Syria Urges France Not to Act ahead of Parliament Debate

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syria's parliament speaker on Wednesday urged France "not to hasten" to act against his war-torn country, as French lawmakers prepared to hold a debate on whether punitive strikes against the regime should go ahead.

The French parliament is due to hold the debate from 1400 GMT following President Francois Hollande's pledge to "punish" Damascus for an alleged poison gas attack on August 21 that the West blames on the regime. But it will not vote Wednesday on the issue.

"Syrian lawmakers are determined to get to the truth... and we ask you not to hasten to commit a heinous, senseless crime, as you must steer the French republic away from the war path and towards diplomacy," Jihad Lahham said in a statement published by the SANA official news agency.

"Before announcing war, is it not more reasonable to wait a bit?" Lahham asked in the statement addressed to the French lower house National Assembly and upper house Senate.

"Despite the tragedies that hit Iraq before, some are looking for another war to destroy secular Syria, which would lead to a confessional conflict in the region and would increase current human suffering."

U.N. experts traveled to Syria last week and visited the sites of the alleged August 21 poison gas attack in the Damascus suburbs. They left the country on Saturday with numerous samples, which are currently being analysed.

Lahham reiterated that Syria was cooperating with the United Nations on the alleged attack, which Washington has said killed more than 1,400 people.

Since the conflict broke out in March 2011 with an uprising against the regime of Bashar Assad, more than 110,000 people have been killed, including over 40,100 civilians, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

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Thumb bustany 04 September 2013, 15:43

Very powerful civil statement from civilized government. Something that might disappear from the Arabic world if Syria got attacked. The civility the minority governing had brought to Syria for the last 50 years made us a nation without crimes for 40 years. We do not cut someone's hand if he steals, as its the case is other Arabic countries fighting us but we do as Jesus said: we offer consuling.

Thumb Maxx 04 September 2013, 17:12

That may very well be, because the father & son have been committing their crimes in Lebanon for 30 years. And oh, oh; "a nation without crime"? Syria? Have you forgotten Hama circa '81-'82? Baschar and his dad have committed enough crimes between the two of them to make for the rest of the nation.

Thumb Maxx 04 September 2013, 16:33

"Before announcing war, is it not more reasonable to wait a bit?" In other words, "Please M. Hollande, let us murder some more of our people before you come in and spoil our fun. Imagine how sleep-deprived we shall become when we no longer have the wailings of slaughtered children lulling us to sleep at night."