Several Hurt as Residents Clash with ISF over Minieh Building Violation

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Several people were wounded Friday in a clash between the Malas family and the Internal Security Forces over the removal of a construction violation in the northern town of Minieh.

State-run National News Agency said a spat broke out between a man identified as Abu Ali Malas and ISF members “as they tried to remove a construction violation” in Minieh.

Meanwhile, Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) said “clashes erupted in Minieh between the ISF and members of the Malas family, leaving five people wounded, including two ISF members.”

It later reported that the standoff had come to an end without elaborating any further.

In November, three ISF members were injured when gunmen opened fire on them in the northern district of Zgharta and in the city of Tripoli as they clamped down on construction violators.

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Thumb primesuspect 13 December 2013, 19:29

is it me imagining things or i've see this picture be4?

yes dead skeleton, it's always always the same troublemakers and their copycats.

Missing aounophobia 13 December 2013, 20:39

Longing for the day where the government of Lebanon will impose and enforce its laws over ALL OF LEBANON, without discrimination between its citizens

Thumb _mowaten_ 13 December 2013, 20:49

who are ashraf el nass exactly?

Default-user-icon Scorpion (Guest) 14 December 2013, 08:18

Skeleton, you're completely wrong about this. HA supporters were committing construction violations as part of their holy effort of returning Palestinians to their proper homeland. How can you compare any other instance of construction violation to those of HA supporters who were awarded their building permits by God Himself?

Missing peace 14 December 2013, 15:29

ALL the lebanese problems could be solved if hezbollah your pimps disarm and integrate the state of lebanon.... PERIOD....

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 December 2013, 16:56

lol peace, i bet you even convinced yourself that you believe this.

Missing peace 14 December 2013, 17:53

i wish the ISF could also level down all the illegal constructions on the coast belonging to ministers and MPs and then those of lebanese citizens...
still those double standards applied! the richer you are the more illegal you can be!

Missing peace 14 December 2013, 17:54

it is a fact moowaten... but of course you will not see it as a brave hezbi soldier you are.....

you are the source of ALL lebanese problems all the rest can easily be solved when hezbis are ERADICATED....

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 December 2013, 19:05

review your definition of "fact" please, before you make a fool out of yourself.