Loyalty to Resistance Accuses March 14 of 'Partnership with Terrorists'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah on Thursday noted that the March 14 coalition has become in the same political camp with the “terrorists” who are waging an “aggression against Lebanon.”

“The twin attacks on the army (in Sidon) is a dangerous terrorist development whose execution was based on the March 14 camp's endorsement of terrorists,” the party's Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc said after its weekly meeting, in a statement recited by MP Hasan Fadlallah.

“The March 14 camp's cheap political exploitation of the terrorist aggression against Lebanon – one time through finding extenuating reasons and another by justifying their acts – puts this camp in the position of partnership with the terrorists,” the bloc added.

It noted that “the stances of nominal condemnation of the attack on the army do not demonstrate clear intentions" towards the military institution, adding that “it has become necessary to endorse a plan to 'dissociate the country' from terrorism.”

“Hizbullah, which is confronting the takfiri terror, realized at an early stage the threat it poses to Lebanon, and had it not done that, the waves of car bomb attacks would have been much more than they are today,” the bloc went on to say.

The army had announced that a soldier was killed and three others were wounded in twin attacks involving a suicide bomber on two of its checkpoints in Sidon, which coincided with an incident in which a Lebanese soldier shot dead an Israeli soldier on the border near Naqoura.

In the wake of the attacks, the March 14 general-secretariat said “there is a substantive relation between the attacks on the Lebanese army in al-Awwali, Majdelyoun and Hermel and the very ambiguous Naqoura incident.” Meanwhile, Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea and MP Sami Gemayel blamed Hizbullah for “bringing the takfiris” to Lebanon.

“Those who are insisting that confronting the attacks is the reason behind their occurrence are settling political scores with Hizbullah at the expense of Lebanon,” Loyalty to Resistance said in its statement.

“These are the same parties that used to say that Hizbullah was the reason behind Israel's attacks but it turned out that resistance is the best choice to kick out the Zionist occupiers,” it added.

The bloc called on the March 14 forces to “draw lessons from their futile bet on the takfiri groups in Syria,” asking them to end their “obstinacy.”

Separately, Loyalty to Resistance reiterated its call for President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam to “form a cabinet that can rescue the country according to the 9-9-6 formula, which is certainly the only safe exit to avoid vacuum in the presidency of the republic.”

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Thumb FlameCatcher 19 December 2013, 18:39

Ya habibi Southern ... your accusation are based on nothing but your wishful thinking and Hassan's brainwashing !

The Twin attacks in Tripoli were conducted by your partners under the order of Bashar el Assad through his "caught" security services. This makes you a terrorist and terrorist supporter ! How do you feel about that ? AND THIS IS PROVEN !!!

Thumb lebnanfirst 19 December 2013, 18:39

If it isn't a classic "pot calling the kettle black". Reeks of desperation as they witness their star dimming more and more.

Thumb lebnanfirst 19 December 2013, 18:49

HA used same tactics (suicide and explosive attacks using rigged cars) on Israel when it occupied the south. Even the Israelis with all their armament could not eradicate the phenomena. The only so,union was for Israel to withdraw from south Lebanon.

The same applies here because the lesson that should have been learned is that only HA's withdrawal from Syria can bring about the sensation of suicide and rigged cars bombing.

Thumb geha 19 December 2013, 18:52

is it clear now how desperate hizbushaitan has become?
they know they are the price iran has agreed to pay.....

Thumb lebnanfirst 19 December 2013, 18:53

@M11er, Nice!

Thumb lebnanfirst 19 December 2013, 18:57

so,union == solution
Sensation == cessation

Missing peace 19 December 2013, 19:29

wahahaha! poor hezbis....
accusing M14 to make forget their massacres and the fact that now they have replaced the syrian army in all infantry attacks! far from just protecting borders and shrines ya hypocrits!
go and eat a candy baby boy....

"Iran’s proxies have taken over most of the fighting against Sunni rebels in Syria."


Missing peace 19 December 2013, 19:33

hezbi propaganda works well on sagh... now he is going to say that in syria M14 is fighting agaisnt hezbis and assad has nothing to do with anything! LOL

hitler did the same brainwashing: jews were all terrorists and responsible for all the german problem...
staline did the same: capitalists were responsible for the coruption of russia!
now hezbi uses the same old technique!
nothing new under the sun of totalitarian propaganda....

Default-user-icon Hammerhead (Guest) 19 December 2013, 19:40

The main threat from this press review is shockingly apparent. Accept our 9-9-6 equation to form a cabinet or you will have no president.

Missing peace 19 December 2013, 19:44

they want a lebanese state free of any opposition to their madness... that's the same with all dictators....

Thumb benzona 19 December 2013, 20:31

After the Syrian ethnic cleansing, they'll go for the Lebanese one.

Missing peace 19 December 2013, 19:46

same technique used by the syrians: set a fire then accuse the others of having set it ... then come as a firefighter to extinguish it and appear a hero! LOL

Missing zahle_nights9 19 December 2013, 19:46

Go home you low life farsi agent...

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 19 December 2013, 20:44

a party who's 5 of it members are indicted by an international court for several terrorist acts calling others terrorist? only in Lebanon!

Missing peace 19 December 2013, 21:20


Thumb cedre 19 December 2013, 21:21

here a rebel takfiri captured


Thumb cedars2 19 December 2013, 21:32

Darabni Wu bakka sabakni Wu shtaka.

Thumb cedars2 19 December 2013, 21:42

Lebpatriot the brainwashed girl who hasn't seen another country beyond lebanons borders. You have no idea what a real country looks like, all you know is al Mahdi schools and brain washing. Its not your fault you're like this "darling" your society did this to you.

Thumb cedars2 19 December 2013, 22:46

Patriot I don't give a damn about m8 or m14, but I especially hate m8 because of what they stand for. Don't worry about my health I am very fit. My loyalty is to the Lebanese republic and nothing else. And the day I see anyone trying to harm that I will stand against them with all the strength god has given me. Is that clear enough to that brainwashed head? My loyalty is with the cedars of Lebanon. Do you get the concept?

Thumb cedars2 20 December 2013, 06:27

"Do you enjoy your terrorist friends killing Lebanese soldiers?"

Do you enjoy your party being accused of assassinating Lebanese?

you make it sound like HA are doing Lebanon a favor by participating in killing Syrian children, your party has brought nothing but death and destruction to Lebanon. Your loyalty is to Iran and Syria first and foremost not Lebanon. Your ministers have robbed the government dry, your weapons that under "taef" were supposed to be used only against Israel were used internally against Lebanese. And are being used against Syrians now. You know what 888 I'll say it again you are a brainwashed stooge. Shame for a young person not to have the ability to think for herself.

Thumb lebpatriot888 20 December 2013, 06:31

Are you up already cannibal? HA is accused of many things but they have consistently fought for Lebanon and for the freedom of Lebanese. Go back to your KSA hosts darling and see what they are really up to. They will do anything to prevent the Arab spring from eliminating their hypocritical "kingdom"

Missing zahle_nights9 19 December 2013, 22:40

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas…
ASSad will be gone…
But the prettiest sight to see,
Right by the tree
ASSad’s body is down

A pair of Hop-a-long boots and a pistol that shoots
Is the wish of every true man
Seeing ASSad with tight hands
Being dragged down the street
The street where he scattered blood and sands

People that will freely talk and go for a walk
And mom and dad can hardly wait
To see ASSad’s body laying in sheets
This is the pay back for the little kids he burns
By cowardly sending his airplanes on every building and turn

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas…
ASSad will be gone…

Thumb shab 19 December 2013, 23:54

Filthy militia

Thumb ice-man 20 December 2013, 05:11

I miss @kfarhounkhan