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Hizbullah Condemns Decision to Release Four 'Israeli Agents'

Hizbullah criticized on Saturday military tribunal judge Alice Shabtini’s decision to release six convicted Israeli spies, questioning her motives and deeming the incident as a dangerous development, reported the daily An Nahar on Sunday.

The Hizbullah-backed al-Manar television station reported: “This is a dangerous precedent seeing as the accused only served a little more than a month of their 5 to 10-year sentences.”

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Qassem: Lebanon Cannot Exist without the Resistance

Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed on Tuesday that the equation of the army, people, and resistance has granted Lebanon its stability.

He said during a Ashuora sermon: “The Resistance is no longer an element in Lebanon, but one of its major components.”

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March 14: We Will Consider Govt. as ‘Collapsed’ Should it Reject Funding STL

The March 14 General Secretariat slammed on Wednesday Hizbullah’s recent positions, accusing it of acting as the sole authority on state decisions and the constitution due to its positions on the funding of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

It said in a statement after its weekly meeting: “We will consider the government as collapsed should it reject the funding of the tribunal.”

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Miqati Denies Resignation Over STL Funding as Cabinet Gears up to Discuss State Budget

Premier Najib Miqati’s sources have shrugged off rumors that he would quit, telling Beirut dailies on Monday that the government will continue to work after it succeeded in guaranteeing stability.

“All the information (about the resignation) is just wishes and attempts to create a tumult,” the sources said.

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Qassem: We Will Resort to Vote if Govt. Fails Reach Agreement on Complex Issues

Hizbullah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem stated on Sunday that all government factions agreed to discuss matters with complete freedom, with each side respecting the other’s views.

He said: “However, we have not yet reached an agreement over the complicated issues and if we don’t reach one, then will resort to a vote.”

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Qassem: March 14 Actions Serve U.S.-Israeli Project

Hizbullah deputy leader Sheikh Naim Qassem accused the March 14 forces on Tuesday of acting in a way that serves the U.S.-Israeli project.

“I don’t like to mention much what the March 14 group is doing as a conspiracy,” Qassem told Iran’s Fars news agency. “But it acts in a way that whether willingly or unwillingly serves the Israeli-American project.”

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Qassem: Hizbullah Won’t Be Dragged into Strife No Matter How Hard They Try

Hizbullah deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stated on Wednesday that the Mustaqbal movement and the March 14 camp are experiencing a period of low morale over former Premier Saad Hariri’s presence abroad, their failure in tackling social, economic, and political affairs, and the withdrawal of a number of officials from the camp’s ranks.

He said: “Their failures have forced them to point blame at other sides and this strategy will in turn backfire against them and lead to more losses within their ranks.”

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Qassem: Resistance Will Pursue its Project, Ignoring Protests against it

Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem accused on Sunday the Mustaqbal movement of being a militia, saying that it does not want to recognize Lebanon as a country of diverse sects.

He said during an iftar in the city of Baalbek: “The Mustaqbal party has not taken into consideration the situation in Lebanon and it believes that it has the right to monopolize the premiership.”

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Qassem Advises Opposition Not to Waste its Time

Hizbullah deputy leader Sheikh Naim Qassem has advised some Lebanese parties to put Lebanon’s interest before any other interest and work to solve the daily problems of the people rather than betting on the Shiite party’s downfall.

In an interview with As Safir daily published Monday, Qassem said: “Lebanon’s interest should be put before other personal interests and before the logic of farms and different foreign guardianships.”

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Abused Lebanese Women also Victims of Legal System

It was only a few months after their wedding in Lebanon that Suha's husband began what would be eight years of brutal beatings that left her bruised, bleeding and all but broken.

But two years ago, she decided to take matters -- and her three children -- into her own hands, in a country that has yet to pass a bill criminalizing domestic abuse and marital rape and where women are banned from granting their children citizenship.

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