Hizbullah Establishes Airport in Baalbek, Operates Iranian-Made Drones

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah had recently established a small military airport in the Bekaa city of Baalbek and is operating Iranian-made drones, the Saudi al-Watan daily reported on Thursday.

According to the daily, Hizbullah also created high-security secret tunnels and depots, that were dug under Iranian supervision.

The Iranian drones were identified as Mirsad-1 and Mirsad-2.

A Lebanese observer Georges Shahin said in comments published in the Saudi newspaper that the Islamic Republic of Iran had provided its staunch ally Hizbullah with 14 Iranian-made drones.

“It's not unlikely for Hizbullah to set a new airport,” Shahin said.

In January, senior commander of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh said that Hizbullah has dramatically improved its missile capabilities and can now pinpoint targets anywhere in Israel.

Hajizadeh didn't say how Hizbullah's missile capability had improved, but The Wall Street Journal has reported that the group has been moving parts of advanced guided-missile systems to Lebanon from bases where it had stored them inside Syria.

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Missing -karim- 06 March 2014, 08:25

"...the Saudi al-Watan daily reported on Thursday."


Thumb popeye 06 March 2014, 10:31

When your hizb killed Hariri you said hahahaha.... when you caused the 2006 war you also said hahahaha. When you fly your ayub drones do they need an airport? Or you just say hahahaha because you have no argument....

Thumb .mowaten. 06 March 2014, 12:00

no we say hahahaha at your comments dude, because they're just pathetic

Thumb .mowaten. 06 March 2014, 12:01

here's for you israelis and/or takfiris (it's becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between the two)

Thumb Kalzyturks 06 March 2014, 10:47


Yes the daily watan got it wrong. It's not called mirsad but Ayoub. Don't laugh, the laugh is on you.

If the fact is this group has drones that means it needs an airport to fly them. Not a international airport!

This news article makes sense apart from the error of reporting.

It makes total sense of what flew over geageas house could possibly be a Ayoub drone.

Thumb Kalzyturks 06 March 2014, 10:48

What Ayoub drone you say?

This Ayoub drone.. ...

Missing rami 06 March 2014, 08:38

Right cedre. Those are not drones, they are lawn mowers. What was heard in Me3rab is Gaegea's neighbor trimming the grass of his garden.
Drones al, chou 7al kahi.

Missing rami 06 March 2014, 09:23


Missing hammouds 06 March 2014, 08:59

If your neighbor used the money to remodel the neighborhood and thereby increase property values, then yes you win from it too. (I'm going along with your metaphor here)

Thumb ex-fpm 06 March 2014, 09:34

Laughable indeed the analogy. It seems your Hizb has put the final touches to finalizing its own state.

Thumb kanaandian 06 March 2014, 09:12

i guess it would be hard to get life insurance while traveling when flying to such an airport, if not..impossible!

Thumb popeye 06 March 2014, 11:04

I await the day when I will read ONE meaningful post, ONE counter argument, ONE credible or mature info from you, ..Flamethrower.. , but alas!

Thumb geha 06 March 2014, 11:16

it s becoming clearer by the day that hizbushaitan is going to be the cause of a major war with Israel.
it is denoted by these leaks in the news these days about several hizbushaitan armaments. for example, these drones have been there for over 2 years and they are manned by iranian revolutionary guard experts.
so my question: why are they talked about these days?

be prepared for a very hot period....

Thumb .mowaten. 06 March 2014, 12:03

special delivery for you:

Thumb .mowaten. 06 March 2014, 12:38

it's relevant because it expresses geha's feelings perfectly. it also expresses yours too apparently, so you can have your very own special delivery too

Thumb tornado 06 March 2014, 13:16

You keep spamming the forum, and action should be taken by naharnet for your posting of these videos and images.

Thumb geha 06 March 2014, 13:28


you are so empty.... with or without delivery.

stupidity to the core.... denotes the total absence of a brain.

Thumb .mowaten. 06 March 2014, 15:40

what a poet

Thumb -phoenix1 06 March 2014, 13:37

(1). If these reports are confirmed, then it means one thing and one thing only, that Hezbollah is still flaunting everything that represents its constitution, its laws, its very sovereignty. I know that we have a club for people who are enthusiast that enjoy flying models, before they can do so, they'd have to take a clearance from the army and Ministry of the interior, or through the ISF before they go to the approved areas to enjoy their hobby. If scaled models require so much from us, then how can Hezbollah operate with such impunity once again? Why does it need drones anyway? Is Hezbollah trying to upstage the state or is it really telling us Lebanese that it is only a question of time till when we take over the entire country?

Thumb -phoenix1 06 March 2014, 18:47

** Typos.... that Hezbollah is still flaunting everything that represents the Lebanese State, its laws....***

Thumb -phoenix1 06 March 2014, 13:51

(2). It is now so apparent that for many years now, not a day seems to pass by without our being reminded that a major obstacle is in the making, what started off as a seemingly noble resistance now has become the one major impediment to the very viability if not the very survival of Lebanon as a nation of peaceful cohabitation between all its sons and daughters. In the beginning, every Lebanese, albeit much sacrifices did indeed give sanctuary for Hezbollah, or then better known as the Resistance, but after liberation day of May 2000, the majority of the Lebanese wanted to thread the real path to final statehood and the freedom brought about. But sadly and alas, that was not to be, against all our expectations, instead of threading the diplomatic path to consolidate the gains attained then, Hezbollah started telling us about Mazare3 Shebaa.

Thumb -phoenix1 06 March 2014, 13:57

(3). Most of the Lebanese, including the state, wanted the diplomatic path, not the armed one. We even had the international community firmly standing by us, even Israel gave its tacit approval to that path. yet, we had Syria whose position on Shebaa remained and remain to this day unclear. Now we all know, that Hezbollah never had the Lebanese state at heart, its aim was purely one plugged into the mainstream of the Iranian/Syrian project, Lebanon for all it seems was part of it, not independent of it. Then thereafter Hezbollah kept giving us one shock therapy after the other, as it went from liberation of Lebanon, to Shebaa, to Jerusalem, to Cairo and Egypt, Bahrain, and God knows where further more. Then came to our utter shock and surprise the July 2006 war.

Thumb -phoenix1 06 March 2014, 14:01

(4). At a time when Lebanon was tipped to have one of its best bumper tourist seasons ever, it all went in the blink of an eye, from paradise, prosperity to hell and total hopelessness. Sayed Hassan even accepted that he went wrong, but what's the use of his word when he is now known to break it as soon as he gives it, it no longer become a word but and insult. Then he used his holy weapons to invade West Beirut and then Hezbollah started killing fellow Lebanese, in the name of what, I wonder! Hezbollah then took us Lebanese from one hellish venture to the other, from occupying Downtown Beirut, to blocking the access to the airport, to kidnapping both Lebanese and non-Lebanese, entering the war in Syria, against the majority of the Lebanese's wishes. I know of a good number of our Shiite brothers who abhor that very day, but yes, they fear the bearers of that Yellow Flag.

Thumb -phoenix1 06 March 2014, 14:07

(5). Today, the Takfiris are reminding us, that we are now fast on our way to becoming like Iraq and Afghanistan. Now let's be absolutely clear on this, Hezbollah can do jacksh*t when it comes to confronting the terror threat of the Satanic Takfiris in Lebanon, had it not been the dedicated and hard work of the Lebanese state, through all its constitutional security and legal institutions, Hezbollah would still be bearing the brunt of the attacks. Sure, Hezbollah has the means to give us stories and stories about why they are doing the things they are doing, but fewer and fewer people could now believe their repeated deceits, even President Suleiman, who once gave his tacit support for what we once knew as the Resistance, now finds that he must confront it. As of recent, he became the black-sheep of Hezbollah and its sheepish flock of allies, who its clear they too have soul their souls and hides to the devil in the name of selfish interests and the furthest from national interests.

Thumb -phoenix1 06 March 2014, 14:21

(6). It took us nearly a year to decide on a new government, and now what looks like an eternity to come out with a policy statement, and for what, a government that is purely an interim one for all we know? Look at what Lebanon has become today, a desolate country, whose economy is now truly struggling. We are inundated with refugees, who even worse are now taking over our jobs and even businesses, so instead that we behave like a unified nation, we are becoming ever more polarized. Hezbollah has achieved a lot lately, most of which is its gradual loss of sympathy and good will from its fellow Lebanese siblings, even moderate people like myself, who went into a lot of trouble giving it my qualified support, have now begun making my U-Turn, and for good reasons. Yes, I will never hate my fellow Shiite brother, we shall forever remain brothers, but now my mind and heart have begun making very uncomfortable questions for Hezbollah.

Thumb -phoenix1 06 March 2014, 14:23

(7). Can you ya Hezbollah continue into your suicidal path? Can you continue ignoring us, our calls for reason forever? Is Syria and Iran more important than Lebanon? You want to tell us as always, why you're always right about your decisions, sure, go ahead, you have not changed one bit, but no one now believes anything you want to say to exonerate yourselves. It looks set, that as the bitterness against you ya Hezbollah is growing, there will come the day when you will realize, hopefully, that listening to your fellow Lebanese brothers would have saved you your very existence. Now it is set to be a question of time, then remember my words, simple.

Thumb -phoenix1 06 March 2014, 14:25

(8). And I will confirm to you that people like Al Assir and others were just tea party kids compared to what national hatred will feel for you. I repeat, we bear NO hatred for our Shiite siblings, but growing hatred to a militia that keeps lying so chronically, and it's called Hezbollah. Please, from now on, remove the word Allah from your acronym, you never merited it, put anything you want to your militia's name and leave God out of your Satanic agendas, you cannot fool anyone anymore.

Missing VINCENT 06 March 2014, 21:27

Bravo to all above.

Thumb cityboy 06 March 2014, 17:03

or the reportedly 14 drones.

Thumb -phoenix1 06 March 2014, 18:41

(1) @City, but you have not seen that part where I said, that you are my Shiite brother and that this is how it will stay for life? You are my brother, Shiite, Sunni, Christian, Druze and my aim is for us all to live side by side in our beloved Lebanon. I will never raise my hand over you, not even my voice, even over Hezbollah if you wanted to know. But I must be honest here with you brother, and I am doing this with the utmost respects for your feelings, I now believe that Hezbollah has not been truthful to everyone, even you included. It is gradually inching its way at controlling the country, my country is miserable, feels despondent and hopeless, bro, can't tell you more. You said it, why not integrate HA now and let's move forward, rather than us going into the abyss of the unknown?

Thumb -phoenix1 06 March 2014, 18:44

(2) @City. Hezbollah feels duty towards Syria and Iran, the convenience part of it naturally, and because of this, Lebanon could burn, anytime now. Hezbollah doesn't want to accape that the Syrian war will not be won, but lost by all, and that it's going to be a long, protracted bloody war, and Trust me, I still love you as my Shiite brother, and I will not change, but Hezbollah? Here with the Hezb, the disappointment for me has become way too long in the tooth and too bitter. I am a nationalist, the nation, the state, the LAF, the nation's constitution, it's constitutional institutions, the the respect and upholding of the law, the observance and keeping of the peace, these come first. Khalass ya akhy, no more militias, bi kaffe.

Thumb cityboy 07 March 2014, 02:09

Phoenix, thanks for your response, maybe I am responding a little late here, but just wanted to say that I don't question for a minute your love for others in Lebanon including the Shiites. I, too, would never want to see any sects in Lebanon raise a finger against each other. You mentioned that HA is gradually inching its way at controlling the country, well you know what in a way I am inclined to agree with that, even going further and stating the obvious, HA has had control over Lebanon for a number of years now. This control i speak of is in the form of a vanguard to protect Lebanon's independence and to help ensure Lebanon remains free from tyranny leadership, be it royal or dictatorship. You may not agree with me but if you really analyse HA role in Lebanon you will find they care more about our freedom and future then you care to give them credit for.

Thumb cityboy 07 March 2014, 02:19

It is a complicated subject, and I wish I had the intellect as some others to explain my thoughts in a few paragraphs but sadly I am not that gifted. It is only my opinion anyways but I guess I am just trying to provide you with other reasons why people like myself feel the need for HA and why we may define the term resistance different than say you would. When Lebanon can truly stand on its feet, in all aspects, then I too will hope HA will be ready to integrate with the army but at this point of time, many of us feel HA is still a crucial necessity.

Thumb cedre 06 March 2014, 19:26

Mabrouk 3lina, we are part of wilayat faqih, HizbIran has its army, intelligence, parallel economy, its telecoms and now its airfield in bekaa. I wont even make mention that they control beirut's port and airport...

Thumb shab 06 March 2014, 19:55

Filthy murdering militia

Missing peace 06 March 2014, 21:09

why is ultra so pissed off? isn't he happy to know that his militia have a runway for their drones? LOL
what is his problem?

Missing VINCENT 06 March 2014, 21:38

Cityboy: Did God entertain and/or approve an application or request from a human coalition/party to use God and/or God's name on the party's flag/logo? It is not just about what H.A. is sword to do for Iranian/Syrian agenda, but who are they hurting on the way and under what color of authority, whether moral or spiritual. You think those of us who believe in "God" as the one and mighty don't look at H.A's actions in misusing "God" as blasphemous? Wolfe in sheep's clothing? The Devil pretending to be a Saint? OK, I change our minds, I am the party of God. So then what?

Missing zgmdf 07 March 2014, 04:31

You really think that Hez is really defending Lebanon, or it will actually be the catalyst for Lebanon's' ruin? Do you think that by arming themselves to the teeth they will be a match to Israel, if the latter will indeed decide that it's time to have them disposed off? I think Hez knows the answer, and while using Israel as a guise, their true goal is to dominate Lebanon.
Saddam was arming and threghtening Israel, but whom did he turned it's arms against? Iran and then Kuwait.
Iran is arming against Israel, but whom do they turn their arms against? The Syrian people, and I suspect-the Gulf states in the future.
Israel is the boogi man toy use to dominate fellow Muslims in the ME, and Hez is no exception!!!

Default-user-icon William (Guest) 06 March 2014, 22:23

Illegally operating an airport outside of state control....How can Hezb claim they have any respect for a sovereign and legitimate Lebanese national government but do something like this?...This is an embarrassment and a display of utter arrogance. Once again, this reveals their true agenda, which has absolutely nothing to do with the true interests of the Lebanese people. They do what they want and when they want. I beg someone to please attempt to justify their actions.

Missing peace 07 March 2014, 00:01

a REAL patriot would say: LEBANON w bass... we see where your patriotism lays, certainly not to Lebanon.... pathetic thing...

Missing zgmdf 07 March 2014, 04:36

yeah, they took it over!!!