Bellemare Requests Video Material from Nasrallah, Defends Staff 'Impartiality'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Special Tribunal for Lebanon Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare on Monday hit back at Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah over the latter’s recent televised address in which he doubted the impartiality of the staff of Bellemare’s office.

“The staff of the OTP have been recruited on the basis of their professionalism, impartiality and expertise, and I have full confidence in their strong commitment to finding the truth,” Bellemare said in a statement.

“The Prosecutor welcomes Mr. Nasrallah’s offer to provide the file that he stated he has on some elements of the investigation and requests the video material that was shown on television during his televised statement, as well as any other information and documents that would assist the Tribunal in its ongoing pursuit of justice,” Bellemare added.

He stressed that “the investigation is carried out according to the highest standards of international justice and its results are based solely on facts and credible evidence.”

“The staff of the OTP act independently and in good faith in their search for the truth,” the prosecutor went on to say.

“In seeking the release of the Four Generals in April 2009, the Prosecutor has already demonstrated that when he is not satisfied with the credibility or reliability of the evidence he will not hesitate to reject it,” he added.

Bellemare also stressed that he “will not engage in a public debate in the media about the credibility of his investigation or of the investigative process,” noting that “the proper forum to challenge the investigation or the evidence gathered as a result, is in open court during a trial that will fully comply with international standards.”

“Justice is the guarantee of sustainable stability,” the prosecutor added, calling for all steps to be taken to “bring the accused to justice.”

Nasrallah on Saturday ruled out the arrest of four members of his party indicted by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon for the 2005 assassination of Lebanese former premier Rafik Hariri.

In his first reaction to the charges by the STL, Nasrallah also rejected "each and every void accusation" made by the Netherlands-based court, which he said was heading for a trial in absentia.

The STL on Thursday handed Lebanon's Prosecutor General Saeed Mirza arrest warrants for four members of Hizbullah in connection with the February 14, 2005 bombing that killed Hariri and 22 others in Beirut.

Nasrallah went on to accuse top investigators at the tribunal, including the first U.N. chief investigator, Detlev Mehlis, and his deputy, Gerhard Lehmann, of corruption.

In elaborately edited segments, Al-Manar television aired footage which Nasrallah said showed Lehmann receiving a wad of cash in exchange for documents in the Hariri case.

Al-Manar also aired a document which Nasrallah said proved investigators had transferred IT equipment across Lebanon's southern border into Israel when it moved its staff to the Netherlands in 2009.

"Do you expect this tribunal to be fair with resistance fighters who fought against Israel?" he said. "This tribunal, since the beginning, was formed for a clear political target."

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Default-user-icon Click Here (Guest) 04 July 2011, 23:20

First, any news Bellmare from Cassini having no bias inclinations as a Judge against Hizbullah in advance.

Second, any news on the bribery allegation as shown on video Lehmann accepting cash.

Also any news about the whereabouts of the 97 Computers?

Us Lebanese, are not too eager to blame Lebanese into the killing of FPM Rafiq Hariri, so getting obstacles ironed out is a necessity.

Default-user-icon jabal amel (Guest) 04 July 2011, 23:45

this guy is hillarious. They kept 4 generals for 4 YEARS and he brags about objectively inspecting the evidence? IT TOOK THEM 4 YEARS TO DO THAT!?!?!?!?!?! he's laughing in the face of justice as concept

Missing karwang 05 July 2011, 00:07

Click Here, you are quite naive.
Do you really believe what hassouna says or ur just provoking??

Default-user-icon anonym (Guest) 05 July 2011, 00:18

hey Ballemare did you read this?

why don't you tell us a little about "that" first.

the link is also some "general knowledge" for the blind people out there in this country, time to widen that tunnel vision of yours a little wont you say?

Default-user-icon Fragilio (Guest) 05 July 2011, 01:27

Even this jerk's maid knows that this STL farce is a FARCE. Well, if March 14 are dumb, well, then I rest my case.

Default-user-icon follower (Guest) 05 July 2011, 02:33

“The staff of the OTP have been recruited on the basis of their professionalism, impartiality and expertise, and I have full confidence in their strong commitment to finding the truth,” Bellemare said in a statement."


stl should be boycotted, what an utter failure. Hariri its not too late, get the support of March 8 and bring down the STL!

Default-user-icon Fragilio (Guest) 05 July 2011, 02:58

Among the many reasons why the STL is a politicized farce and Bellemare is a clown and a lousy actor, none is more in-your-face than timing the release of the warrants to coincide with the approval of the policy statement by the new government. The retard could have waited a few days and then release the warrants, or he could have released them much sooner. But this bozo and his high-ranking clown bosses wanted to choose what in their miscalculating minds would have the most impact, so they waited for the go-ahead from Imbecile Saad, a commandeered puppet. Just ask Commandante Feltman. The timing has had the worst effect on the losers after Nasrallah spoke, and today Miqati. They went berserk. As of Thursday, they will start pulling their hairs out. After all, they all want to be like Daniel Bozo. BUY BUY HAKIKA LEADS TO BYE BYE JUSTICE. Thanks to the stupidity of the Cedar Pasadobles and that of Saad, Israel got away with the murder of the century and Saad lost his hot ass. Adieu Saad

Default-user-icon Fragilio (Guest) 05 July 2011, 03:20

The very believable bozo says his team are impartial. Robert Baer, the CIA agent and criminal on the loose is impartial. Antonio Cassese, a zionist and friend of Israel is impartial. Gerhard Lehman, a corrupt second-in-command is impartial. Detlev Mehlis, a corrupt fabricator and CIA associate is impartial... and Bellemare himself, the protector of the false witnesses and of the worst among them, Zuheik al Siddiq, Marwan Hamade's step-son, is the most impartial of all. Rotten from head to toe. And justice is what will be served!

Default-user-icon me (Guest) 05 July 2011, 03:39

Anonym: Do you know who Thierry Meyssan is? he is known as the least professional journalist in Europe and a conspiracy theorist. Many stupid lebanese people eat conspiracy for breakfast, lunch and dinner... They will certainly love this guy...

If you are interested in questions such as: Did the moon landing really happened, or what happened to Roswell? keep reading this guy....

If you want to get some education, read some material on international institutions and tribunals... wait to see the evidence, and hear the most professional lawyers and technicians debate it... and develop your own opinion.

Default-user-icon Nabil (Guest) 05 July 2011, 03:50

Bellmare show us your "impartiality" and investigate the Gaza massacres on the UN Goldstone Report. "White man speaks with false tongue as he annihilated the natives".

Default-user-icon me (Guest) 05 July 2011, 04:43

Anonym, did you read this?

Default-user-icon Me (Guest) 05 July 2011, 04:58

Anonym: another impressive theory from your favourite journalist.

Sorry man, but i can't resist the temptation.... Many more to come.

Default-user-icon Hey anonynum (Guest) 05 July 2011, 05:41

I really enjoyed The link u posted I thought it was
An eye opener. The rest should also read it

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 05 July 2011, 08:08

Did you say impartiality Mr Bellmare ..???

Thumb thepatriot 05 July 2011, 12:31

@Anonym About the idiot who wrote the conspiracy theory about Israel beiing behinfd the assassination:

Thierry Meyssan (born 18 May 1957 in Talence, Gironde) is a controversial French journalist and political activist.

He is the author of investigations into the extreme right wing (particularly about the National Front Militias, which are the object of a parliamentary investigation and caused a separation of the extreme right wing party), as well as into the Catholic Church (Opus Dei, for example). Openly gay himself,[1][2] he has also been an activist against anti-homosexual discrimination.

Meyssan is best known for his controversial book 9/11: The Big Lie (L'Effroyable imposture), in which he presents evidence challenging the official account of events of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Source: Wikipedia
Check your trash first Anonym.

Default-user-icon anonym (Guest) 05 July 2011, 12:52

I checked your links above and they are unrelated, and have nothing to do with what i posted, sorry, while the moon landing or such are extreme controversial theories i dont much pay attention to, you seem to be mixing it up with other theories here and so your conclusion would be any controversial theory is equivalent to the extreme theories such as those of the "moon landing" and so on, in my humble opinion this is wrong approach.

Patriot: your wiki link says nothing but a general idea the author, these days anything thats not "mainstream" is considered "controversial", tell me isn't "circumstantial evidence" also considered controversial, but no since its presented by a court its supposed to be legit?
regarding 9/11 there's so much to debate about there that would be beyond this paragraph so lets leave that aside shall we.
sorry guys you fail to convince me otherwise,and besides i'd rather have people discuss the questionmarks in that article first before dismissing it as rubish

Thumb shab 05 July 2011, 15:26

Iran and Israel, same shit.

Default-user-icon rudy (Guest) 05 July 2011, 15:43

@anonym why not this one again,1518,626412,00.html

give me one good reason why Thierry Meyssan is more reliable than Erich Follath

Default-user-icon anonym (Guest) 05 July 2011, 19:50

@Rudy this further proves my point that you fail to convince me.

I read your link, same old same old talk nothing but a few phone calls and a few lines purchased and a few suspects, no proof and even the sound of it looks dull, this mehlis guy among other UN investiogators CLAIM its a car bomb but for the love of life theres no PROOF it was a car suicide bomb and all EVIDENCE and LOGIC point against it! yet no one talks about it ?? here are a few parag form Keith A. Holsapple, an expert on craters and professor of engineering mechanics at the University of Washington
"A 50-foot crater in a wet soil would require on the order of 6 tons of ANFO (ammonium nitrate fuel oil) if the explosion were just above the surface," Holsapple said. "If the bomb was detonated just below the surface, that bomb weight is reduced to about 2 tons, and if a penetrator weapon was used, the weight would be on the order of 1 ton, to within a factor of two." A larger bomb would be required" hence missile.

Default-user-icon anonym (Guest) 05 July 2011, 20:13

while your argument tells me to look into what "people" have claimed left and right and i could give you a list of those corrupt liars in the history of this tribunal and have been proven so by the way..

as a citizen I dind it in myself to be responsible and give the investigations as much hard time asking questions whihc require answers as possible,
I am trying to look at it logically and go back to the crime scene and ask myself what causes a crater like that why is it that there were so many loopholes so many gaps left in between by the investigators and their conduct? why and why? all i get is we found some guy makin a phone call form dahiye so thats our guy! really? a phone call to what the car bomb remote detination? but you haven't even proven there was a car bomb! so all your other cases are irrelevent at this point!

Default-user-icon Rabih Gharroudy (Guest) 05 July 2011, 20:15

Fresh from Le Hague, Bellemare shocked by Hizballah's claims (Copy/Paste):