user-icon Nonsensical (Guest) 07 August 2013, 18:52

1- General Suleiman was appointed by the Syrians as commander of the Lebanese Army in 1998.

2- General Suleiman was the head of the army when many Lebanese were tortured by the Army to "confess" whatever the army wanted.

3- General Suleiman was the head of the army when many Lebanese were arrested based on orders from Syria on August 7, 2001.

4- His brother in law, Gebran Kuriyyeh was the official spokesman of Hafez Assad, father of the current Syrian president Basher Assad.

5- General Suleiman defended Syrian connection with Fatah al Islam , claiming that the terrorist organization was part of Al Qaida, this is despite the confessions of the jailed Fatah al Islam terrorists about their links to Syria.

6- General Suleiman praised Hezbollah for their alleged victory during the summer war with Israel , despite the fact that Hezbollah criticized the army during the war which left Lebanon in ruins with over 1200 dead , mainly civilians.

Missing helicopter 07 August 2013, 18:54

Your true being has always been known to all: HA first and LAF last, Your sect first and being Lebanese last. How many citizens like you can Lebanon afford?

Thumb Bandoul 07 August 2013, 20:51

The first step in solving a problem is to recognize there is one. Supporters of HA arms have always pointed out previous governments have legitimized HA weapons in the policy statement. Now the legitimate president who was elected by M8 and M14 is revoking the legitimacy of HA weapons rendering them illegal and that is the first step in dealing with them. Not a single entity, group or organization in Lebanon can disarm HA, please keep calm, nothing has changed on the ground. This is just a first step in coming up with a solution that is in fact legal, such as folding HA weapons into LAF. This is how democracies work, no violence is necessary.

Thumb Bandoul 07 August 2013, 21:01

The first step in solving a problem is to recognize there is one. Supporters of HA arms have always pointed out previous governments have legitimized HA weapons in the policy statement. Now the legitimate president who was elected by M8 and M14 is revoking the legitimacy of HA weapons rendering them illegal and that is the first step in dealing with them. Not a single entity, group or organization in Lebanon can disarm HA, please keep calm, nothing has changed on the ground. This is just a first step in coming up with a solution that is in fact legal, such as folding HA weapons into LAF. This is how democracies work, no violence is necessary. Mr. President, I have always been behind you, and you continue to have my deepest respect.

Missing greatpierro 07 August 2013, 23:13

How can we accept a terrorist organization such as ha to protect lebanon especially that this terrorist organization does not represent lebanese, its leaders are not elected democratically by lebanese but rather appointed by iran.

Missing cedars 08 August 2013, 04:47

It is time to pay for Electricity, and stop dancing with the old iTune of Zionists and Israel on the border.
The Tootsie is going to collapse then accepts to negotiate its arms once the Syrian regime is gone.