Geagea Says Hizbullah Appointed Itself 'Custodian of Univsersal Declaration of Violating Human Rights'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Tuesday announced that some parties are insisting on violating the constitution and "taking us back to obsolete eras," noting that Hizbullah has "appointed itself as a custodian of the Universal Declaration of Violating Human Rights."

"Eighty-seven years after the drafting of the Lebanese constitution -- which came to consolidate human rights, democracy and the freedoms of opinion, belief and expression – some parties in Lebanon are still insisting on violating this constitution and taking us back to obsolete eras," said Geagea at a seminar on human rights in Maarab.

"The interpretation of the constitution changes according to the needs of the Resistance (of Hizbullah) and the constitutional institutions come last because the conflict with the 'great satans' and 'small satans' must come first," added Geagea.

"The statelet is stealing the funds of the state in Lebanon and pushing everyone to poverty," Geagea lamented, adding that "this is turning the Lebanese citizen into a citizen with no country, rights, security, stability or economy."

Hitting out at Hizbullah without naming it, Geagea said the party "did not only undermine the foundations of democratic life in Lebanon but also went to Syria to contribute to impeding a fledgling democracy.”

“Sixty-five years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was issued, the Syrian people are still struggling to obtain their most basic rights and tyrants and dictators are still living in total denial of this declaration,” Geagea added.

“What's shameful in this regard is that the aforementioned party has appointed itself as a custodian of the 'Universal Declaration of Violating Human Rights' and it went to Syria to help the regime violate these rights," said Geagea.

He noted that in Syria, "citizens are cosidered to be mere tools and followers."

"If they demand to have their most basic rights, they are labeled as takfiris, and if they call for freedom and a civil state, they are described as terrorists who are jeopardizing world peace," Geagea added.

Turning to the Arab Spring protests, the LF leader said "the current transitional period will pave the ground for a more humanitarian, just and free Arab world, no matter how long it may take and regardless of the blood that is being shed."

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Thumb Mystic 10 December 2013, 20:12

Lol! And Geagea is the expert on Human rights? Right i think we need to check the past, Ooops = Mass murderer

Thumb BeautifulMind 10 December 2013, 20:31

Geagea, I understand why you are confused.
First, your frequent visits to Saudi Arabia did not help you mature to understand real democracy: Having a king rule by God-given power is not a democracy my friend.
Second, the King himself is involved in terror acts documented through out history including September 11, 2001 ( regardless of who was the executioners, the culture of Saudi is responsible for every terror act anywhere in the world.)
Third, if the culture of terror invaded a secular culture, the secular regime become iron-fisted to protect culture, society and minority. Your Saudi-M14 terror cells started killing innocent in Syria in 1978 forced Baath to act in iron-fist. Because last time I checked, you can not reason with terror. You can not reason with a culture that went to Maaloula and forced 12 nuns into abduction.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 10 December 2013, 20:41

yes beuatifulmind. those kids that were spray painting graffiti on the walls got exactly what they deserved from a great humanitarian (ASSad)! Let's us Lebanese go ahead and spill our blood and the blood of our children so this great humanitarian (ASSad) can continue to make the same great contributions he makes to Lebanon. there are a lot of things that can describe your mind, beautiful certainly is not one of them!

Thumb BeautifulMind 10 December 2013, 20:57

Last time I checked, I could not find a peaceful Saudi-M14 dude. Unless, you call the mission to kill 3,300 Americans work-goers on September 11, 2001: a peaceful mission.
This story about kids and graffiti does not hold water my friend: a peaceful culture stays peaceful regardless. However, How in hell these graffiti kids ended up eating human hearts the next day. Get over it!

Thumb Mystic 10 December 2013, 21:08

Hulk lol spraying paint on the walls? That story is very well broken already, we all know this was a plot by Muslim Brotherhood & Al Qaeda (Saudi KSA) to take over Syria and murder all the minorities, this is not an issue anymore up to discussion, this has been proved, fact that people like you don't keep up on the news is saddening.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 10 December 2013, 21:52

Mind and Mystic. you two crack me up! you discredit stuff only because it suits you. you connect things that are on two different galaxies so your argument can somehow appear to make sense for a split second. Any Lebanese that is over 35 years old can speak to you first hand on how murderous/barbaric/terroristic is the regime you so shamelessly come on here and attempt to portray as angelic and secular. Please fella(s), next time you try to want to regurgitate propaganda your gullible mind gobbled up, please know your audience. And Mind, as much as you are correct about Saudi Arabia being the last country to speak of democracy, you lose all credibility of sounding anything less than a stooge when attempt to associate 9/11 to the kingdom. just a friendly piece of advice, take it as you wish.

Thumb cedars2 10 December 2013, 22:25

"Saudi is responsible for every terror act anywhere in the world.")

Check the link, learn your history before you talk, you are insulting peoples intelligence with your propoganda. You are free to believe it but anyone with an internet connection can educate himself with regards to facts and figures. This blah blah of yours is very tiring especially when you have no facts or proof to prove 99% of what you are implying. Do you get it? Inshallah.

Thumb Mystic 11 December 2013, 03:50

Always the same drill with the M14 supporters, they know Saudi is bad, yet they try to explain that the Syrian government is worse, which will never be proved due to Saudis violations against human rights, woman rights and crazy wahabi laws.

Thumb Mystic 11 December 2013, 03:51

Hulk Syria is experiencing an attack by outside powers Saudi breeding terrorists and nursering them. Real threat to the world is Al Qaeda and their brethren, nothing else.

Thumb Mystic 11 December 2013, 03:52

USA ofcourse is a threat, but they are on their knees now, and can't wage more wars, Israel ofcourse is hysterically mad because of what is happening in Iran, and Saudi is furious because that they know the Syrian war is lost.

Default-user-icon Souri (Guest) 10 December 2013, 21:09

I don't know whats worse, Geagea talking about human rights, or his follows defending him.

Maybe he can get his buddies in Saudi Arabia to help us Syrians figure this whole thing out....

Thumb cedre 10 December 2013, 21:41

Geagea, u nailed it, but then whats the point if neither u , the president or the LAF can do something against HA ?

U're not taking risks to make changes...

Thumb BeautifulMind 10 December 2013, 21:44

According to the ARAB SPRING defender: Geagea, and M14, the Syrian Government is responsible for the nuns abduction. Now, this is a quote in Arabic from AlSharq Alawsat London Base news papers ( which is the mouth piece of Saudis clearly admitting the FSA, ISIL and AlNusra are behind the abduction. ويقول أحد الذين أشرفوا على عملية تصوير الشريط إن الراهبات طلب منهن نزع الصلبان التي كانوا يضعونها بعدما غضب أحد المقاتلين من طقوس الصلوات المسيحية «التثليث» التي كانوا يكررونها كلما سمعوا صوت انفجار أو كلما دعتهم الأم «بيليجيا» للصلاة، واحتفظت الراهبات بالصلبان لكن في جيوبهن.
I did not need such proof from Alsharq AlAwsat because every terror acts in the world targeting work-goers, Marathon Runners, Christians, Shiaa by-standards is Saudi inspired and financed.

Thumb BeautifulMind 10 December 2013, 22:24

FSA democratic view reminds me, at best, with Morsi of Egypt, democratic view.

Thumb Bandoul 10 December 2013, 21:51

Part 1 @HA, your self-appointed duties were to protect Lebanon from the Israelis, you have done that well, thank you! Now please return to the southern borders and continue to protect us from the Israelis and leave killing other Arabs to other evil doers. You were never sanctioned, commissioned, authorized or mobilized by the Lebanese people or the Lebanese government to fight wars in foreign countries under the pretext of protecting our borders from takfiri infiltrators. If you are so concerned about heart eating cannibals and again want to self-assign yourselves the task to protect us without our consent, go amass your forces on the northern/eastern border but do it from the Lebanese side and protect us until you are blue in the face.

Thumb Bandoul 10 December 2013, 21:51

Part 2, @HA, STOP the lies and propaganda, have the decency and courage to state your business in Syria as it really is, to protect your shipping lanes and ability to roam freely and spread terrorism to other countries, the Syrian people are just collateral damage to you and in your mind the end justifies the means.

Thumb Bandoul 10 December 2013, 21:58

@Dr. Geagea, kindly go meet with Aoun, Gemayel and Franjieh and unite the Christian ranks NOW! Do it to save Lebanon, do it because you are the better man and do it because the presidency does not belong to any of you four, not now, not ever. That said, only Christian unity can save Lebanon now and that is your top priority. You want to spend your days lamenting? I suggest you spend your days putting aside your political aspirations and along with the other civil war era Christian warlords to stop giving cover to both Sunni and Shiia ill-fated adventures.

Thumb BeautifulMind 10 December 2013, 23:33

Wow. Man: FSA=Muslim Brotherhood = Egypt Morsi. If they are so good why your Saudi Backers are against Morsi of Egypt?

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 11 December 2013, 00:53

So well said Hakim!!

Missing watan-libnan 11 December 2013, 10:03

In the 70s and 80s this guy geagea created chaos then in the 90s he was jailed lebanon started to rebuild and order started to return, then the man who jailed him was murdered and this man was released and chaos was returned does anyone see any pattern

Missing peace 11 December 2013, 11:40

what geagea says is totally right.... trying to deflect his present words and shying away to comment them by resorting to his past only proves that M8ers cannot find counterarguments to his sayings...
hezbollah does not respect lebanese nor the gvt of lebanon... it is a FACT.

Thumb dandoun 11 December 2013, 15:26

eh 7aram shu bare2 inta ...