Com Fu – a Success Story


In early 2011, after taking the Starting a Business course at AMIDEAST, Ralph Aoun launched his web-based communications agency, Com Fu (, to tap into the potential for Internet-based commerce in that country and the region.

Com Fu – with a tagline of “Ultimate warriors of the web” -- helps businesses improve their online presence by providing highly functional, appealing, and socially friendly web consulting, web development, online marketing and digital media services.


During the planning stage and his first year in business, and based on what he learned during the workshop, Ralph focused on the development of Com Fu’s brand identity, company culture, pricing strategy, internal processes and knowledge base.


Com Fu’s team currently consists of 14 people, with plans to bring more staff members on board within the next few months. Its offices have expanded during the first two years in operation and plans to expand to the Pan Arab region and the African continent are in the midst of development.

Ralph credits the AMIDEAST for teaching him how to develop a vision and strategy for long-term business success.

The practical training, exchange of ideas, mentorship and networking opportunities provided during the course helped him plan for and realize his entrepreneurial dream.

He notes how valuable the continuous support and mentorship offered by workshop facilitator Carole Abi Saad (co-managing partner of interactive communications firm Cre8mania) has been and how it helped him persist in an unstable political and business climate.


He was also inspired to give back to society, a value that he urges his team to embrace. “We measure success by our ability to preserve a young energetic team that is aiming not only to create business, but also to instill change in society.”

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