Hizbullah Says Tripoli Bus Attack 'Very Dangerous,' Calls for Ending Sectarian Incitement

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah considered on Sunday that the attack on workers who hail from the Tripoli neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen is a “very dangerous message,” urging an end to sectarian incitement.

"We condemn the attack on unarmed citizens, and torturing and shooting them in (the northern city of) Tripoli,” the party said in a released statement.

The statement added: “This crime committed by a vengeful group in the city should be condemned by all factions and is a very dangerous message to all Lebanese.”

“This incident indicates what sectarian incitement can lead to.”

Hizbullah called on judicial and security authorities to adopt the necessary measures and punish the assailants to avoid the repetition of such crimes.

"We also urge the wise men of Lebanon and Tripoli to double their efforts and make sure these crimes do not happen again,” it said.

"Sectarian incitement must stop.”

At least six residents from the Tripoli neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen were wounded on Saturday when a van carrying eight passengers came under attack by masked gunmen in the area of al-Tabbaneh near Dar al-Salam school.

The assailants took the passengers at gunpoint to local streets in the area and shot six of them in their feet.

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Missing lebanese4life 03 November 2013, 19:19

Bab al-Tabbaneh criminals should also be unarmed.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 03 November 2013, 20:49

Why stop there? Why not EVERYONE?

Missing voiceofreason 03 November 2013, 19:19

While the attack on the bus is deplorable, and surprisingly reminiscent of the first civil war, the irony and hypocrisy oozing out of this article would be shocking if it wasn't the usual propaganda being spewed from the party on a weekly basis. All one needs to ask is where are these statements after attacks on people of different sects and beliefs? Or even those of a similar sect but with different political beliefs? (i.e. the protester killed in front of the Iranian embassy)

Missing lebanese4life 03 November 2013, 19:23

Seems like you pay attention to what you want. They have gave these statements to others. Ex. Tripoli Bombings. But as I recall when the bomb wen't off in Dahieh killing many, tripoli residents celebrated.

Thumb general_puppet 03 November 2013, 21:04

Hizbullah condemning the bombings and supporting the ones that sent the bombs is a bit hypocritical, don't you think?

Thumb Elemental 03 November 2013, 19:29

Kind of hypocritical don't you think?

Thumb shab 03 November 2013, 19:47

Filthy militia double standard

Missing peace 03 November 2013, 20:00

the most sectarian group talking about sectarianism! what a hypocrisy!

Missing lebanese4life 03 November 2013, 21:24

This sectarian group you are talking about has supporters from all sects. I have never heard them issue a statement talking only about the shia people and for the support of only the shia people. As i recall Hariri's speeches are always to the sunni people. Thats is pretty sectarian.

Missing lebanese4life 03 November 2013, 21:26

One of the biggest supporter General Aoun a Christian with a great amount of followers which are christians

Missing peace 03 November 2013, 21:40

hypocrit hezbi talk is one thing and their actions another... and their actions show how sectarian they are....

Thumb general_puppet 03 November 2013, 20:52

Villager, what kind of mental problem do you have?? It is the Army job to protect the country, Hizbullah is an Iranian militia. In all your stupid comments you keep trying to equate the two, if you have such a great need HA go jump down Nasrallah's hole.

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 01:44

Lebanon needs to be saved from the Iranian militia, Assad and the killers/traitors he left in place. Hizbullah is not the Army or its partner, it is an armed militia payed for and under the orders of the Ayatollah.

Thumb general_puppet 03 November 2013, 20:58

"Sectarian incitement must stop.”... coming from the biggest sectarians of all. Why doesn't the Glorious terrorist party condemn their partner Assad for the bombings in Tripoli.

Thumb general_puppet 03 November 2013, 21:02

Karim, we agree... those Hizbullah terrorists should Zip it, pack up their car bombs and go back to Iran.

Thumb benzona 03 November 2013, 21:59

In order to live in peace, nasrallah and Bachar must die.

Missing patriot10 03 November 2013, 22:32

dobbel standard militia. turn in the suspected killers of the slain rafiq hariri before talking.

everytime hizbshaitan open there mouth they spread more hate and propaganda.
indirect saying sunni is bad

Thumb cedre 04 November 2013, 01:47

HizbIran talking about sectarianism LOL


Default-user-icon KH (Guest) 04 November 2013, 11:11

The irony, Dar Al Salam (house of peace) and all what's happening around it..

Missing helicopter 04 November 2013, 14:44

Hizbullah Says Tripoli Bus Attack 'Very Dangerous,' Calls for Ending Sectarian Incitement...............
To end sectarian incitement you must end all sectarian militias, so go ahead dissolve yourself HA.