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Failed Kidnapping Attempt in Zahle as Victim's Car Gets Stuck in Mud

Several men set a Lebanese woman free in the outskirts of the eastern town of Forzol shortly after abducting her and contacting her husband for ransom, the National News Agency reported on Monday.

NNA said Fadi Fathallah received a phone call from his wife Mary Abdullah, 43, informing him that her kidnappers left her there after her car got stuck in mud, and escaped to an unknown location.

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3 Zahle Inmates Hospitalized for Self-Harm

Three prisoners were hospitalized in the eastern city of Zahle for self-harm with sharp objects, the state-run National News Agency reported on Friday.

NNA said the three inmates, who were jailed on drug charges in the Zahle prison, were transferred to the Justice Palace jail after a guard heard them hitting on the wall on Thursday night .

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Zahle Set for General Strike to Press for Release of Abducted Man as Kidnappings Intensify across Lebanon

The eastern city of Zahle is set to hold on Thursday a general strike to protest the unknown fate of Fouad Daoud, who was kidnapped last week by unknown assailants.

A meeting held on Tuesday at the Bishopric of Our Lady of Deliverance in Zahle called for the general strike and for a sit-in near the city's Grand Serail.

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Qortbawi: Justice Ministry Placing Final Touches to Body Aimed at Uncovering Fate of Missing Lebanese

Justice Minister Shakib Qortbawi revealed that the ministry is placing the finishing touches to the draft project to form the independent national body to uncover the fate of Lebanese missing persons, reported the daily An Nahar on Wednesday.

He told the daily that the project should be handed over to cabinet before the end of the week after taking into consideration the remarks of the state’s Shura council.

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Two Killed, Four Wounded in Family Dispute in Bekaa

Two people were killed on Friday in a family dispute in the town of Saida near the city of Zahle in the Bekaa.

The ongoing clash broke out between the Bedouin families of Au Jabal and al-Loues.

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Rape and Robbery on Zahle Highway

Two men raped a 32-year-old Lebanese woman in the eastern city of Zahle after assaulting her male companion and stealing LL1.5 million from them, the National News Agency reported Thursday.

NNA said that four men in a BMW with tinted windows intercepted the victims identified with their initials as K.T., 32, and J.D., who were in their Toyota on the Zahle highway, at around 1:30 am.

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Six Injured in Zahleh Traffic Accidents

Six people were wounded on Friday in two separate traffic accidents in Zahleh, reported the National News Agency on Saturday.

Two people were wounded in the first accident, which took place at the Zahleh Boulevard when a Mercedes crashed into a red Golf Volkswagen causing it to overturn on the road and resulting in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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Assailant Held, Freed after Pointing Gun at Marouni Convoy

Security forces arrested on Sunday a man after he pointed his gun at the convoy of MP Elie Marouni near the Phalange party offices in the eastern city of Zahle, the National News Agency reported.

NNA later reported that the man, Dr. Pierre Hilal, was in a white Honda when he pointed the gun at the convoy after it reached the party’s offices near the Central Bank. The security forces immediately dispatched patrols to the area and arrested the assailant, NNA added.

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Syrian Teens Released after 36 Hours of Captivity

The security forces succeeded on Tuesday in releasing the two Syrian teenagers who were kidnapped on Monday, reported the National News Agency.

They were released after the kidnappers received $1 million in ransom, reported Voice of Lebanon radio.

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Gunmen Kidnap 2 Syrian Teens in Zahle, Army Raids Brital

Two Syrian teenagers were kidnapped from their home in the area of Karak near the eastern city of Zahle at dawn Monday, their mother claimed.

Jumana Izzeddine, a Syrian national, told security forces that several armed men broke into her house and kidnapped her sons Baraa, 16 and 14-year-old Ali.

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