Army Defuses Bomb in Zahle

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A military explosives expert defused at dawn Friday a bomb in the eastern city of Zahle, the state-run National News Agency reported.

NNA said the bomb, which was connected to an electric wire, was found at 12:30 am in a box on the side of the road between Grand Hotel Kadri and Khoury hospital.

The army immediately threw a security dragnet pending the expert's arrival to the scene.

He later defused the bomb.

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Thumb geha 29 November 2013, 10:14

what a stupid comment!

Thumb geha 29 November 2013, 10:15

actually have you noticed that aoun is not ecstatic these days about hizbushaitan?
if the nuclear deal was such a victory, do you think aoun would be so silent? he would have guaranteed the presidency. so why is he not?
it is because he knows the days of hizbushaitan are over.

Default-user-icon Jusbon Blasukre (Guest) 29 November 2013, 13:17

I never thought Elie Marouni would act like his takfiri brothers and wear an explosive belt. Already, the Phalanges have dropped in numbers from over 50,000 to just about 4.5, the 0.5 being Potato Nadim as his other half is in Lala Land.