Suleiman to Make Important Revelations, Shrugs Off Accusations of Mandate Extension

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Suleiman has said he would reveal over the weekend important details on efforts he is exerting along with the International Support Group for Lebanon to resolve Lebanon's political crisis.

“Something will happen in the New Year, the result of the efforts exerted by the International Support Group for Lebanon that was born in New York on the sidelines of the General Assembly session,” Suleiman said in remarks to An Nahar daily published on Monday.

The group undertook to work together to mobilize support for the sovereignty and state institutions of Lebanon and to highlight and promote efforts to assist the country where it was most affected by the Syrian crisis, including in respect of strengthening the capacity of the Lebanese Armed Forces, assistance to refugees, and structural and financial support to the government.

The president said had his critics known about his contacts with the international community and ways to salvage Lebanon they wouldn't have doubted that he was seeking to extend his term.

“They accuse me of seeking for extension but this is the last thing I think about whether they believe me or not,” Suleiman said.

The president's six-year mandate ends in May 2014 but there are fears that the March 8 and 14 camps would continue to boycott parliamentary sessions and not elect a new head of state.

Suleiman stressed that he would reveal the details of major developments and answer all questions during his meeting with the reporters of Baabda Palace on December 29.

“I welcome any criticism from any political party,” he said. “This means I am working.”

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Thumb geha 23 December 2013, 07:47

Mr. President,
we reached a point where we need to make a major decision: how can we still live with this Iranian terrorist militia?
if they have the support of the shia community, then let us divide the country, so they can live and die the way they want without dragging us down the drain with them.
Mr. President, they represent around 30% of the population, and they have destroyed our economy, our relationship with all foreign countries, the image of Lebanon.
we need to regain our country or at least divide the country so each can live according to his/her beliefs.

Missing lebcan 23 December 2013, 08:09

I Like this guy... You know the saying, is that the one who is not interested in a position of power or is usually the one who people should want in power...

HADITH quote... Prohibition of Seeking or Desiring a position of authority...
‘ Abdur-Rahmân bin Samurah narrated: ``The Messenger of Allâh صلى ا لله عليه وسلم said to me: ‘O `Abdur-Rahmân, do not seek a position of authority, for if you are given it when you ask for it, you will be left alone (without divine support), but if you are given it without asking for it, you will be helped (by divine support).'''

Thumb ice-man 23 December 2013, 08:38

That is exactly why sayid hassan never asks for position of authority.

Thumb ice-man 23 December 2013, 08:38

He always gets helped by divine support.

Thumb benzona 23 December 2013, 11:34

because? Allahu akbar of course ;-)

ça va l'ami?

Missing lebcan 23 December 2013, 21:32

HEY! ice-man!!! YOU couldn't be FARTHER from the truth about hassan!!!

Thumb mckinl 23 December 2013, 11:39

One can only hope Suleiman speaks the truth ... Lebanon is desperate for political consensus, help with a million refugees, a stretched army and an economy that shrinks ...

Missing peace 23 December 2013, 12:13

thank you M8 government! LOL

Thumb mckinl 23 December 2013, 12:17

You can thank the US\KSA war in Syria and M14 for carrying out obstruction in the KSA Fatwa on the Shia ...

Thumb -phoenix1 23 December 2013, 13:58

Mr. President, call now for the restoration of all the powers that were taken from the post of president, then let's extend your term for at least 3 years, then the people of Lebanon will see what everyone knows, that you as a president will do what it takes to restore the direction of a country gone completely berserk. I also urge the Lebanese media to have the guts and do a poll of if the people want to see the president's term go for an extension, I am in no doubt that most will support this move. If Suleiman leaves, the post will not be filled, and if it is filled, it will be filled by a puppet, one that will have nothing to do with the interests of Lebanon. One look at what we currently have will confirm what most fear, another Mansour look-alike. Please Mr. President, do stay, I am one of the people and I have no problem having you around for as long as it takes to bring this out out of its mess.

Thumb -phoenix1 23 December 2013, 14:00

**This country out of its mess...**

Thumb -phoenix1 23 December 2013, 14:13

If I had scales, I would put all our politicians combined M's on one side of the scales and our president on the other, all of them would not even amount to a quarter of his weight. God bless you Mr. President, you have a lot more support than you may know of.