Adwan Seeks to Appease Angry Relatives of Arsal Hostages

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces MP George Adwan visited the families of the so-called Arsal hostages on Monday to persuade them to reopen the roads they are blocking in protest at the continued captivity of their loved ones.

“Road blocking is not the solution,” Adwan said during the meeting with the families of the captive soldiers and policemen at their protest site in Dahr al-Baidar.

The troops and police are being held by jihadists who overran the northeastern border town of Arsal last month. The militants from al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State group executed three of them, raising fears of more killings.

The angry relatives began cutting roads last week to protest the failure of the government to resolve the case.

During his attempt to appease the Dahr al-Baidar protesters, Adwan was interrupted by the families of the hostages, who said the government was not taking any action.

“All politicians are liars,” one of them shouted.

Adwan said the issue of the hostages will be discussed during a parliamentary session on Wednesday.

“We should unite and cut the road to strife to guarantee (the safety of) the nation and the return of our loved ones from captivity,” the MP added.

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Thumb EagleDawn 29 September 2014, 13:57

HA is behind lack of serious negotiations to release the captured soldiers.

Missing cedars 29 September 2014, 14:07

Who lied all the years to the citizens of Lebanon since 2005 that their arms is and can only be used against Israel ? Who stole the government infrastructure to build a private telecom network? Who runs mini state and does not pay electricity or allows the state to enters their territory without a permission? Who attacks the state authorities whether in jbeil or Beirut suburbs when they steal lands and build illegally such as Israel in gaza? It's the armed militia that swears it's allegiance to the foreign states before Lebanon.

Thumb EagleDawn 29 September 2014, 14:08

one could give a thousand examples similar to what you have mentioned to describe this evil cancer.

Thumb ex-fpm 29 September 2014, 15:35

I recall nasrallah saying on May 7th " we will use weapons to protect our weapons". No mention of akkaris or any other halucinations.

Thumb ex-fpm 29 September 2014, 16:10

فضيحة الأشغال..!
على مستوى القضاء، حصلت خمسة أقضية (بعلبك، الهرمل، بنت جبيل، النبطية، صور) على ما يساوي 47 مليار ليرة من أصل حوالى 74 مليار إجمالي إنفاق الوزارة… في حين حصلت باقي الأقضية مجتمعة (16 قضاء) على 28 ملياراً!.. على صعيد الطوائف، حصلت الطائفة الشيعية على 47 ملياراً، الطوائف المسيحية مجتمعة (موارنة، روم، أرمن…) 19 ملياراً، السنّة 7 مليارات، والطائفة الدرزية على 1,5 مليار !..

ما يعني أنّ طائفة واحدة حصلت على 47 ملياراً، في حين حصلت باقي الطوائف الموجودة في لبنان (17 طائفة) على 28 ملياراً… وبحسبة بسيطة (28/17) ؟؟ يظهر لنا بأنّ كل طائفة تنال 1,6 مليار ليرة لبنانية!!..

Thumb galaxy 29 September 2014, 16:37

they robbed the country lock stock and barrel and they are still "deprived".

Missing .samy.. 29 September 2014, 17:25

I bet FT's mother was raped by a hizbi. That explains his love and admiration for them

Thumb galaxy 29 September 2014, 18:36

فضائح باسيل في الامم المتحدة!!

دانت جمعية "قل لا للعنف" في بيان "تدني مستوى الألفاظ والتصرفات بحق المرأة اللبنانية من وزير الخارجية والمغتربين جبران باسيل، والعنف المباشر وغير المباشر الذي تسبب به بحق سيدة لبنانية هي القائمة بأعمال بعثة لبنان في الأمم المتحدة".
وأضاف البيان: "إن جمعية قل لا للعنف تستنكر ما ورد من تصرفات مسيئة من الوزير باسيل، وتأسف لهذا المستوى وللانتهاك الواضح والصريح لحقوق المرأة اللبنانية والإنسان، وتطالب بفتح تحقيق في هذه الحادثة المسيئة لجميع اللبنانيات".

Missing .samy.. 29 September 2014, 20:09

Oh Bassil must have thought he was addressing his mother. What a scum bag.

Missing .samy.. 29 September 2014, 20:12

and at the same time he made advances to walid al moualem. Love is in the air

Default-user-icon Cedars the goat (Guest) 01 October 2014, 01:19

You mama! Muhahaha

Thumb EagleDawn 29 September 2014, 14:19

Dignity is a word that creatures of your kind do not understand. If you care so much about the dignity of the LAF, give them your iranian weapons and not the 100,000 rockets but 50,000 and a couple of iranian made drones.

Default-user-icon CFTC (Guest) 29 September 2014, 15:59

The Pentagon and its military strategists fade in comparison to you Flamethrower!

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 29 September 2014, 14:11

let a member of parliament of the LF you mr adwan or mr Zahra or even mr mourani go and replace our soldiers as hostages and then negociate

Thumb Tony.Farris 29 September 2014, 18:06

They should block the road from-&-to Damascus. ASSad create this mess and he needs to clean it.