Two People Injured as Syrian Rockets Hit the Bekaa

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Three rockets launched from across the border with Syria hit the Bekaa valley Saturday, a security source told Agence France Presse.

The Army Command confirmed the news in a released communique: “Three Syrian 107 mm Grad Rockets hit Baalbek District without causing any injuries.”

“A military expert has inspected the scene and the necessary security measures were adopted in the area,” it added.

The AFP said the rockets hit an area that lies between the villages of Labweh and Jabbureh, 30 kilometers (20 miles) north of the city of Baalbek.

"There were no casualties, but some trees in the area went up in flames," the security source told AFP.

However, the state-run National News Agency had said two people were wounded when rockets landed on the Bekaa's al-Labweh plains on Saturday.

"Two people, Ali Hasan al-Mawla and a second whose family name is Khazaal, were injured in the attack,” it said, remarking that a rocket fell on an orchard that belongs to the Khazaal family while another landed in the outstrips of al-Labweh.

The third rocket landed on a road in Zboud, according to the same source.

"A huge fire erupted as a result in plains near Deir Jabbureh.”

Saturday's is the latest in a string of cross-border rocket attacks that have escalated as Hizbullah's involvement in Syria's brutal conflict has increased.

Since the eruption of the Syrian war in 2011, Lebanese towns in the North and the Bekaa regions have repeatedly witnessed shelling and gunfire coming from Syria, wounding many people and causing major material damage.

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Thumb benzona 14 September 2013, 19:42

Holy resistance, where are youuuuu?

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 September 2013, 16:24

they're there dont worry benzo, they're taking care of those who throw rockets on civilians.

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 September 2013, 16:25

in case you forgot, it's after a wave of rocket attacks on the bekaa that they went and took out the whackos in quseyr.

Missing peace 15 September 2013, 17:35

LOL... and they are not taking care of the syrian army shelling akkar?
i guess for hezbis people living there are not worth protecting... poor hezbis and people like you....

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 September 2013, 18:08

who says it's the syrian army? what would they be trying to accomplish there? incite hatred against themselves? humm.. smart! or maybe not.
no matter how much you hate assad, if you have a hint of lucidity you should know that the syrian army and its leadership are smart. why would they fire random shells that achieve NOTHING besides providing new recruits for the rebels?

if you werent such a tool and had more brains then an alqaeda cheerleader, you'd realize it's much more likely that these are from the rebels who are just trying to incite people in akkar to come help them, or punishing those who stayed home instead of dying for them.

Missing peace 15 September 2013, 18:47

good mowaten... seems you know things better than anyone else...

despite what reports say, despite what the residents say, you know better! good boy you are!

of course in no way would the friendly syrian army bomb lebanon! how brainwash you can be....

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 September 2013, 19:31

what residents say? are you kidding me? like when the shells fall they know who fired them tens of kilometers away? who are you trying to fool? take a hike man.

Missing peace 15 September 2013, 01:01

poor wolf... so pathetic in your ignorance... pity you

Missing samiam 15 September 2013, 06:29

pathetic wolf

ANY country that violates our sovereinty should be critisized. If israel were chasing some hizb iran terrorists across the border, you would be one of the first that would object, but since this is syria, you turn a blind eye.

simply disgusting behavior by you and your m8 cohorts. WRONG IS WRONG. figure that out and maybe this country can head in the right direction.

Thumb general_puppet 15 September 2013, 08:13

Wolfie you are loosing your mind... are you looking to get banned again.