Israeli Website Says Mustafa Badreddine Is Hizbullah's New Military Commander

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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An Israeli website that is expert on terrorism revealed on Wednesday the identity of Hizbullah's new military commander, the successor of slain official Imad Mughnieh.

"Mustafa Amin Badreddine assumed his responsibilities as the party's new military commander,” the website, 910, said according to Palestinian news agency SAFA.

Badreddine is one of the party's founders and was the commander of several special operations, according to SAFA.

The website also published never seen pictures of the new military commander.

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon has accused Badreddine along with 3 other Hizbullah-linked suspects of being involved in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005.

According to the arrest warrant in the murder case, he is accused of planning and overseeing the execution of the assassination.

Badreddine, also known as Sami Issa, was born 1961 and has strong ties with Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Iran.

He is a cousin and the brother-in-law of slain Hizbullah military commander Mughnieh.

He is a member of the Hizbullah’s Shura council and the head of its external operations.

He was arrested and imprisoned in Kuwait in 1983.

In 1990, he managed to escape prison and flee to Iran where the Revolutionary Guard returned him to Beirut.

The 910 website drew its name from the title given to the external operations' cell in Hizbullah, 910, and it strives to gather information on this unit and has also offered financial rewards for those willing to reveal new data about it.

Badreddine, is reportedly in charge of the 910 unit which, according to the website, is also behind the deadly blast in Bulgaria's Burgas.

Five Israeli tourists and their Bulgarian driver were killed in the July 18, 2012 bombing on their tourist bus. The identity of the lone bomber, who also perished, has so far remained a mystery.

The attack was the deadliest on Israelis abroad since 2004 and Israel immediately blamed it on Iran and its "terrorist" proxy Hizbullah, but Bulgarian investigators have however been more cautious. Iran denied involvement.

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Thumb primesuspect 16 October 2013, 18:51

The assassin of our beloved gemayel or hariri got promoted.


Thumb primesuspect 17 October 2013, 00:33

Naharnet picked a nice pic. I hope he'll be the shooting line of a scope and neutralized.

Thumb _mowaten_ 17 October 2013, 08:33

No wonder the STL picked him, high value target for them. But did they really think they could get Hezbollah's military commander so easily?

Thumb _mowaten_ 17 October 2013, 18:57

you and your israeli friends do what you can, anyways you will try, and Hezbollah will do what it can. History will tell.

Thumb Maxx 17 October 2013, 10:48

"He is a cousin and the brother-in-law of slain Hizbullah military commander Mughnieh." Great; more inbred scum to brandish guns at us and kill our democratically elected representatives.

Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 16 October 2013, 18:51

God Bless Sayyed Hassanallah for promoting this hero, this saint, this warrior to the position of Commander In Chief of the combined Lebanese-Resistance Armed Forces. Commander Mustapha and his 910 unit are the core and pillars of our noble resistance. His contributions in the Harriri murder, the battle of Qusayr, and the assassination of Wisam Hassan are immense. His latest successes in Damascus and soon in Kalamoun region in Syria are testimony to his battle hardened experience and perseverance. God Bless this Saint and may the Lord give him many seeds. Karbalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Default-user-icon @rtf (Guest) 16 October 2013, 21:13

hihihi i always like your sectarian commentary rtf, keep it up (:

Thumb primesuspect 16 October 2013, 23:41

U r a fake. Vanish from here immediately

Thumb _mowaten_ 17 October 2013, 08:37

if fakes were to vanish, you and your friends would lose a lot of your accounts primsucepet

Thumb liefighter 17 October 2013, 11:44

good 1 , from me also, RFT

Thumb primesuspect 16 October 2013, 19:03

You forgot KSA/UAE/Qatar/Bahrain/Kuwait/Yemen/turkey/palestine

Thumb primesuspect 16 October 2013, 19:38

U also forgot Americas/Europe and the cilivized world.

Thumb Dr.I.Mughniyeh_theheadless 16 October 2013, 19:45

you also forgot the Borg, Klingons, Ferengi, Romulans.

Thumb Dr.I.Mughniyeh_theheadless 16 October 2013, 20:19

what's that now! Have you been sneaking into Ali Jaafar's hashish warehouse again!?

Default-user-icon gratefulreader (Guest) 16 October 2013, 21:11

thank you naharnet for allowing w.muallem/iceman/rtf/popeye/firetruck/lovetheshah/hornet/casper to maake intelligent content adding much needed value to conversations (((:

Thumb EagleDawn 17 October 2013, 05:52

ungrateful flamethrower:)))

Thumb lebanon_first 16 October 2013, 20:01

Other countries breed nobel prize laureates. We breed Badreddine and nabih berri....

Thumb Dr.I.Mughniyeh_theheadless 16 October 2013, 20:46

Sorry lebanon_first Badreddine and Nabih Berri are inbreds we take no responsibly for that mutating gene pool, what happens in Dahieh stays in Dahieh.

Default-user-icon mrtoplel (Guest) 16 October 2013, 21:06

lol @ israeli propaganda

they know exactly what to do and say in order to flame strife, and naharnet helps them do this ((:

Default-user-icon @anonlebanese (Guest) 16 October 2013, 21:09

israel says they do, and m14 have a strong affinity to israeli propaganda because they've always been and are collaborators with the enemy pseudostate ((:

Thumb haile.selassie. 16 October 2013, 22:00

u people are full of hatred and unreasonable thinking. what makes me laugh more is that you are convinced that Hizbullah killed Hariri and what more funny is that u were convinced even before the stupid fake tribunal got into such conclusion.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 16 October 2013, 22:08

what makes me laugh is that you are convinced the tribunal is fake. seriously, if you are going to tell people that they are thinking unreasonably, at the very least you shouldn't follow it up with an unreasonable thought on the very next statement. BTW- not sure why you are complaining about your "u people" hating someone who is murdering your fellow Lebanese!

Default-user-icon Entertained Guest (Guest) 17 October 2013, 09:53

They don't care for a "Fellow Lebanese" unless it's a member of Hezb. They only care for the "Fellow Iranian!" Khosh amidid!

Thumb primesuspect 16 October 2013, 23:43

¿Do u believe in love after love?

Thumb primesuspect 16 October 2013, 23:42

U speak Italian Tonto?

Thumb primesuspect 16 October 2013, 23:51

Ur M8 goons won't enjoy reading the truth. I can guarantee u this. Expect the redthumb brigade aka 1 lunatic loser to punish u 4 this.

Thumb primesuspect 16 October 2013, 23:59


I swear, such a Loser this person is. Can't get anymore pathetic and pitiful.

Thumb primesuspect 17 October 2013, 00:13

If u do speak Italian, u could get a real job with the unifil instead of getting paid 2 spread hatred here for a few hundred bucks.

Missing VINCENT 17 October 2013, 00:36

So, there is now, and there has been for a while, two outside major Middle Eastern foreign players competing in Lebanon. Rafik Hariri who was directly and intimately connected to and serves the prime interests of KSA in Lebanon even more so than Hasan Nasrallah to Iran. I say that since Nasrallah does not have family connection with Iranian royalty. So, some say killing Hariri would not benefit Iran, Syria and/or H.A. who have Lebanon in a choke hold as opposed to Hariri who was loved by the majority? Now unless, there was a subsequent, contemporaneous, competing, intervening event Hariri did that jeopardized KSA and its ally the U.S., and those who were in control of Beirut at the time of the assassination who thought could kill two birds with one stone by killing Hariri, and logically pointing the fingure towards Syria and H.A. If that was the case, please provide us with something that resembles a 180 turn by Hariri.

Thumb liefighter 17 October 2013, 11:48

Are you Aounist?

Missing VINCENT 17 October 2013, 21:47

Liefighter: Why even ask such a question? People like me believe in the meaningful alliances that we forge, the roads that we pave and the destiny of the "Wattan" for all. We don't follow figureheads whether born out of armies, royalties or religion. Having said that, as far as I am concerned the jury is out on Aoun, and may be it is so since his hands are rather dirty. But than again, whose hands are not?

Thumb primesuspect 17 October 2013, 01:25

He answered u. R u mentally challenged? 1+1=2 can't u figure it out?

Grow a brain inslide

Thumb primesuspect 17 October 2013, 01:55

U r so funny.

The shias did destroy lebanon 's forests to build on them.... Shame.
Tonto, I live in a city that also exist in Spain with a huge football team but in some place in latin america... Prove u have a brain and solve the riddle 4 the sake of fun.

Thumb primesuspect 17 October 2013, 02:06

If u solve it soon, I'll lend u Haile's Ethiopian partner. U'll {study} work 2gether...

Thumb primesuspect 17 October 2013, 02:34

Nope, not from Argentina. + u didn't name my city.

U need 2 get both in order 2 win the special Haide.salad prize. Its a 1 time offer only.

Thumb primesuspect 17 October 2013, 03:22

and a city name?

Thumb primesuspect 17 October 2013, 02:13

There is only 1 race, the human 1. Grow a brain. I was just saying that the shias of lebanon cut all trees and woods 2 build on them. Its the truth... Sorry it hurt u.

Tell me how many trees u counted last time u were in Dahya?

Default-user-icon muhami (Guest) 17 October 2013, 03:08

why should it matter who benefited from the killing of Hariri and How do you prove how they benefited. I assume you want us to say Israel benefited. I don't see how and we can argue about it for a long time. assuming they did benefit, how is that proof that they did it? I mean some man's ex-wife is killed and he benefits by by not having to pay her anymore, but it does not mean he killed her. So I don't get your point. I think you know who did it but you are unable to say it, for many reasons.

Thumb primesuspect 17 October 2013, 03:42

ur words r a waste of oxygen. in ur case it's also a waste of electricity and technology...

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 17 October 2013, 04:32

First. Where did I mention anything about wilayat el faqih? Ever? Second, just because Israel murdered Lebanese that does not mean that HA did not murder fellow Lebanese. So your reply comical. Th

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 17 October 2013, 04:36

Third. I don't need anyone to feed me Anthony for me to recognize when something is real and something is fake all on my own. I bet you are the type of person that grew up thinking wrestling was real and when you turned 25 and realized that it was choreographed you stopped believing anything was real and started believing everything is a conspiracy. Good luck in life sir. You are going to need it.

Thumb shab 17 October 2013, 08:28

Shoot the bastard

Default-user-icon Jamyla (Guest) 17 October 2013, 08:50

Another Israeli Hoax! Only God knows what Israel is plotting now and why they published this picture at this time. "An Israeli Website expert on terrorism" mmmm, seems very suspicious to me. Maybe Israel is planning to assassinate another figure in Lebanon same as the previous assassinations and blame it on Hezbollah. War against Hezbollah did not work, STL blaming Syria for the assassination of Hariri did not work, then blaming Hezbollah, now again blaming Syria, Iran and Hezbollah... soon they might blame Russia (oops hope I didn't reveal too much...). Anything coming from Israeli intelligence or media is non-credible in my opinion.

Missing peace 17 October 2013, 10:35

poor hezbi lovers... who cares about who is the new military commander of hezbis?
he would still be a militiaman under the orders of tehran... hezbis obey iran but do not care about lebanon and hezbis lovers call their opponents traitors or zionists? LOL how hypocrit they are by supporting a militia that OPENLY said they OBEY iran...

if that is not treason then what is it? LOL

Missing peace 17 October 2013, 15:16

" For you all shall not escape the wrath of GOD"

Lol another one knowing what God will do! waw!

Thumb _mowaten_ 17 October 2013, 18:58

wow... you guys are lame, so unbelievably lame.

Thumb kanaanljdid 17 October 2013, 22:46

The guy doesn't look really smart or humble, rather stupid and arrogant. That's how he was very quickly discovered as a Hizbullah operative.

Default-user-icon Zughlaito Beshkambil (Guest) 18 October 2013, 05:31

I saw him the other day on TV while he was paying a getting-to-know-you visit to Field Marshal Fares Soaid of the allied Farts 14 and Sanni First forces.