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Huge Bush Fire in Baabda District Threatens Houses

A bush fire driven by hot winds in the Baabda district forced the evacuation of residents and students on Monday as firefighters struggled to control the blaze.

The fire, which started at around 8:00 am in Betshay, sent smoke billowing into Baabda's sky.

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Dialogue Session Scheduled for Monday, Suleiman to Deliver 2 'Important' Speeches This Weekend

Rival political leaders are scheduled to convene at Baabda Palace on Monday to resume national dialogue sessions, as President Michel Suleiman is expected to deliver two “important” speeches on the weekend.

Al-Joumhouria daily revealed on Thursday that Suleiman informed Prime Minister Tammam Salam during a Wednesday meeting that he is planning on sending the invitations for the dialogue session, which will take place at 11:00 am on Monday.

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Mazloum Reiterates Bkirki's Support for 'All-Embracing' Government

Bishop Samir Mazloum denied claims of tensions between the Maronite patriarchate and President Michel Suleiman, reported the Kuwaiti daily al-Seyassah on Sunday.

He reiterated to the daily Bkirki's support for the formation of an “all-embracing” government.

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Report: Suleiman Knows Lebanon Cannot Tolerate De Facto Cabinet

Claims that efforts are being made to form a de factor government are nothing but speculation, reported al-Joumhouria newspaper on Saturday.

Baabda Palace sources told the daily that President Michel Suleiman “knows that he cannot form such a cabinet because Lebanon cannot tolerate it.”

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Suleiman to Stress Lebanese Values during Unveiling of Busts of Past Presidents at Baabda

President Michel Suleiman is expected to make a speech on Saturday during the unveiling of the busts of the 12 Lebanese presidents that have ruled the country since its independence in 1943, reported al-Joumhouria newspaper on Saturday.

The daily said that the president will retain the “firm tone” that marked his recent speeches.

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17 Charged with Firing Rockets at Baabda, Dahieh

A number of suspects were charged on Monday in the case of firing rockets at Baabda and Beirut's southern suburbs of Dahieh.

Military Examining Magistrate Fadi Sawwan charged 17 arrested suspects in the case.

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Salam Hopes Politicians Would Not Put Red Lines for Cabinet

Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam hoped on Saturday that Lebanon's political parties would not set red lines to his cabinet formation efforts despite the “pressure” that they are exerting on him.

“I hope there wouldn't be red lines but there is pressure and insistence by everyone,” Salam said following talks with President Michel Suleiman at Baabda Palace.

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Top Officials to Discuss Refugees Report ahead of New York Support Group Meet

President Michel Suleiman is scheduled to head a meeting of the Lebanese delegation that will travel to New York to agree on an official report on Lebanon's needs to confront the huge Syria refugee influx.

Al-Joumhouria newspaper quoted informed sources as saying Tuesday that the Baabda palace meeting is aimed at putting the final touches on the report drafted by the Social Affairs Ministry in coordination with the president's advisers.

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Arrest Warrant Issued against Suspect in Ballouneh Rockets Case

An arrest warrant was issued on Thursday against a suspect over his firing of rockets in the Baabda region on August 1, reported the National News Agency.

Military Examining Magistrate Fadi Sawwan issued an arrest warrant against Jamal Ismail after he was interrogated in the Ballouneh rockets case.

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Arrest Warrants for 5 Syrians, 2 Lebanese Held over Ballouneh, Aramoun Rockets

Military Investigative Judge Fadi Sawwan on Monday interrogated the members of the so-called Ballouneh cell, who had been arrested on charges of firing rockets on Baabda.

The state-run National News Agency identified the Syrian suspects as Mohammed Abdul Jabbar Abdul Karim al-Debs, aka Abi Osama, Mohammed Ismail, Ammar Ismail, Mohammed al-Mdawwar and "Hisham." It identified the Lebanese detainees as Mohammed al-Takwir and Bassam al-Kaaki.

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