Ghosn Warns Against Attempts to 'Finish Off' Army after Latest Attacks

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Caretaker Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn has warned that extremists are targeting the military in an attempt to finish it off, urging rival parties to deal with it as an institution that works for all the Lebanese and does not target certain sects.

The attacks on the military “prove that some extremist groups have taken a decision to hit the Lebanese army to thwart its moves and then finish it off after it became a source of trouble for them and an obstacle to their movements,” Ghosn told As Safir daily in remarks published on Friday.

“They only have the objective to kill and tamper with security and stability,” he said.

But the assaults proved that all the Lebanese back the military “except for a few who haven't yet become aware of the dangers confronting the nation.”

“There is a firm decision to (fight) terrorism … the army is working and will continue to eradicate it no matter how much sacrifices it makes,” Ghosn told As Safir.

“It will also not be dragged behind the suspicious political rhetoric that claims the army is targeting a certain party or sect,” he said.

There were near-simultaneous attacks on the army in the southern city of Sidon on Sunday night.

On Thursday, army commandos searched caves and valleys in and around Sidon, and arrested five suspects over the attacks that left a sergeant dead and several soldiers wounded.

“The army is for all of Lebanon,” Ghosn said, warning against dragging it to “political bazaars.”

Asked about the current deadlock in the cabinet formation process, the caretaker defense minister backed a proposal to form a government in which the March 8 and 14 alliances would get nine ministers each and centrists six.

“There is no excuse to reject the 9-9-6 formula,” he said, referring to March 14, which is calling for a neutral cabinet.

“The current challenges should compel us to form a strong government that works to lift the country from its crises,” Ghosn added.

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Thumb geha 20 December 2013, 09:10

the intensity and recurrence of m8 guys asking for this cabinet formulae has increased lately :)
they want to pass acceptance on such a formulae but they know they will not get it.

Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 09:48

aoun advised them to pose as victims. that's what's he masters... only idiots will buy this bee ess

Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 09:47

since its creation HA has been weakening the army. they want a fight, they'll get it. they will turn lebanon into another iraq wait daily suicide bombs. its seems they don't care about lebanon.

Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 10:21

thanks for reminding me that they/you still owe me 900 euros for my cripple vaio laptop. damn, you just spoiled my day.

Thumb mckinl 20 December 2013, 10:29

Every time I come here benzona is playing with matches ... and we can see the results ...

Thumb cedars2 20 December 2013, 12:30

1.Nobody told them to instigate the attack by kidnapping and killing soldiers.

2. All of Lebanon was behind them in 2000, can you say the same today?

3.its because of them that assir had the excuse to get weapons and create his own militia.

4. Problems in Tripoli are related to several factors and they are one of the main reasons.

you can't prance around Lebanon threatening,attacking and assassinating and not expect other Lebanese not to arm themselves to protect themselves.

people don't trust them or believe what they say anymore. Their goal is weakening state institutions for the eventual coup that they will attempt. That attempt will be another adventure from which they will emerge defeated and bloodied but claiming victory. Sounds familiar to you?

Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 10:19

jumby is M8 ally.... or else he wouldn't be in bed with aoun and nasrallah in the current gov.

Default-user-icon Hanoun (Guest) 20 December 2013, 11:59

for the first time everyone agrees on one thing (sleeping with each other)
our politicians are sluts (moumasses), everyone with a different price

Thumb FlameCatcher 20 December 2013, 13:19

The only ones benefiting from a "finished off" army are Hezbollah who will become free to do what they want !

Face it, a strong army means no need for this fake resistance... they are the only ones with MOTIVE to have a weak army.

And you cannot even contradict this point !

If Hezbollah invested their billion dollar a year Iranian "donation" in creating businesses and jobs, the situation would be entirely different ... they could truly build a sustainable empire. Instead, they stick to what they do best ... black market economy and trade evading taxes owed to the lebanese state and keeping their sheep entirely dependent on Hezb and employees of Hezb.

Thumb cedre 20 December 2013, 14:44

jumby was, is and will be always with the strongest side, that guy is a Druze Machiavel...