Army Requests Information on Rented Car Probably Linked to Laqqis' Assassination

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army asked citizens on Thursday to come forward with any information they have about a car that was part of a “terrorist act,” probably linked to the assassination of Hizbullah's military official Hassan al-Laqqis.

"A rented car was used in a terrorist act on the night of December 3, 2013,” a communique released by the military institution said.

The statement elaborated: “The vehicle was recently rented and either the contact was lost with its user, or the car rental office received a phone call saying the car was parked in a public area.”

The army urged citizens to report anything they know about a rented car that was returned to the office on Wednesday or Thursday and that contained mud and dust, and about a car that was washed on Wednesday or Thursday and that was dirtied with mud and dust.

It also asked gas stations and car wash services to report washing a vehicle on Wednesday or Thursday that contained mud and dust.

Meanwhile, the military institution asked car rental offices to collect personal information, passport pictures and identification documents from customers, after verifying their validity.

The army's communique comes a day after Hizbullah official Hajj Hassan Hollo al-Laqqis was assassinated near his residence in Hadath in Beirut's southern suburbs.

Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5) detailed on Wednesday's incident, saying unknown assailants ambushed Laqqis in his residence's parking lot.

The radio station said that he was still inside his Jeep Cherokee when he was assassinated.

"He was shot 5 times, four bullets in the head and one in the neck, from a nearby distance," VDL said.

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Default-user-icon simon (Guest) 05 December 2013, 21:03

What a country..... the army is asking for leads; army has no control, stop the lies...

Thumb geha 05 December 2013, 21:08

now that the reality has shown that hizbushaitan security is zero, many more assossinations and bombings will take place against this Iranian extremist terrorist militia

Thumb liefighter 06 December 2013, 05:14

looks like you are impressed by 1500 y history,too much hatred for u, correct, you had a chance to be lebanese like the others , and you blow it away, you want to keep your arms,mpose urselves then you wage a war to keep your supporting backyard in Syria,all what u need is someone to think,not follow Iran, faker fiya

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 05 December 2013, 22:30

Mud on the car? Any car? Not even a make? And MUD???? It's the middle of rainy season. What car in Lebanon does NOT have mud on it? Pretty stupid if you ask me.

Thumb shab 05 December 2013, 23:38

Agre, inside job.

Thumb benzona 06 December 2013, 00:44

Of course.

Thumb benzona 06 December 2013, 00:00

Nelson Mandela est mort. Rip

Thumb benzona 06 December 2013, 00:01

So do I, otherwise it wouldn't be «halal».

Thumb benzona 06 December 2013, 00:43

Why did the army call this a terrorist attack? It wasnt . it was a clean military assassination that didn't involve any civilian.


Thumb benzona 06 December 2013, 00:44

It rained cats and dogs, what are they expecting?

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 06 December 2013, 00:45

How zealous this army! Remember when René Moawad was murdered and Hariri too, they tampered with the crime evidence, and removed the booby trapped cars from the crime scene…And never managed to find where the mitsubishi van onvolved in Hariri's assassination came from but they requisitionned the building camera tapes of the surrounding buildings. Same with Hamadé assassination attempt when the IC college security camera tapes were requisitionned…Those guys work when they're instructed to..Same goes for the ministry of telecommunications..

Thumb terminator 06 December 2013, 02:38

Nasralah has been getting rid of a lot of senior members of the hezb .
Someone afraid of competition?

Thumb primesuspect 06 December 2013, 06:24

who was this guuy anyway? did any1 know him be4 this tragic event?

Thumb general_puppet 06 December 2013, 07:43

“The vehicle was recently rented and either the contact was lost with its user, or the car rental office received a phone call saying the car was parked in a public area."… is the Lunatic Aoun the lead investigator?

Default-user-icon Jad (Guest) 06 December 2013, 09:54


day after day, hezballah is showing its incapacity to protect its "elite".... so how can they protect their people? it is time for all hezballah sympathisers to understand that their only salvation, is a strong state, not an armed militia....
the faster they realise that, the more lives they will save...

Thumb sophia_angle 06 December 2013, 14:30

let all terrorists kill each other pay for the two sides, i believe the oven in syria is ON now please send all to fight there, next year where there is no one to anymore we live in peace..i believe the first who starts buying lands in syria is the one who is activating all the killings