Jumblat: Criticizing Army at this Time Will Expose Lebanon to More Dangers

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat noted on Monday that “national responsibility” obligates all political camps to stand united behind the military institution in light of the army's battles with armed groups in the eastern town of Arsal.

He said in his weekly editorial in the PSP-affiliated al-Anbaa website: “Some irresponsible sides criticized the army and will expose it and Lebanon to more dangers.”

“These sides should instead be seeking to create conditions that will unite the Lebanese during this tense time,” he remarked.

On this note, he commended the recent position of Mustaqbal Movement leader MP Saad Hariri “who expressed his absolute support to the army, especially during this critical phase.”

Jumblat highlighted the need for all central political powers, which were foes in the past, to preserve the Lebanese entity, rise to the occasion, and meet the challenges of this current stage.

“They should steer clear of petty differences that will create superficial disputes that are pointless given the major developments in the region,” added the MP.

“National responsibility obligates all political powers to stand united behind the army and its sacrifices aimed at maintaining Lebanon's sovereignty,” he stressed.

At least 10 Lebanese troops have been killed and 25 others wounded while 13 troops have gone missing since the clashes with armed groups erupted in and around Arsal on Saturday. Dozens of gunmen have been killed or arrested in the fighting.

The battle started after the army arrested al-Nusra Front top official Imad Ahmed Jomaa.

On Sunday, army chief General Jean Qahwaji had however announced that the clashes were “premeditated” by the armed groups.

Tripoli MP Mohammed Kabbara of the Mustaqbal bloc described the incidents in Arsal as a “Syrian-Iranian conspiracy,” demanding a quick probe to “determine whether there is a legitimate cause for Jomaa's arrest.”



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Default-user-icon The phenecian (Guest) 04 August 2014, 15:12

Franckly, Jumblat has been acting much better than all christian Lebanese leasders combined, I would nominate him for president regardless of his religious affiliation.
Surely George Cluny would agree !
The phenician

Thumb cedre 04 August 2014, 15:13

Jumby forgot when he had druze defect en masse from LAF. He fought and killed dozens of LAF soldiers coz his sect comes first for him...

Thumb galaxy 04 August 2014, 15:24

dear cedre, when it comes to the the lebanese army we all support it no matter what, even if sometimes we have reservations on its handling of certain situations. The army is made up of all of us. I am anti HA but it does not mean I am pro nusra or similar extremist groups. But mouthpieces of HA like the one above have difficulty understanding this basic concept and it is their job to propagate the George Bush notion "If you are not with us, then you are with the terrorists". I consider HA a terrorist sectarian organization and the only reason for this country's social, economical, and political demise.

Thumb cedre 04 August 2014, 15:45

galaxy, u can support and criticize LAF...
U cant be against HA and agree with LAF being a tool of Iran and Syria.
Actually it is because I support LAF that I dont want our lads to die for Bashar and Khamenei...

Thumb galaxy 04 August 2014, 15:14

I agree, but cut down on the drama and theatrics and don't play to the cameras. You are not on stage

Thumb LEBORATION 04 August 2014, 15:22

“Syrian-Iranian conspiracy,” Thats the truth haboobs.

Thumb ice-man 04 August 2014, 16:23

do you like Yoga?