Suleiman More Lenient on 2-3 Year 'Renewal' of his Mandate

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Suleiman prefers to renew his mandate rather than extend it, well-informed diplomatic sources told As Safir newspaper published on Friday.

The sources quoted Suleiman as telling his French counterpart Francois Hollande in September that he rejects the extension of his term, even for a day.

“But if the Lebanese want to keep me in my post to avoid the vacuum in all state institutions, then I am ready to carry out this mission on condition that it goes through Constitutional channels,” Suleiman allegedly said.

He meant by it the amendment of the Constitution and then his election by the 128-member parliament.

The sources told As Safir that Suleiman has also confirmed to some of his advisers that he was ready for the renewal of his term for two to three years “but not at the expense of my dignity.”

The daily said that a visit by Hollande to Saudi Arabia at the end of this month could facilitate the push to avoid vacuum in Lebanon's top post.

It added that Paris along with the U.S. have taken the initiative to resolve the crisis.

Suleiman's six-year term ends in May 2014 but there are fears that differences between the rival March 8 and 14 alliances would lead to a further clash among the MPs and prevent them from heading to parliament to elect a new president.

The 60-day Constitutional deadline for the election of a new president starts on March 25.

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Thumb mckinl 13 December 2013, 08:38

Surprise, surprise, surprise ... Suleiman hedging for yet another term. I'm sure by the time the elections roll around they'll be many fewer conditions for Michel to consider to ease his conscience.

Thumb ice-man 13 December 2013, 09:47

Surprise..... Funds....Hedging.... Investment.... Strategy..... IMF.... Austerity..... Economic Abyss.... Wahabi.... Dollars..... Syria..... Resistance..... The West..... Iran..... Chemical..... Chocolate..... Turkish Delight..... Orange Juice.... Kibbe' Nayyeh.... Divine.... Victory!

Missing --karim_m3-- 13 December 2013, 08:44

No thanks. No room in Baabda for Saudi puppets/Al Qaeda sympathizers.

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 09:17

You're right no more room in Baabda its all taken by Iranian/syrian mouthpieces.

have you boys ever considered doing an IQ test?

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 09:19

This is what HA want, to cripple all state institutions to make it easier for them to carry out their masters plans.

Thumb ado.australia 13 December 2013, 18:37

No cedars! This is what the batrak and all "Christain parties" in Lebanon want. A new Presidant as is dictated by the constitution! We are sick of foreigners dictating who will be Presidant of the republic. We are sick of having a Presidant without a popular base. No offense to Presidant Suliman but his term is coming to an end and a new Presidant will be elected by the parliament as stated in the constitution!

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 09:22

They call this "munaiwashat kalamieh", as long as its only kalamieh right ft? Regarding the tueini topic why did you and stooges thumbs down the comment that I hope his killers are hung? Does that mean you support what happened?

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 09:44

Id like one of you stooges to answer me regarding thumbs down on Tueini topic, I said I hope the killers are hung from the highest pole and you thumbs me down. What does that mean exactly. Be men and answer my question.

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 10:52

Don't avoid the question low life. Admit you voted me down and tell me your feelings on that topic. Ok ya walad? Answer like a man or go wear a dress.

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 13:58

How about I chakike and your mama?

Thumb sophia_angle 13 December 2013, 10:22

his the best president we had since independence...he made a gd balance btw both parties n among all national conflicts..he has the grey color not white nor black i feel this is good to maintain the situation so we dont go kill each other...i am with forming a gov by doctors not related to any politician

Default-user-icon Plidon Grueber (Guest) 13 December 2013, 14:04

This comes as a surprise from our good-for-nothing president-by-parachute! Brace yourselves for bore years of utter nothingness. Who thought he would need more time to complete his removal of the zeer from the beer?

Thumb eli-g 13 December 2013, 14:21

@ Sophia do not hold your breath on the government made up of doctors and PHD's. "Dum and Dummer and the forty thieves" are more like it for the next one.

Thumb eli-g 13 December 2013, 14:22

And I am sure most above will be glad to vote for them.