Hizbullah on USJ Incident: Those Who Were Politically Defeated are Creating Incitement

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah MP Hassan Fadlallah criticized on Tuesday the politicization of the incident at Universite Saint Joseph at the Huvelin neighborhood in Beirut on Monday.

He said during a press conference: “Those who have been defeated on the political scene are taking out their frustrations and creating incitement through the USJ incident.”

“They will continue to take out their frustrations against Hizbullah and create incitement whenever they suffer regional setbacks,” he said.

“Illusory problems were created at USJ on Monday,” he remarked.

The MP explained that the tensions arose when students where being harassed and prevented from expressing themselves, so they were forced to leave the campus and stage a sit-in outside its doors.

Media reports had said that Hizbullah supporters had surrounded the campus in protest against last week's student elections results.

Phalange MP Sami Gemayel on Monday said that the tensions were sparked after Hizbullah supporters wrote graffiti on the campus praising Habib al-Shartouni, who assassinated former President Bashir Gemayel in 1982.

“The USJ administration denied claims that the university campus was surrounded,” continued Fadlallah.

“Tensions are normal between students and we didn't see the need for political intervention,” he noted

“The tensions were fueled however after political meddling that incited the students against each other,” he added.

“The students are Lebanese. They are not thugs or blind followers as they have been described by some officials,” he said in an indirect reference to MP Sami Gemayel and Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea's respective press conferences on Monday to address the USJ incident.

“Such remarks reveal the political culture of such officials. Is this the culture of mutual coexistence, diversity, and dialogue?” wondered Fadlallah.

“Such remarks are a sign of political fascism, which we reject,” he stressed.

“USJ is not affiliated with any party and no one has the right to claim otherwise,” he declared.

The MP accused officials of political meddling and of seeking to create political and sectarian incitement.

“What does incitement serve?” he asked.

He therefore urged students to reject incitement and avoid dragging political disputes to the classroom.

The incident at USJ on Monday resulted in a standoff between Hizbullah and March 14 camp supporters.

The army and security forces intervened to avoid any escalation and unrest.

Classes at USJ Huvelin on Tuesday have been suspended.

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Missing --karim_m2-- 26 November 2013, 12:28

Gemayel and Geagea barking and barking out of loyalty to their beloved kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

And that is why General Aoun has more MPs in Kesserwen and Metn alone than both of these Saudi subordinate parties have combined, all over Lebanon.

Thumb cedre 26 November 2013, 15:15

everybody knows ksa rules Universite St joseph...

Thumb lebpatriot777 26 November 2013, 12:30

@phillysilly....wow the world doesn't realize the race you descended from was so elite. When your peasant ancestors were imported to Lebanon by Turks, Fadlallahs ancestors were the elite you envy and you speak of. Only they were humble. And before that when your ancestors were mere slaves to the Romans, Faldlallahs ancestors were traders with worldly ships and busy importing the alphabet from India. And now while your kind are supporting cannibals and terrorists, Fadlallah and his kind are expressing patience and perseverance to build a true state. While your leaders are inciting hate, Fadlalah is expressing hope. So why don't you , Philly, lay low buddy and ponder on how to rid Lebanon of cannibals and terrorists that you now support.

Thumb lebpatriot777 26 November 2013, 12:40

@Ala-BinLaden...it's coming darling... I don't want to waste it on you cannibals....hahaha

Missing helicopter 26 November 2013, 21:41

I thought the first alphabet was created by the Phoenicians in Byblos. But then you were talking about your farsi ancestors, I wish you made that clear from the beginning iranpatriot.

Thumb ishteraki 26 November 2013, 12:43

Hassan Fadlallah and his master hassouna are living in an alternate reality or in deep denial , they talk about victories and political victories while the truth is at first threat of military actions syria the great MOUMANE3 and the great MOKAWEM surrender her strategic chemical weapons which was the only equilibrium with israel, then IRAN made a pact with the (great devil)which is now the DIVINE ALLY in which she accepted to let go their nuclear project and accept all the conditions just in return of haveing good relations with the divine ally . then they tell us they won MOMANA3A LOGIC 101

Thumb Mystic 26 November 2013, 16:00

@ishteraki Do you forget that Jumblat is on our side now atm? Incase you didn't know lol. You should probaly change your rhetoric too before its too late :P

Thumb ishteraki 27 November 2013, 07:57

@mystic we are founders in 14 march alongside our allies , and whatever junblat say's he can say its politics , but in hart all PSP are 14 march and dont even think for a second that we will stand with those who are trying to destroy our country for the sake for some guy sitting there in iran thinking himself to be god like (wali al fakih) we will never be a part of this big lie called MOKAWAMA .

Thumb ishteraki 27 November 2013, 07:48

phoenix very very true@

Thumb geha 26 November 2013, 12:46

funny guy :)

Thumb ishteraki 26 November 2013, 12:48

he is really :) they should put him in some entertainment shows so we can laugh on him more :P

Thumb lebpatriot777 26 November 2013, 12:53

Eat you hearts out after you have that heart attack Geha and ishteraki. The victories keep piling up darlings. Hahaha.

Thumb geha 26 November 2013, 15:06

yeah, let us see where you and your Iranian masters will be in the next few months :)

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 November 2013, 18:23

actually geha, you're right, hezbollah is over, even al manar admitted it

Missing helicopter 26 November 2013, 21:44

Have you heard of the high profile hospital patient whose mouthpieces kept on announcing to the press of daily improvements in his health until finally it was announced he died (he died from too much improvement). Somehow I have the feeling that your Iranian Resistance might face a similar fate (die from too many victories).

Default-user-icon Jeffto (Guest) 26 November 2013, 12:55

What an idiot.

Thumb mckinl 26 November 2013, 13:12

I did not hear of any arrests. There was a little spray paint. I didn't see that anyone was seriously injured.

Sounds to me like M14 is desperate to stay relevant when in fact they have become the millstone around Lebanon's neck.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 November 2013, 13:35

wow, i'm surprised the story hasent grown yet to describe a full fledged invasion of the campus by basijs parachuted from iranian drones!

anyone who wants to know the full story read l'orientlejour:
despite the dramatic title it confirms what Fadlallah said: the m8 supporters were being harassed and provoked by m14 supporter after they won. girls wearing veils were attacked, some m8 girls thrown off campus.
nobody saw who tagged the grafiti about chartouni so how can anyone accuse anyone? the "usual suspect" method? how convenient. if we can accuse randomly then i accuse gemayyel of sending his henchmen to do it in the middle of the night, to victimize himself and recycle the marketing of the martyr.

Thumb mckinl 26 November 2013, 13:37

No arrests, no serious injuries, a little spray paint and M14 acts like it was the Nakba ... pathetic ...

Thumb FlameCatcher 26 November 2013, 14:02

It's funny how Hezbollah considers that they have "politically defeated" M14 ... from what us normal, non-brainwashed, Lebanese observe, Hezbollah is the one that was politically defeated.

In fact, every time they speak, they are digging their own graves and are losing their support. Every bomb, they lose more supporters. Every scandal in Syria, every assassination.

They keep making mistake after mistake and consider themselves political winners ?

The student elections itself has shown that they are losing the political battle. They won the elections in previous years and have lost this one.

Hezbollah and Aoun are losing the political game so just shut up and accept your defeat already !

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 November 2013, 14:05

you "normal"!?!?!? hahahahahah! not brainwashed? ROFLMAO, coming from an online propagandist who spends his time posting lies and fabrications it's just too much. thanks for the laugh FC

Thumb FlameCatcher 26 November 2013, 14:23

It's funny how you copy paste my description of you :)

Go play with children... you are incapable of speaking with me ...

Any arguments by the way ? or counter arguments ? Niet ... nothing ... the only thing echoing in your brain is emptiness ... sad ... truly sad !

Thumb FlameCatcher 26 November 2013, 14:04

What's the Saudi way ? please explain ? Do they block streets ? Do they act like animals ?

Do they murder protesters ?

Because I'm not too happy with the Iranian way myself which is unacceptable in a free democracy ...

You're not in a position to give lectures when you behave like animals !

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 November 2013, 14:07

yes they murder protesters, and just fyi they made 40,000 political prisoners in the last two years. just because the saudi-sponsored media are keeping it silent doesnt mean it's not happening.

Thumb FlameCatcher 26 November 2013, 14:07

@Southern : "the army is unable to do the hard job that HA is doing, jihadists are on the borders, watch out , those jihadists may change the pic you wear once here."

1- You're in no position to comment on the army's capabilities when you prevent them from doing their job

2- Your "jihadists" are the product of Bashar el Assad, your weapons and intervention in Syria. They are an EXCUSE you use that does not work for us anymore ... in fact, we have had more HORRORS commited by Hezbollah and the regime you support than the SUM of all other terrorists so stop it with your excuse ! It simply doesn't work ... it might work with your Ghanam but you are losing more and more of them every single day ...

Thumb primesuspect 26 November 2013, 14:15

hezbolla para military terrorist organization must be disarm, and its 'political' wing dismantled. if chia want to be represented they have the mafioso party Amal or the good patriotic Lebanese Option Party!

Default-user-icon Hassanyaroun@gmail.com (Guest) 26 November 2013, 14:15

When you say filthy areas you show you hate .. Hizib accepted the orthodoxy and jaja rejected it .. What have you done for the cristians that are being slaughtered for being cristian .. Hizib is fighting your fight mate .. You should have been a Wahhabi

Missing servant-of-jesus 26 November 2013, 14:28

There is a great divide and a lot of hatred between the two sides of this country. There is a great need for forgiveness, erasing the past, reconciling, and building together a country by all and for all. A country where the president of the republic, the prime minister, the deputes, everyone in the nation, are all under the law and not above it. I dream of a nation where politicians of March 8 will put March 14 above their international alliances and where politicians of March 14 will put March 8 above their international alliances. I dream of a time when we will truly forgive each other all our past crimes and reunite to build a prosperous Lebanon, one where no external forces can manipulate us for their own agendas.

Missing servant-of-jesus 26 November 2013, 14:28

I dream of a nation where we will trust our brothers and sisters in the nation more than we trust empty promises from outside. I dream of a nation where Sunni children play with Shiite children, where Aouni young men defend young men in the Lebanese Forces Party and vice versa, where Maronite, Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical, Sunni, Shiite, Druze, people of all faiths sit together and express their respect and love for their brothers and sisters of different faiths. I dream of when we will one day have a yearly festival called "the Festival of Lebanese unity", where we all join together under one flag and not separate parties.
Yes I dare to dream.

Thumb makhaleh 26 November 2013, 15:02

It seems to me that southern doesnt understand the meaning of jihad very simple it means u fight an army not innocent women and children and u dont blow urself up

Thumb thepatriot 26 November 2013, 15:02

hahaha... Southers blames on on the "Saudis"...LOL!
But its always the same story with you huh!? Saudis, Wahabis, Al Quaeda, Tafkiris, Extraterrestrials, etc... :)

Thumb thepatriot 26 November 2013, 15:11

s of J... we will all sit together and express respect once we are equal... your dream cannot come true when an armed militia holds a country at gun point brother!So let's start from the start...

Thumb FlameCatcher 26 November 2013, 15:30

@Mowaten : yes they murder protesters, and just fyi they made 40,000 political prisoners in the last two years. just because the saudi-sponsored media are keeping it silent doesnt mean it's not happening.

What they do in their own country is none of our business. Hezbollah on the other hand does Iran's work in Lebanon ! This is unacceptable !

Thumb Mystic 26 November 2013, 15:57

Phil you might appear to act Christian, but you are a Saudi Supporter whether you like it or not. You support the same people that beheads Christians in Syria.

Thumb bronco 26 November 2013, 16:14

Well said phoenix

Thumb magnum357 26 November 2013, 16:25

All this yack yack is not gonna get us anywhere.Provocation on a daily basis with no response in kind.Leaders don't talk, they act.These people have become so full of themselves they have forgotten who we are and what we are capable of. They are testing us on a regular basis. The only way to bring them back to their senses and make them understand they are playing with fire, will be a very painful and devastating wake up call.They cut a hand we cut an arm, they step on a foot we step on their head. If its confrontation they want so be it.They are begging for a reminder.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 26 November 2013, 17:24

did I or did I not say they will make themselves the victim here??? Every time these low lives open their mouths, it is an insult to the intelligence of anyone with IQ higher than Forest Gump's!!!! It's either an Israel conspiracy or people playing hot potato with Bomb to settle their dispute over a car sale or now where they didn't surround the U, they just took their protest of a democratic result that did not go their way outside and it was pure coincidence that they happen to protest in a manner that surrounded the U. Seriously, these people have no shame!

Missing helicopter 26 November 2013, 17:29

souther, mowaten, et al.,
HA and Amal are plundering our economy and stole our Democracy .... please have some shame when you post here.

Missing helicopter 26 November 2013, 17:31

HA and Amal are plundering our economy and stole our Democraccy ...... first things first mystic.

Thumb lebnanfirst 26 November 2013, 17:36

No surprises there. Standard bull crap from a Stalinist mindset. Him and his party represent all that true Lebanese abhor. We love life and they espouse death, we crave freedom and they crave death. We have nothing in common with the likes of you so stop lecturing and move yourself and all those who believe like you do to your motherland, Iran.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 November 2013, 17:56

lol FC, that's a very cheap one, i'm not impressed. HA is lebanese whether you like it or not.

Thumb FlameCatcher 26 November 2013, 17:59

@Mowaten : Hezbollah is Lebanese really ? Then why do they only answer to Iran and ignore Lebanese law ?

Why do they only act in the benefit of Iran ?

Answer me this : When did Hezbollah ever do something in the benefit of Lebanon which was not in the benefit of Iran ? When did Hezbollah put Lebanese priorities above those of Iran ? When did Hezbollah ever comply with Lebanese or ORDER from the government ?

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 November 2013, 18:21

hezbollah only ever served lebanese interests, your accusations are hollow.
one example? hezbollah fought for decades to liberate the south of _______ (fill in the blank)

in return, i challenge you to give one example of HA doing something against lebanese interests for iranian interests. hallucinations and hollow accusations (meaning without proof) do not count.

Missing peace 26 November 2013, 19:17

LOL so according to hezbollahlala USJ should be open to all and accept diversity... so why don't you apply the same rules in hadath where hezbis rule the university? LOL

Missing peace 26 November 2013, 19:18

nicely put !

Thumb shab 26 November 2013, 19:22

Filthy militia

Thumb FlameCatcher 26 November 2013, 19:33

Mowaten : "one example of HA doing something against lebanese interests for iranian interests"

- Going to war in syria without asking our permission to fight under the name of Lebanese resistance
- Roadblocks
- Assassinating a protester in front of the iranian embassy
- Killing a helicopter pilot
- war with israel
- smuggling of weapons
- blocking the army access to dahyé for so long
- evading justice
- blocking parliament for 18 months
- sending black shirts and starting a mini civil war
- ruining our economy
- driving tourists away
- driving our youth away

The list goes on but i'm only limited to 1000 characters... I need entire libraries to cite all instances where Hezbollah went against Lebanese interest

Missing gcb1 26 November 2013, 19:43

Been about a year since I've commented on this site, and I still see the same people arguing about the same problems and throwing the same insults.

What I also notice is the same anger of a year ago. You all still support your beloved and sacred politicians, when they haven't done anything to extinguish that anger all Lebanese feel. But you are all too narrow-minded to start wondering why this is the case, reverting to banal and redundant accusations of "it's the other side's fault, because my side is clean".

The system needs change. So long as it stays the same, and so long as you Lebanese are sucked into it and support it, you will stay angry, you will continue to insult, and you will continue to argue over the same issues.

Thumb Bandoul 26 November 2013, 22:37

Let me break it down for you gcb1. There is a group who is armed to the teeth and has his gun pointed at the other group's head. The armed group forces its will and subjugate the other group's will at gunpoint. It is tyranny. We will never be silenced until the gun is removed from our head, then and only then we will know through peaceful democratic means which direction the free people of Lebanon want to take the country in.

Thumb Bandoul 26 November 2013, 22:39

If above is not possible, then khalssouna ba2a and PARTITION PLEASE! They can take their part of the country back to the stone age while we fast forward ours into the future.

Missing gcb1 27 November 2013, 02:57


And you just proved my point about the narrow-mindedness of Lebanese politics. You act like that is the only problem in Lebanon (and I agree that it is a problem), but defining your whole political ideology on that issue alone won't save this country.

What you fail to distinguish is A problem and THE problem. Arms in Lebanon are A problem, one of many - it is not THE problem in Lebanon.

But most of you are too narrow minded to see that.

Missing gcb1 27 November 2013, 03:01

Some may argue that almost all other issues in Lebanon stem from the arms issue....which further validates my narrow-mindedness argument.

I am not sure how the lack of healthy water, 24/7 electricity, medieval telecommunications, crumbling infrastructure, unsustainable public debt, corruption at all levels of government, and lack of a basketball team for goodness sake...ALL these issues stem from the arms issue?

These politicians want to distract you from these real issues to paint a third enemy, because they know if the people decide to address the real, most pertinent issues in this country, the politicians will be the first to be defeated.

Unfortunately for all of us, most Lebanese fell into the trap and are distracted - either by "Takfiris" or the "Farsi militia".

Thumb Bandoul 27 November 2013, 19:02

@gcb1, I respect your right to your opinion. You and I are different and that's okay. The difference being is that if you ran into a bear in the woods you would want to resolve your differences, namely him mauling you to death, with a rational conversation between a human and a wild bear because he feels you encroached on his territory and you feel you didn't do anything to harm him. You talk until you are blue in the face and he rips your face to shreds, waow, good for you. You are an evolved peace loving human being, albeit very dead at the hands of a bear.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 November 2013, 20:07

-"Going to war in syria without asking our permission to fight under the name of Lebanese resistance"
nothing to do with iran, it was to protect lebanese on the border who were being massacred -> LEBANESE INTEREST

huh? yea, i'm sure that counts as iranian interest. LOL

-"Assassinating a protester in front of the iranian embassy"
despite your hollow accusations, the protester was shot by embassy guards after his friend took a gun out and opened fire

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 November 2013, 20:08

-"Killing a helicopter pilot"
again, nothing to do with iran, it was a mistake that HA recognized right away, the shooter thought it was an israeli airplane, he was handed to justice, judged and sentenced.

-"war with israel"
it is LEBANON's interest to defend itself against israeli agressions, iranians actually are serving LEBANESE interests when they help us.

-"smuggling of weapons"
getting weapons to arm the resistance is, again, a LEBANESE interest.

-"blocking the army access to dahyé for so long"
not true, and anyway how would that be an iranian interest?

-"evading justice"
wehat justice? the STL? LOL i think you must be humoring me

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 November 2013, 20:08

-"blocking parliament for 18 months"
how does that serve iranian interests? m14 was hijacking the government to serve saudi and israeli interests, m8 protected lebanon by standing up against that. the government was illegitimate and should have called for elections, which m14 obstinately refused.

-"sending black shirts and starting a mini civil war"
the ones who started it are the saudisraeli pawns, who tried to disarm hezbollah by force.

-"ruining our economy"
LOL, eh that sounds like a solid, proven argument.

-"driving tourists away"
takfiris bombings attract them, but hezbollah catching takfiris drives tourists away? and again, how is that related to iran?

-"driving our youth away"
lebanese have emigrated throughout their history, they dont go because of a political party, most of them left during the civil war, others go because they want to travel and discover the world, or because they hope for better opportunities.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 November 2013, 20:08

i said hallucinations and hollow accusations dont count.

Missing VINCENT 26 November 2013, 20:15

Yep. The truth is what it is. Nothing more nothing less.

Missing VINCENT 26 November 2013, 20:24

Mr. Hassan Fadlallah, you might as well stick you head in the sand. H.A. was born out of Persian ambitions and will come to an end with Persian success. The party's arrogance failed to unite the country to beat the Iranians at their game which was needed to also keep the Wahabist at bay.

Missing VINCENT 26 November 2013, 20:15

Yep. The truth is what it is. Nothing more nothing less.

Missing VINCENT 26 November 2013, 20:16

Yep. The truth is what it is. Nothing more nothing less.

Thumb FlameCatcher 26 November 2013, 20:17

- Going to war in syria : they brought war to Lebanon. They did it to defend Bashar on Iran's order.
- Assassinating a protester in front of the iranian embassy: not hezb ? You're funny...
- war with israel : in our interest ? Please elaborate... they put us back 15 years and killed our economy...
- smuggling of weapons: they smuggle them and most of their weapons are not legalised by the state. They are completely illegal to hold outside the army.
- evading justice: the STL isn't the only justice they are evading ... ask about the hundreds of cases against them in Lebanese courts...

You guys truly are a joke... you have a cooked up excuse for all accusations against them.

In fact, you are completely brainwashed to believe HA is the salvation of Lebanon. Give them the keys to your country. Go fight in Syria... if you truly believe in their cause, yalla !

Missing VINCENT 26 November 2013, 20:17

Yep. The truth is what it is. Nothing more nothing less.

Missing VINCENT 26 November 2013, 20:18

Again. On point.

Missing VINCENT 26 November 2013, 20:25

Mr. Hassan Fadlallah, you might as well stick you head in the sand. H.A. was born out of Persian ambitions and will come to an end with Persian success. The party's arrogance failed to unite the country to beat the Iranians at their game which was needed to also keep the Wahabist at bay.

Thumb lebpatriot777 26 November 2013, 21:41

Mr Vincent, in your analysis of the Persian ambitions and successes, did you consider why the great nation of Persia decided to assist the Lebanese Shia in their resistance movement against Israel? I mean, darling, did they just decide in 1984, hey we need a militia in South Lebanon to be a deterrant to Israel for our future ambitions of obtaining nuclear energy. Fast forward to 2013, almost 30 years later, they get the support of the world to have nuclear energy; and now you suggest they are going to abandon the Lebanese in South Lebanon (according to your misguided thinking). Darling, why would they do that?

Missing helicopter 26 November 2013, 21:49

iranpatriot .... likewise, why would you have a western-like avatar when you have HA-like backward mind?

Missing VINCENT 27 November 2013, 03:04

Lebopariot: I wasn't going to give you a thumbs down because you are entitled to your opinion, but decided to give you one because of your derogatory comment: "according to your misguided thinking" referring to my remarks regarding the faith of the party. Which is what it is, just a party. Having said that, the operative words in your comment are ".... Lebanese Shia...." I would not call you misguided, but in my opinion any foreign interference must be to the benefit of the country as a whole. When these foreign players give money, weapons (Iranian proxy army), other support, etc. to specific parties, sects, etc., we just got divided. Same goes to the KSA Wahabists.

Thumb Bandoul 26 November 2013, 22:30

yislam timmak sayed the1phoenix. Time to call el kooffar, koffar. God has no army on the ground and certainly doesn't need one. Those who kill in his name are the ones he will judge. PARTITION PLEASE!

Default-user-icon full-disclosure (Guest) 26 November 2013, 23:04

Easy for you to say, you weren't defending your home in south for 22 years. Tell me, what right does someone who was watching from the sidelines have to say they "hijacked the name of Allah". Who the hell are you? The man in your picture killed other Lebanese hand in hand with those who occupied the south for 22 years, and those who made the people of the South suffer with ZERO help from any other communities. So PLEASE, spare us your propaganda.

Thumb zahle1 27 November 2013, 01:17

Southern, the reality is why this country is messed up, is because everyone refuses to just keep it Lebanese. LF is defenders of Lebanese Christians presence and freedom of thought first and foremost. They are allied with Sunni, but only the moderates. Do the Sunni moderates turn a blind eye to the Takfiri/Salafi? Yes absolutely. Its an issue, and they are out of control in Syria.

Thumb zahle1 27 November 2013, 01:17

However, HA is not so pristine. They are Shia first/Iran First, Syria First, then Lebanese. Yes, HA does keep us from being invaded from Israel, and should be proud of that. But they at times overstep their role from a protector, to that of a bully.

Thumb zahle1 27 November 2013, 01:18

You have this situation where they lost at the campus, I do not believe that HA would support the Gemayel assassination graffiti, but maybe an immature student did place it, maybe not. I cannot comment if there is no proof, I would not put it past either side. However, there is no doubt that HA tried to use intimidation and a show of force after they lost. Nobody is harassing mahajabeen, if they did I would be the first to spit on the culprits. They were sore losers, and they need to accept that the majority of the Lebanese do not support them in Syria. But the majority of the Lebanese probably support them defending out Southern border. You see you took your military might to far, and it is backfiring. They are forgetting what won them the masses.

Thumb lebpatriot777 27 November 2013, 05:25

Mr Vincent, now you are almost thinking with ration but let me guide you along just a bit more darling. The Lebanese Shia in the south remained neutral when the Palestinians were shoved down their throats in the 1960s and 70s and opened their homes to them. The Palestinians abused their hospitality. Where was the state to protect the unarmed Shia. When the civil war broke out between the phalange and the PLO and the pre-cannibal Sunnis sided with the PLO, the Shia remained neutral. But that got them massacred by both sides. Where was the state then? When the Israelis plundered south Lebanon and occupied the Shia villages, where was the state? Go back and take a history lesson mr Vincent and then come back and post.

Thumb ishteraki 27 November 2013, 12:13

and the solution you came up with is having your own state inside Lebanon. so now every sect should follow ?? what you think ?

Thumb lebpatriot777 27 November 2013, 13:11

Propose a solution that makes sense darling. Hizbollah has been asking for this since 2006. What do you think darling?