"حزب الله" دان تفجيرات إدلب: ليست عمل معارضة تريد مصلحة البلد وأهله

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شجب "حزب الله" "التفجيرين" اللذين استهدفا مدينة إدلب السورية أمس الإثنين معتبرا انه "لا يمكن أن تكون عمل معارضة سياسية تريد مصلحة البلد وأهله".

ووضع الحزب في بيان عضر الثلاثاء التفجيرين "في سياق استهداف تدميري تخريبي يعمل للقضاء على أي فرصة لإنجاز حل ينقذ سوريا من الأزمة الحالية".

ووقعت ثلاثة انفجارات في ادلب في شمال غرب سوريا استهدفت مقرين امنيين وحيا واسفرت عن مقتل عشرين شخصا على الاقل وجرحى غالبيتهم من عناصر الأمن.

وشدد على أن هذه التفجيرات التي زرعت الموت والدمار في المدينة السورية المسالمة والتي تبحث عن الأمن والاستقرار "لا يمكن أن تكون عمل معارضة سياسية تريد مصلحة البلد وأهله، وإنما هي تفجيرات إجرامية تهدف إلى زعزعة الاستقرار وتوتير الأجواء بما يسمح باستكمال تنفيذ المؤامرة التي تستهدف سوريا والمنطقة".

وإذ دان "هذه الجريمة المزدوجة البشعة" رأى "في هذه الممارسات الإجرامية المتواصلة دليلا جديدا على انخراط قوى دولية وإقليمية ـ وللأسف عربية ـ في مشروع محاربة سوريا ونهجها المقاوم عبر استهداف المدنيين في كل مكان من سوريا".

وختم "حزب الله" بدعوة "الشعب السوري إلى التكاتف والتعاضد لمواجهة هذه المؤامرة وإلى الوقوف صفا واحدا مع القيادة السورية من أجل السير بالبلاد على طريقة استعادة الأمن والإصلاح".

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Default-user-icon Canadian Paul (ضيف) 21:19 ,2012 أيار 01

More than 10,000 people slaughtered, including children and women, yet HizbIran decides to condemn bombings against the security HQ. Their public relations department must have graduated from SaaSaa University.

Missing peace 21:49 ,2012 أيار 01

lol! i thought lebanon had to stay outside the syrian crisis! oh! yes hezbollah is not part of lebanon, they do what they want without any problems as they feel above all the lebanese laws...

Missing peace 21:14 ,2012 أيار 02

good for you if you support the killings of people from their own gvt... it only shows the kind of character you have: supporting a terrorist regime: no wonder you defend so ardently hezbollah which is not part of lebanon otherwise they would respect the laws and the constitution of its country and NOT pledge allegiance to a foreign country instead of their own!

but your support to this regime only shows how extremist you are...

Missing allouchi 22:21 ,2012 أيار 01

Hizb is getting lower and lower by the minute...shame on the Cleric that lies and sides with death.

Thumb bigsami 22:21 ,2012 أيار 01

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones....The audacity of these barbarians to make such comments "bombing part of a destructive, subversive plot aimed at eradicating any chance to reach a solution that would rescue Syria from the current crisis". What did they do to Hariri & Fouad Sinora government not to mention pointing their arms on Lebanese. We also can't forget what they stated in March "Hezbollah planning coup if charged in Hariri murder. Hezbollah chief last week urged Lebanon to halt its cooperation with the inquiry into the 2005 assassination and accused investigators of sending information to Israel." Blah...blah...blah!

Thumb bigsami 16:36 ,2012 أيار 02

Wake up and smell the coffee.....It was your beloved emperor Hassan Nasrallah. I would think you have the capability of web searching to find this very stated fact....that is if your supreme leader Khomeini allows you that freedom to do so. Talking about conditioned sheep....my God!

Thumb bigsami 21:47 ,2012 أيار 02

“At the moment in which Hezbollah feels that the Assad regime is about to fall as a result of social disturbances or foreign military intervention, armed groups under Hezbollah’s command will swiftly deploy and gain control over West and East Beirut with the complete coordination of the Free Patriotic Movement under Michel Aoun. They will claim that these actions were taken in the cause of guarding the resistance and its arms from Lebanese factions. Hezbollah will say that these actions came as a result of confronting these Lebanese factions that were preparing to restrain the Resistance, acting under the coordination of foreign entities with the Israel at their head, who will exploit the fall of the Syrian regime by attacking Hezbollah from the southern front.”

Default-user-icon Gabby (ضيف) 23:24 ,2012 أيار 01

Who says these "terrorist acts" weren't done by ASSad or even the Hezz to aid ASSad? Oh by the way who raped Beirut in 2008 and started the war in 2006?

Missing realist 05:01 ,2012 أيار 02

But I guess destroying Hums neighborhoods and expelling half its people is 7alal and business as usual Mr. Nasralah? You sound just like israel when it accuses the palestenians of being terrorists. The broken record of 'resistance' has become the equivalent of evil, inhumanity and total hypocrisy. How can you call a regime that spreads all its tanks across all of Syria a resistance?? the safest place in Syria is the GOLAN, sti7u 3ala damkun.

Missing realist 05:02 ,2012 أيار 02

The Syrian people have 'closed ranks' and decided to make you an official enemy hizbustan lol.

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (ضيف) 09:58 ,2012 أيار 02

tyrants could be by arms or could be by money
all tyrants should go down the drain
democracy now for all arab countries including gulf countries
democracy for our lebanese political parties

Thumb shab 11:29 ,2012 أيار 02

Again proof, what a filthy Persian militia

Missing mohammad_ca 15:28 ,2012 أيار 02

Interesting how when hizbocrap and their allies are implicated in a crime in Lebanon they say "let's wait for the investigation!!!" but not when they want to blame their opposition of course. Also, since when was Idlib a "peaceful" city it's been under ASSad bombardment for months now!!!