UNIFIL Vows to 'Accurately Define' Labbouneh Incident

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon vowed on Friday to “accurately define the nature” of the latest Israeli incursion in the southern town of al-Labbouneh and prevent future violations of the border.

"Due to the seriousness of the situation, it is very important for the UNIFIL to uncover what happened on Wednesday,” UNIFIL Force Commander Major General Paolo Serra said.

The Lebanese army said Wednesday that a group of Israeli soldiers crossed the border into the southern area of Labbouneh near Naqoura and were wounded in an explosion which reports have said was caused by a landmine.

The communique said the Israeli troops reached as far as 400 meters inside Lebanon.

Serra noted: “This requires the collaboration of all parties and we have asked the leadership of the Lebanese Armed Forces to provide us with all information they have regarding this case.”

"We want to prevent the repetition of such incidents and any other tension that could contribute to aggravating the situation.”

He revealed that a group of UNIFIL investigators headed to the incident's location and coordinated its efforts with the army on ground to uncover the details behind the Israeli infiltration.

He pointed out that the results of the U.N. forces' investigation will be shared with both the Lebanese and Israeli parties during their upcoming meeting in September.

"The obvious presence of Israeli forces in Lebanon and their violation of the Blue Line is a dangerous breach of the U.N. Security Resolution 1701.”

Serra said that a “stern objection” was addressed to the Israeli Armed Forces.

"We also urged Israel to fully cooperate with the UNIFIL's investigators in this case.”

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Default-user-icon Mounir (Guest) 09 August 2013, 21:37

Unifil ? Haha wata joke ,soura 3al 7ait better for them to go home,the zionists are making fun of them. chou hal ta 3banin hol ????

Missing phillipo 10 August 2013, 18:35

Israel is alleged to have crossed the border by 400 meters, with no Lebanese citizen being involved, and UNIFIL, the UN Security Council and whoever not is involved.
Syrians cross the border to abduct Lebanese citizens in the Beka'a Valley, and not a word is said about it (never mind an official complaint) to any international organisation.
Something seems wrong there.