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Spanish Experts Discover Rare Van Dyck

Experts at a Spanish museum have revealed a previously unknown work by the 17th century Flemish master Anthony van Dyck, a Spanish newspaper said Thursday.

"The Virgin and Child" depicts the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus in her arms watched by Mary Magdalene, King David and the Prodigal Son.

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Spain’s FM: Miqati Committed to International Obligations

Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez has said that Premier-designate Najib Miqati’s government would remain committed to Lebanon’s international obligations.

“My meeting with Miqati was fruitful … He wants to form (the cabinet) in a few days but he is seeking to include in it all forces and the biggest number of political factions in Lebanon,” Jimenez said during a press conference at Bustros Palace on Wednesday night.

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Spanish Foreign Minister Arrives in Beirut: We Don’t Fear Israeli Strike in South as Situation is Stable

Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez arrived in Beirut Wednesday afternoon from Amman as part of a tour of the region.

She said upon her arrival: “Spain has and still supports the peace process in the region.”

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Spain Says Libya Military Intervention Must Be 'Last Resort'

Any military intervention in Libya should be the "last resort" and with the approval of the United Nations, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said Tuesday.

"Before any possible intervention in Libya, we must note the principles to follow, firstly the (approval of the U.N.) Security Council," he said.

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Spain Detains Four ETA Suspects and Seizes Explosives

Spanish police arrested four suspected members of an ETA bombing cell in a night raid Tuesday and seized 180 kilograms of explosives, an anti-terrorist source and media said.

Police swooped against armed Basque separatist group ETA in the early hours in Vizcaya, northern Spain, and arrested the four, said an anti-terrorist source who spoke on condition of not being named.

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5 Spanish Soldiers Preparing for UNIFIL Mission Killed in Accidental Blast

A powerful explosion at a Spanish military academy killed five soldiers and wounded three others on Thursday when a bomb disposal drill went awry, the Defense Ministry said.

Soldiers getting ready to deploy as peacekeepers with the U.N. mission in south Lebanon were carrying out an exercise involving a controlled detonation of anti-tank mines when the ordnance exploded before the soldiers could move a safe distance away, a ministry official.

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Peres Says Israel Aspires to Lasting Peace with Syria, Lebanon

Israeli President Shimon Peres has said the anti-government protests sweeping the Arab world that have toppled the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt are an "opportunity for peace" in the Middle East.

"We believe that the biggest guarantee of peace is having democracy in our neighbors. We are happy to witness this democratic revolution which is taking place in the Arab world," he said in an address to the Spanish parliament on Tuesday.

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Peres: Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah Will be Toppled by Own People

Israeli President Shimon Peres has said Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah would be overthrown by their own people.

Peres made the remark on Monday at the headquarters of the Jewish community in Spain.

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Iberia Airliner Evacuated in Chile after Bomb Threat

Chilean authorities evacuated passengers and crew from an Iberia airline flight to Madrid, Spain, following a bomb threat Sunday. Police said later they arrested a Chilean woman in the case.

Authorities said a team from Chile's civil aviation agency searched the airliner and found no explosives.

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Spanish Police Break up 'Voodoo' Prostitution Ring

Spain's police said Thursday they had broken up an international ring that forced women from Africa into street prostitution with constant beatings and voodoo rituals.

Police arrested 17 suspects in cities across Spain, taking the gang apart after one of the prostitutes gave evidence as a protected witness of her ordeal at the hands of the gang.

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