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Study: Polar Bear Numbers to Plunge a Third as Sea Ice Melts

Polar bear numbers could drop a third by mid-century, according to the first systematic assessment, released Wednesday, of how dwindling Arctic sea ice affects the world's largest bear.

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U.S. Authorities to Re-Route Controversial North Dakota Pipeline after Protests

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Sunday nixed plans for a controversial oil pipeline crossing in North Dakota, a major victory for Native Americans and environmentalists who had staged months of protests.

The pipeline had been set to cross under the Missouri River and man-made Lake Oahe, which are drinking water sources for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

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WTO Seeks Trade Deal on 'Green' Products

The heavyweights of world trade, including the United States, China and Japan, meet in Geneva this weekend to establish a list of environmentally friendly products for which tariffs can be eliminated or reduced.

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World Cities Seek $375 bn to Fight Climate Change

The world's big cities will need $375 billion of investment to curb climate change, a large gathering of mayors heard in Mexico on Thursday.

"It is a lot, but there is no other option. Together we will seek that money," said the new president of the C40 network of big cities, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

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How Four Cities Wrestle with Climate Challenge

Fighting climate change means different things in different cities, as this snapshot illustrates:

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Trafficked Chimp Leaves Iraq for New Kenya Home

A young chimpanzee smuggled across Syria to northern Iraq three years ago was on his way to a sanctuary in Kenya Wednesday after three years in a private zoo.

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Storm Blocks Arz Road with Snow, Causes Damage in Tripoli

The Arz-Ainata road was blocked by snow on Wednesday as the northern city of Tripoli witnessed material damage with the arrival of this season's first storm.

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EU Unveils Plans to Boost 'Clean Energy' Use

The EU on Wednesday unveiled "clean energy" plans to boost renewable use, cut waste and reduce subsidies for coal power in a bid to meet its commitments to the Paris climate deal.

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Nuclear Cover Up: Chernobyl's Giant Dome

The new metal dome encasing Ukraine's infamous Chernobyl nuclear power plant contains enough metal to build three Eiffel Towers with a few thousand tonnes to spare.

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Campaigners Say China Risks Wasting $490 Billion on Coal Plants

China could waste as much as half a trillion dollars on unnecessary new coal-fired power stations, a climate campaign group said Monday, arguing the world's top carbon polluter already has more than enough such facilities.

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