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Yaalon: Jihadists May Have Fired Rockets against Israel to Lure Hizbullah into Conflict

Israel stated on Monday that jihadists seeking to spark a conflict between Hizbullah and Israel may have been behind Sunday's firing of rockets against the Jewish state from southern Lebanon.

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said that the rocket attack may have been aimed at luring Hizbullah into an a conflict as part of the jihadists' war against the party.

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3 Indonesian UNIFIL Troops Hurt as Jeep Overturns Due to Storm

Three Indonesian peacekeepers with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) were injured Friday in a traffic accident in southern Lebanon.

The troops were wounded “when their military jeep overturned during a routine patrol on the Kfar Kila-Adaisseh road due to rain and bad weather,” state-run National News Agency reported.

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New Italian Warship Joins UNIFIL Navy Fleet

A new Italian warship deployed on Wednesday off the Lebanese coast, joining the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon's naval forces.

The warship, Andrea Doria, was carrying 237 Italian naval peacekeeping troops, the state-run National News Agency reported.

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Israeli Drill near Fatima Gate, Troops Photograph Lebanese Army Posts

The residents of the southern border town of Kfarkila on Friday woke up to the sounds of a major deployment by Israeli vehicles and troops near the Fatima Gate on the Israeli-Lebanese border, state-run National News Agency reported.

“Vehicles took positions on the military road that is adjacent to the border fence from the town of Adaisseh up to the outskirts of the Khiyam Plain,” NNA said.

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Three Lebanese Sentenced to Life in Prison over Attacks against UNIFIL

The military court on Wednesday sentenced in absentia three Lebanese nationals to life in prison over their involvement in attacks against the UNIFIL troops in southern Lebanon.

Mohammed Zayyat, Samer al-Reech and Mahmoud Derbass were convicted of attacking U.N. peacekeeping troops and were given life in prison with hard labor.

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Serra Meets Miqati, Says UNIFIL, Army 'Partnership' Is Basis for Troops' Success

UNIFIL commander Maj.-Gen. Paolo Serra stated on Saturday that the “strategic partnership” between the Lebanese Armed Forces and the United Nations' peacekeeping troops is “the mainstay for the success of the soldiers' mission on ground.”

"I value the strong partnership between the army and the UNIFIL despite the challenges the country is facing,” Serra said in a released statement after meeting with caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati.

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Army, UNIFIL Go on Alert as Israel Tries to Enter Disputed Area in Adaisseh

An Israeli force on Tuesday attempted to open the metal gate between the Misgav Am settlement and the eastern entrance of the southern town of Adaisseh with the aim of conducting repair works in an area disputed by Lebanon, the Lebanese National News Agency reported.

The Israeli army brought a bulldozer amid “strict security protection from troops and around seven military vehicles,” NNA said, adding that the soldiers opened the gate and sent a tracker dog through it for a period of time before closing it again.

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UNIFIL: Turkey Informed Us on August 6 the Withdrawal of Its Engineering Construction Unit

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon revealed on Friday that Turkish authorities announced on August 6 the withdrawal of their Engineering Construction Unit from South Lebanon.

"The withdrawal will be completed by the first week of September while Turkish troops will continue to serve in the UNIFIL Maritime Task Force,” UNIFIL Spokesperson Andrea Tenenti said.

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UNIFIL Vows to 'Accurately Define' Labbouneh Incident

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon vowed on Friday to “accurately define the nature” of the latest Israeli incursion in the southern town of al-Labbouneh and prevent future violations of the border.

"Due to the seriousness of the situation, it is very important for the UNIFIL to uncover what happened on Wednesday,” UNIFIL Force Commander Major General Paolo Serra said.

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Hizbullah Official on UNIFIL: People Won't Accept Troops Living among Them, Calling Them Terrorists

A Hizbullah official has announced that southerners will not accept to have U.N. peacekeepers among them who label them as "terrorists," in the wake of the European Union's decision to put the party's armed wing on its list of "terrorist" organizations.

“People are not going to accept you living among them and calling them terrorists,” a Hizbullah official said in an interview with the British newspaper the Financial Times.

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