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15 Charged for Firing Rockets at Baabda, Beirut's Southern Suburbs

State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr on Wednesday charged 15 suspects, seven of whom are in custody, for firing rockets at Baabda and Beirut's southern suburbs.

The seven suspects include two Lebanese and five Syrians, said the state-run National News Agency.

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Suleiman Hopes Economic Committees Would Make Voices Heard

President Michel Suleiman hoped on Wednesday that parliamentary blocs and political leaders would heed the requests of the Economic Committees and exert efforts to form a new government.

“It is important for blocs and political leaders to hear this scream and be positive in their political work by exerting efforts to form an all-embracing cabinet in which everyone would assume his responsibility,” Suleiman told a visiting delegation of Economic Committees led by Adnan Kassar.

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Salam Meets Suleiman, Eyes National Interest in Cabinet Formation

Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam denied on Wednesday that he will be forming a de facto cabinet, stressing that he supports “a council of ministers that serves the national interest.”

"A cabinet will be formed and everything that has been said in the past few days on the government's formation is not correct,” Salam said after holding talks with President Michel Suleiman at Baabda Palace.

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Geagea Lauds Suleiman's Speech, Slams Hizbullah for 'Launching War' on Lebanon

Lebanese Forces leader Geagea called on Sunday for support to President Michel Suleiman and hinted that the rocket attacks on the Baabda area this week came from a Hizbullah stronghold.

Suleiman's speech on Army Day was “purely constitutional,” Geagea told Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) in an interview.

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Charbel Says Security Situation Improving, Calls for 'Political Understanding' to Confront Attacks

Caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel has warned that rocket attacks and bombings would not stop even if the suspects involved in the latest attacks in Baabda district were arrested but he expressed optimism on the security situation.

In an interview with An Nahar newspaper published on Sunday, Charbel said: “We should arrest the perpetrators.”

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Report: Army Received Information of Probable Assault Hours before Baabda Attack

The army intensified its search for the rocket launchers employed in the attack in the Baabda region on Thursday, reported An Nahar daily Saturday.

A security official told the daily: “Security agencies received information of a possibility of an attack taking place during the day when the army was commemorating Army Day.”

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Jumblat Slams Baabda Attack: Is it a Crime for the President to Defend the Army?

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat condemned on Friday the Baabda rocket attack, wondering if it was a crime for President Michel Suleiman to defend the constitution and Lebanon's “democracy and diversity despite their flaws.”

He asked in a statement: “Is it a crime for the president to pinpoint the difficulties facing the army, most notably the contradiction of the presence of legitimate and illegitimate weapons in Lebanon?”

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Suleiman: Rocket 'Messages' Can Not Change Our National Principles

President Michel Suleiman asserted on Friday that recurrent messages through anonymous rocket attacks on different areas in Lebanon will not change the national principles or convictions.

“No matter who the perpetrators behind the rocket attacks are and no matter what objective they have, these messages will not change our convictions,” said Suleiman in a statement released by the presidential palace.

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Army: Investigations Ongoing to Determine who Fired Baabda Rockets

The army announced on Friday that two 107 mm rockets were fired in the Baabda area on Thursday.

The Army Command said in a statement: “Investigations are ongoing to determine the sources of the fire and uncover the perpetrators.”

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Charbel: Rockets Launched on Baabda are Owned by Many Factions

Caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel shied away on Friday from accusing any party of launching rockets on Baabda district, saying several parties have in their possession such rockets.

“Many factions own similar rockets,” Charbel told Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3).

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