Miqati Praises Lebanese-Saudi Relations, Says 'No Escape from Dialogue'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati called on Friday for dialogue on all issues in the country, hailing the relations of “brotherhood” between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

“There is no escape from dialogue on all issues and between sects, parties and authorities,” Miqati said in a speech he gave at the opening ceremony of the Beirut 57th International Arab Book Fair 2013, vowing that “he will not relinquish his responsibilities.”

He added: “We will not allow anyone to destroy the accomplishments of civil society and we will exert all efforts to alleviate tension.”

“There is no place for pessimism.”

Miqati praised at the beginning if his speech the great participation in Friday's event “despite the critical conditions Lebanon is going through, saying it reflects Lebanon's “leading role.”

He also welcomed all Arab delegations present at the Book Fair's opening, giving a special salute to Saudi Arabia.

The caretaker premier said: “Lebanon is proud of its relations with Arab countries and we particularly welcome Saudi Arabia that wants the best for Lebanon.”

Miqati's comments on Lebanese-Saudi relations come days after Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah told OTV in an interview on Tuesday that militants with links to the Saudi intelligence were involved in the double suicide bombings that targeted the Iranian Embassy in Beirut's southern suburbs.

The attack, which was carried out by a Lebanese and a Palestinian and which left scores of casualties, including an Iranian diplomat, was linked to Riyadh's hostility against Iran, he said.

“We believe the statement in which the Abdullah Azzam Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack on the Iranian embassy because it is a well-known group and its emir is Saudi and it is linked to the Saudi intelligence,” Nasrallah stated.

On the ongoing regional turmoil, Miqati expressed that the “bloody conflicts” are destroying countries and hurting people.

“We are going through the toughest days in history. Each country is suffering problems that are draining its potentials and main issues have become secondary.”

He explained: “The Palestinian cause is not a priority anymore.”

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Thumb BeautifulMind 06 December 2013, 18:15

@ice- man
you are right. He reminds me Ali baba and the 40 Saudi thieves. Sorry I mean princes

Thumb BeautifulMind 06 December 2013, 18:54

Hey Miqati, Are you in a joint search with the FSA to find the 12 nuns and bring them to a safe place away from the filthy Baath or Hizballah fighters. I urge you along with Geagea to form a militia, with Saudi money, parallel to Alnusra. Oh, you have one??? Called FSA! Inchallah

Missing peace 06 December 2013, 23:30

LOl... he has close ties with the syrian regime forgot that? LOL

Default-user-icon Shlombo Graffi (Guest) 06 December 2013, 19:12

The filthy are competing over praising the filthy who treat them like filth.

Thumb lebpatriot777 07 December 2013, 12:15

shew darling! you stink of urine/semen....had a nice night with Saudis iceboy?

Thumb saturn 07 December 2013, 12:38

“The Palestinian cause is not a priority anymore.” What, it once was?