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Three Killed in Hermel Suicide Explosion and Al-Nusra Front in Lebanon Claims Responsibility

A suicide attack targeted al-Aytam petrol station in the Bekaa town of Hermel on Saturday evening, killing at least three people and wounding 20 others.

The attack was claimed by the Syrian al-Qaida-linked group, al-Nusra Front in Lebanon.

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ISF Dismisses Reported Gang-Rape of Woman as 'False Rumor'

The Internal Security Forces on Tuesday described a media report claiming that a woman was gang-raped in Akkar as a “false rumor.”

“A rumor has been circulated about a gang-rape of a woman in the Bekaa. After a forensic doctor examined her, it turned out that it was just a false rumor,” the ISF announced on its Twitter page.

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Four Rockets Hit Hermel, No Injuries Reported

Four rockets hit the Bekaa region of Hermel on Friday causing no casualties, the state-run National News Agency reported.

"Three rockets launched from the eastern mountain belt landed in several areas in Hermel,” the NNA said.

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Robbers of Cars Used in Haret Hreik, Hermel Explosions Arrested

Security forces arrested on Tuesday the robber of the car that exploded in the Beirut neighborhood of Haret Hreik, and the person that stole the booby-trapped vehicle that targeted the eastern town of Hermel earlier this month.

"Security forces detained both robbers of the cars used in Tuesday's explosion and in Hermel's blast,” al-Jadeed television reported.

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Video Shows Movement of Hermel's Suicide Bomber ahead of Explosion

The suicide bomber in a booby-trapped Kia Sportage that exploded Thursday in the eastern town of Hermel, a Hizbullah stronghold, was seen in a video cruising the town minutes before the bombing went off near the Serail in the town's main square.

According to a video aired by Hizbullah's al-Manar television on Saturday, the vehicle was spotted passing in the streets of Hermel ahead of the suicide bombing.

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DNA Tests Fail to Reveal Identity of Hermel Suicide Bomber

The findings of a DNA test on a resident of the southern city of Sidon did not match those of the human remains at the bombing in the Bekaa town of al-Hermel, reported the National News Agency on Saturday.

The tests were performed on the mother of Hussien Ghandour did not match those of the remains.

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Eight Killed, 15 Wounded in Syrian Shelling on Arsal

A number of people were killed and wounded on Friday in shelling from the Syrian side of the border against the Bekaa border town of Arsal.

The National News Agency reported that seven people were killed and 15 wounded in the attack.

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U.S. Urges 'Restraint, Thorough Investigation' after Hermel Blast

The U.S. embassy in Lebanon on Thursday condemned the “terrorist bombing” that rocked the Bekaa town of Hermel, urging all parties to exercise restraint and calling for “a thorough investigation.”

“The United States condemns today’s terrorist bombing in Hermel. We extend our condolences to the victims and their families,” the embassy said in a statement.

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Plumbly Condemns Hermel Bombing, Urges Lebanese to Exercise Restraint

United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly, strongly condemned on Thursday the car bombing in the northeastern Bekaa region of Hermel, extending his condolences to the families of the victims.

While aware of the pain and anger generated by such violence, he urged all Lebanese to exercise restraint, his press office said in a statement.

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Car Bomb Kills 3, Hurts Dozens in Hermel, 'al-Nusra in Lebanon' Claims Attack

A car bombing targeted on Thursday the eastern town of Hermel, a Hizbullah stronghold, killing at least three people and wounding more than 26, in an attack claimed by an apparent al-Nusra Front offshoot.

The explosion ripped through Hermel's main square where the Serail is located. Hermel is a predominantly Shiite town and lies near the Lebanon-Syria border.

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