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Jumblat on Letter to Assad Report: I haven't Reached This Level of Political Stupidity

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat denied on Monday reports saying that he sent a letter to Syrian President Bashar Assad, in an attempt to reconsider his current relation with the Damascus regime.

"I haven't reached this level of political dotage and stupidity,” Jumblat told the PSP-affiliated al-Anbaa website.

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Assad Says Syria to 'Comply' with U.N. Chemical Arms Resolution

Damascus "will comply" with a U.N. Security Council resolution ordering the destruction of the country's chemical arsenal, President Bashar Assad said in remarks published by state news agency SANA.

"Of course we will comply with it, and history proves that we have always honored all treaties we have signed," Assad said during an interview with Italian broadcaster Rai News 24, whose content was published by SANA.

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Assad Says Syria Committed to Chemical Weapons Deal

Syria is committed to the convention against chemical weapons it signed under a U.S.-Russian deal and sees "no obstacles" to its implementation, President Bashar Assad said in an interview broadcast Thursday.

Speaking to Venezuela's Telesur, the Syrian leader insisted that his regime was complying with a deal under which Damascus will turn over its chemical weapons for destruction.

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Assad Denies his Forces Conducted Chemical Attack, Says Syria Attacked by Qaida

Syrian President Bashar Assad said a United Nations report finding "clear and convincing evidence" that sarin nerve gas was used in Syria painted an "unrealistic" account, and he denied his government orchestrated the attack.

In an interview with Fox News Channel conducted in the Syrian capital of Damascus and aired Wednesday,Assad said terrorists were to blame for the chemical attack, which the U.S. says killed more than 1,400 people, including hundreds of children. He said evidence that terrorist groups have used sarin gas has been turned over to Russia and that Russia, through one of its satellites, has evidence that the rockets in the Aug. 21 attack were launched from another area.

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Assad Says U.S. Must Stop 'Threats, Arming Rebels' for Chem Weapons Plan to Work

President Bashar Assad said Thursday Washington must stop arming rebels and stop threatening military force if it wanted a plan for Syria to hand over chemical weapons to work.

"When we see that the United States truly desires stability in our region and stops threatening and seeking to invade, as well as stops arms supplies to terrorists then we can believe that we can follow through with the necessary processes," he told Russian television, adding that Washington should dispense with the "politics of threats."

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SANA: Syria Baath Party in 'Permanent Session' over Strike Fears

The leadership of Syria's ruling Baath party will go into "permanent session" starting Saturday, Syria state news agency SANA said, as Washington weighs military action against Damascus.

"The national leadership of the Arab Socialist Baath party discussed with other Syrian parties the latest developments in light of threats to launch an attack against Syria," SANA reported.

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Assad Sends Congratulations to N. Korea's Kim

Syrian President Bashar Assad has sent a message of congratulations to North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un as the communist country marks its 65th anniversary, state media said Friday.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said Kim had received the message from Assad Thursday.

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Report: Hizbullah Official Says Assad Made Big Mistake by Using Chemical Weapons

German intelligence said Tuesday that spying on a conversation between a Hizbullah member and an Iranian diplomat provided “an additional clue” that proves Syrian President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons in the August 21 attacks.

"The intelligence agency (BND) intercepted a phone conversation between a high-ranking Hizbullah member and the Iranian embassy and in which the Hizbullah official seems to admit chemicals were used,” a report by Der Spiegel magazine said.

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Assad Warns of 'Regional War' if West Takes Military Action

Syrian leader Bashar Assad warned Monday that Western military strikes would risk igniting a "regional war" in the "powder keg" of the Middle East, in an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro.

He also said France would face "repercussions" if it took part in U.S.-led plans for military action in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack by Assad's regime last month.

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Assad Says Syria Can Confront 'Any External Aggression', Iran Warns U.S.

Syrian President Bashar Assad remained defiant Sunday after his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama decided to seek congressional approval for a military strike, reiterating his country was ready for any intervention.

"Syria... is capable of facing up to any external aggression just as it faces up to internal aggression every day, in the form of terrorist groups and those who support them," he said in comments carried by state news agency SANA.

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