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Hizbullah Urges Non-Cooperation with STL, Says Bellemare’s Requests Contradict with Protocol

Loyalty to the Resistance bloc leader MP Mohammed Raad urged Lebanese leaders on Friday not to cooperate with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, saying Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare’s requests contradict with the cooperation protocol signed between Lebanon and the tribunal.

During a press conference he held at the parliament building, the Hizbullah lawmaker said Bellemare’s requests from four caretaker ministers for information and documents came seven years after ex-Premier Rafik Hariri’s assassination and amid turmoil in the Arab world.

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Raad: Officials Should Mobilize Efforts to Explore Oil

Head of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Mohammed Raad said Lebanese officials should mobilize all efforts to start exploration of gas fields in Lebanese territorial waters.

"History will not have mercy on those procrastinating to explore national wealth," Raad told As Safir newspaper in remarks published Thursday. "Future generations will judge this procrastination."

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Hobeish to Raad: We Don't Know if Indictments are Based on Telecoms Evidence

Mustaqbal MPs Samir Jisr and Hadi Hobeish on Thursday held a joint press conference in response to remarks by head of Hizbullah's parliamentary bloc Mohammed Raad on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

"We have no idea whether the indictments are based on telecommunications evidence," Hobeish told Raad.

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Raad: Hizbullah Willing to Compromise on False Witnesses' Issue

Head of Hizbullah's Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc MP Mohammed Raad said Hizbullah was willing to compromise on the false witnesses' issue, but warned that Hizbullah is a "red line that cannot be bypassed."

He confirmed the existence of a "plan for a solution" being mulled by Syria and Saudi Arabia to find a way out of the Lebanon crisis.

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Raad Denies he Had Placed a 3-4-Day Deadline to End Crisis

The head of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Mohammad Raad denied on Sunday media reports that had quoted him as saying that he had given a three or four-day deadline for the Saudi-Syrian initiative to yield results.

He said in a statement that the reports were “inaccurate”.

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Raad says STL Violation of Constitution, Accuses UN Investigators of Procrastination

Hizbullah MP Mohammed Raad on Wednesday said the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is a violation of the Lebanese Constitution and accused U.N. investigators of procrastination.

He said some the concerns raised by Hizbullah to the U.N. Hariri investigation committee during a March 2010 meeting were not answered.

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Raad to Clarify Hizbullah’s Constitutional View, March 8 Rejects Attempts to Thwart Cabinet Session on False Witnesses

Hizbullah MP Mohammed Raad will hold a press conference at 10:30am Wednesday to discuss the upcoming indictment of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

Sources close to Hizbullah told An Nahar daily that Raad will unveil the party’s “constitutional vision” about the tribunal.

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Raad Calls for Serious Efforts to Help Saudi-Syrian Initiative Succeed

Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Mohammed Raad has called for serious efforts to help the regional Saudi-Syrian initiative on Lebanon to succeed.

In remarks to As Safir newspaper, Raad said: “At a time when the Saudi-Syrian initiative is becoming more active to settle the crisis, this stage requires serious efforts to help the regional effort.”

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