Saniora: Hizbullah's Involvement in Syria Impedes Cabinet Formation

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc head MP Fouad Saniora has said that any developments at the level of forming a cabinet have become impossible in light of Hizbullah's deep involvement in the Syrian crisis, reports said on Saturday.

Saniora's comments came during a dinner held in honor of President Michel Suleiman at the residence of Deputy Speaker Farid Makari in the presence of caretaker PM Najib Miqati, PM-designate Tammam Salam, several ministers, deputies of al-Mustaqbal and March 14 movement figures.

The al-Mustaqbal bloc head pointed to the intimidation campaign against Salam and the pressure against him to respect the conditions set out by Hizbullah and the March 8 coalition in forming a new cabinet.

Since his designation in April to line-up a government, Salam has been unable to perform his duties in light of the differences between the March 8 and 14 alliance, and Hizbullah's engagement in the Syrian battle.

Moreover, Saniora briefed the attendees on his latest meeting with leader of al-Mustaqbal movement Saad Hariri in Paris, and the discussions that touched on several controversial issues in the country.

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Thumb mckinl 14 December 2013, 09:30

" have become impossible "

Efforts to form a cabinet were always impossible. M14 never bargained in good faith and holds onto impossible demands. Nothing new here.

Thumb ice-man 14 December 2013, 09:55

Are you new here?

Default-user-icon insta (Guest) 14 December 2013, 10:46

I'm sure you were, though. You always are, obviously.

Missing peace 14 December 2013, 15:24

impossible demands????? LOL.... very easy demands to solve if M8ers were in good faith pretending to want a strong state... but rather prefer the state to be weak for their mafia interests....

Thumb saturn 14 December 2013, 10:47

Mr. Saniora, correct, everything impedes cabinet formation. HA... Alexa storm... YOU...

Default-user-icon Hanoun (Guest) 14 December 2013, 11:26

the voice of the master always prevails in Lebanese political decisions
we do not have politicians we have puppets and the strings are from everywhere except the will of Lebanese

Default-user-icon Hassan (Guest) 14 December 2013, 12:38

Al nusra saved the nuns lol

Thumb chad 14 December 2013, 13:22

uff uff...Saniora from Moustahbal block has spoken !! brrrr

Thumb cedre 14 December 2013, 14:12

self-respecting Lebanon won't exist until Hizbiran leave syria

Thumb sevilla 14 December 2013, 15:23

Your hizb were in Syria killing Syrians within the first 3 months of the revolution. I personally saw videos of them posted on youtube way back. I am sure you are capable of looking them up. By you saying they were not involved till 2012 does not make it true.

Missing peace 14 December 2013, 15:26

mustaqbal is not the problem ya doude... the problem is M8 spitting on the baabda declaration and on the lebanese constitution.....

Thumb cedre 14 December 2013, 15:30

they were in syria from the start, unless u believe Nassy...
The problem is Hizbos selling the country to Iran...

Default-user-icon JCWilliams (Guest) 14 December 2013, 16:40

al-Mustaqbal had involved itself in Syria before Hezbollah and backed the wrong horse. Now the real question is 'Why should what happens in Syria affect the formation of a government of elections in Lebanon?' Saniora should have accepted by now that Assad is not going to be forced out and that Sunni Islamists forces have worn out their welcome everywhere but the Sunni Areas and they aren't really welcome there either since the country is destroyed for zero gain. Lebanon needs to tend to their own garden. Al-Mustaqual should thank Hezbollah for killing terrorists in Syria. Less there and on your Northern border means less Death in Lebanon later. Israel is still the enemy of Lebanon although the Saudis and Al-Mustaqual don't seem to care about that.

Default-user-icon Hassan (Guest) 14 December 2013, 23:09

Dear administrator , obviously you are not posting my comments cause it is not your way of thinking . Makes you a takfiri in disguise .. And I bet you talk about freedom of speech you faker