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Dying Guatemala Lake Underlines Climate Change Threat

The dried-out oyster shells lie on a landscape parched and cracked by the sun.

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U.S. to Arctic: Trump Will Put America First on Climate

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned the governments and peoples of the Arctic on Thursday that President Donald Trump will put America first when it comes to climate change.

Representatives from the eight nations with territory in the great white north and the indigenous peoples who make their homes there had come to Alaska looking for reassurance.

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Tunnel Collapse at U.S. Nuclear Site Raises Safety Concerns

The collapse of a tunnel at the most contaminated nuclear waste site in the United States has raised safety concerns at such facilities described by some as ticking time bombs.

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First Tropical Storm of 2017 Breaks Record as Eastern Pacific's Earliest

The first tropical storm of 2017 went down in the record books as the earliest named storm formation in the eastern Pacific Ocean, according to the National Hurricane Center.

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Trump Delays Decision on Paris Climate Deal

The White House said Tuesday that Donald Trump will not decide on future U.S. participation in the Paris climate accord before he returns from a trip to the Middle East and Europe later this month.

"The president has been meeting with his team for quite a while on this matter and he will not be making an announcement regarding that agreement until after he returns from the G7," said Sean Spicer.

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Climate Envoys Meet in Bonn, But All Eyes on Washington

Climate negotiators return for talks in Bonn Tuesday under the cloud of Donald Trump's threats to pull America from the hard-fought Paris Agreement, as the president prepares to hold a special meeting to discuss US participation.

After months of uncertainty, the US president appeared closer to a decision on whether he intends to keep a campaign promise to withdraw Washington from the climate-rescue pact, whose practicalities are being haggled over during UN talks in Bonn.  

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More Troops Deployed as Canada Braces for Worse Flooding

With heavy rains persisting and waters still rising over much of waterlogged eastern Canada, the nation's military on Sunday tripled the number of troops urgently working to evacuate thousands of residents.

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Climate Talks Open in Bonn, With All Eyes on Washington

Uncertainty over America's future in the climate-rescue Paris Agreement loomed large over UN talks that opened in Bonn Monday to work out the nuts and bolts of implementing the hard-fought international deal.

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France Bans Captive Breeding of Dolphins, Killer Whales

France on Saturday banned the breeding in captivity of dolphins and killer whales under tighter rules that campaigners hope will eventually herald the end of shows involving the animals.

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Trump Anti-Climate Ghost Hangs over UN Meeting

For the first time since Donald Trump's ascent to the White House, UN negotiators gather next week to draft rules to take forward the climate-rescue Paris Agreement he has threatened to abandon.

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