Qassem Meets Qatari Ambassador: Political Solutions Key to Ending Regional Disputes

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem and newly-appointed Qatari Ambassador to Lebanon Ali bin Hamad al-Marri stressed on Monday the importance of political solutions to regional crises, announced the party in a statement.

It said: “Political solutions are key to ending disputes in the region.”

They also serve to achieve reconciliation among people in the region, it added after a meeting between Qassem and al-Marri.

“Cooperation between Lebanese parties will help reach the solution that will serve the country and all of its sons,” it said.

Ties between Hizbullah and Qatar were strained in light of the latter's support of the Syrian rebels against the Syrian regime of President Bashar Assad.

Hizbullah has acknowledged that it had sent fighters to Syria to fight alongside regime forces against takfiri groups.

On December 3, Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah had revealed that communication between Hizbullah and Qatar was not suspended despite being at odds on several political issues.

He added: “We have met with a Qatari delegation ... and we're still in a disagreement over Syria but we were not seeking problems with anyone, not even with Saudi Arabia.”

He continued: “We told the Qatari envoy that the military choice in Syria is futile and the attempt to oust Assad militarily is an act of madness, that's why I call on all countries to contribute towards finding a political solution. We also spoke of neutralizing Lebanon in the Syrian crisis.”

“Qatar is reevaluating all its stances in the region,” Nasrallah noted.

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Thumb geha 16 December 2013, 17:51

everybody tested hizbushaitan, and they all know they do not respect their word.
do you think anyone in the world believes a word they say?

Thumb _mowaten_ 16 December 2013, 19:01

to the contrary, they are the only ones who always respected their word, this is why paid shills like you have to slander them day and night hoping that some mud will eventually stick.

Missing lebcan 16 December 2013, 19:33

If everyone is liar, than Hizbsitan is the KING of hypocrites AND liars!!!

Thumb geha 16 December 2013, 18:11

do you forget the one way ticket ?
hizbushaitan, aoun and their cronies played their hand at demonizing the moderate sunnis for a long while, this is what happens as a result.
extremists take centre stage.
so why are you crying fowl now?
it is the problem created by hizbushaitan and aoun, so let them assume the results.
let them enjoy the high numbers of Syrian refugees, while they refused creating camps for them.
let them assume the hate these Syrians have for hizbushaitan and aoun.

Thumb geha 16 December 2013, 18:54

the roar is so far away in his assessment :)
I totally agree with what is said above, and if you read carefully my comment, you will notice it is just an analysis of what happened and what is coming unfortunately.
do you think a Lebanese likes what is going to happen?
this is a situation that was created by the blindness of hizbushaitan and aoun, and not having the will to see it for what it is does not make it go away :)

Thumb geha 16 December 2013, 18:58

the problem is that hizbushaitan has no credibility as they have gone against each and every agreement or commitment they made.
their involvement in Syria is bringing disaster to Lebanon, and with the numbers of angry Syrian refugees, we are going for a period of terrible extremism fighting in Lebanon.
who in his right mind would like such a situation?
but what can we do about it? especially hizbushaitan still do not get it?

Thumb geha 16 December 2013, 19:02

I spread hate & spite?
or are you blind not to recognize that the actions of some will definitely backfire?
who is blind and not willing to seriously see what is the result of your beloved hizbushaitan (and aoun) actions?
it is up to you to want to wake up to the reality of the situation these guys are putting us.

Thumb cedars2 16 December 2013, 18:55

The only drastic change that can happen on the ground is a mass demonstration like march 14 but this time its to oust all of M8 and M14. This is the only drastic and rapid solution.

Thumb cedars2 16 December 2013, 18:57

The mood is ripe for it, people are fed up, totally, all it takes is the trigger to make them do it. Who or what can that trigger be?

Thumb cedars2 16 December 2013, 19:22

Im dreaming of holding all those who stole accountable, watching them dragged through courts and given lengthy sentences. Or better yet let Skeleton host them. "Hes dying to meet them"


Thumb cedars2 16 December 2013, 19:24

But hold on if they do hold all those who stole accountable we will have a mass vacuum since there will be no left. I nominate skeleton to take over he will be happy to "organize" things

Missing lebcan 16 December 2013, 19:40

Isn't it amaizing!!! how the Hizbshitan, IranShitan, ASSadShytan, USAshytan and now the Greatest of the Shytan ISREAL, Shamon Perers says maybe iran is not an enemy...?!?!?!?!
Allah Akbar!!!
My Brother Muslims!!! do you see how Allah(swt) leaves some of us alone in the hands of our enemys! (from outside and within) Just because we turn and kill each other... i.e. like in syria...

Thumb shab 16 December 2013, 20:24

Filthy miitia

Thumb -phoenix1 16 December 2013, 20:53

Mr. Qassem will do to us as always, turn us like a merry go round. he like his peers will talk, talk and talk, but the aim remains the same, buy time, buy time, till the situation in Syria settles to what he hopes will look permanent. Nothing is permanent but the temporary dear Mr. Qassem.

Missing peace 16 December 2013, 21:26

political solutions? LOL then why are you encouraging military ones with your militia in syria? LOL

hypocrit mafiosi....

Thumb benzona 17 December 2013, 00:07

I was told that Qassem married his cousin, is it true?

Thumb benzona 17 December 2013, 00:08

this Qassem is playing the time card.... it's bla bla bla until ethnic cleansing is over in Syria.