No Casualties as Five Rockets Hit Hermel, al-Qaa

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Five rockets landed in and around the Bekaa town of Hermel, a Hizbullah stronghold, on Sunday, a security source told Agence France Presse on condition of anonymity.

"Two rockets landed in the town of Hermel, in an area between the Mabarrat teaching association and the Masharii al-Qaa area, causing no casualties," the source said.

"Another three rockets have landed now on the outskirts of Hermel," he added.

It was not immediately clear whether the rockets were launched from inside Lebanon or from across the border in strife-torn Syria, said the source, although state-run National News Agency said they were fired from Syrian territory.

Hermel and other areas of eastern Lebanon, a bastion of Hizbullah, have been hit by several rocket attacks launched from Syria in recent months.

The latest rocket attack comes just three days after a powerful car bombing in Hizbullah's heartland in southern Beirut killed 27 people and wounded around 300 others.

The toll was the highest since a Beirut car bomb killed former prime minister Rafik Hariri and 22 others in February 2005.

"I will go myself to Syria if it is so necessary in the battle against the Takfiris (radical Sunni Muslims), Hizbullah and I will go to Syria" to fight rebels trying to oust the Damascus regime, Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said in a defiant speech on Friday, accusing the Takfiris of being behind the deadly blast.

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Thumb primesuspect 18 August 2013, 19:33

Lebanese pro-terroristas? = Hizballa fanbase!

Missing samiam 18 August 2013, 20:24

still spouting nonsense i see--maybe when school starts you will learn how to put words together that make sense.

Thumb benzona 18 August 2013, 21:03

Do you think he reached brevet? Or not yet ? ;-)

Thumb benzona 18 August 2013, 20:24

Beautiful snapshot.

Missing phillipo 18 August 2013, 20:30

When will the Lebanese (sorry, Lenbanese-based Syrian) Foreign Minister going to put in an official complaint to the UN Security Council on another violation of Lebanese territory.
Oops, I forgot, he doesn't recognise that there is even a border there.

Thumb Senescence 18 August 2013, 20:39

This gives me an idea: would it be feasible for the LAF to conquer certain parts of Syria and make it part of a new Greater Lebanon ? Or is the SA still capable of things? It'd be awesome to have more than 10452.

Thumb Senescence 18 August 2013, 20:39

Phillipo, maybe you can give us tips haha.

Thumb benzona 18 August 2013, 21:05

Endless, your sarcasm was funny.... But I am not sure I got the «SA» thing as you meant it.

Thumb Senescence 18 August 2013, 21:21

benzona, the Syrian Army.

I'm kinda hoping we'd at least get the Golan Heights.

Thumb LebCynic 18 August 2013, 20:42

I wonder where all the salafist supporters that cry foul when Arsal is targeted are? Salafi = sectarianism and extremism.

Thumb Senescence 18 August 2013, 21:52

Well, Southern, Assad's probably going to fall (though I also hope he wouldn't for the sake of Lebanon's stability seeing all those terrorist elements would be claiming power or proxies in a country next to ours and such), but I think people should be less afraid than they are in that regard, because as we've seen with Egypt et. al, revolution is a process and not an event and so the people of Syria would revolt against the new regime if it was indeed an oppressive one(e.g. Egypt) or an unstable one(doesn't seem to be the case with Iraq though).

Thumb Senescence 18 August 2013, 22:06

To be fair, there was lots of rebel transgression before this year you know.

Missing samiam 18 August 2013, 22:19

again, you make no sense for a few more reasons. First, the Egyption army is the NATIONAL army--not a bunch of mercenaries funded by and controlled by a foreign nation pretending to be a resistance movement. Secondly, the MB was banned for 30 years and now it shows why. and third (can you count that much), your militia doesn't really learn anything from history and they are turning into a shiite version of MB and in the process, have been losing friends and making more enemies.

Missing arturo 18 August 2013, 22:21

I expect Jumblat and Suleiman to accuse Israel of firing the rockets. Everyone knows that the attacks are coming from supporters of the Syrian opposition, yet the leadership is in denial.

Missing VINCENT 18 August 2013, 23:23

You all having nothing but to blame yourselves.