Mother, 24, Gives Birth to Quintuplets in Tyre

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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A 24-year-old Lebanese has given birth to premature quintuplets in the southern city of Tyre, the state-run National News Agency reported on Wednesday.

Aya Jameel Haidar had quintuplets – three girls and two boys – at the Hospital of Jabal Amel in Tyre, NNA said.

“The mother is in good health after having a caesarian section,” Doctor Kamel Yassine said.

Aya is married from Hussein Fawaz, who hails from the southern town of Debaal.

“The babies are stable, weigh between 1,000 grams and 1,300 grams and are currently at the newborn Intensive Care Unit facility,” Yassine added.

Aya's doctor Riad Ghareeb told NNA that “she was infertile and had been undergoing treatment for the past two years... Pregnancy happened in a natural way without fertilization.”

The mother called on the state to aid her and provide her and her babies with their needs amid the difficult social and economic situation.



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Missing appletalk 05 November 2014, 11:59

they will now need a bigger washing machine than the one they actually have. mabruk!

Default-user-icon flamethrower (Guest) 05 November 2014, 14:57

you remind me of myself in the good old days when i was the forum's favorite

Thumb joebustani 05 November 2014, 14:15

Five more terrorists were born that require state subsidies.

Default-user-icon Joethedouche (Guest) 05 November 2014, 14:51

What a sectarian retard. Seriously dude?

Thumb lebanon_first 05 November 2014, 16:11

quintuplets.... Ashraf al nass.

Thumb Gassy_29 05 November 2014, 17:44

Mabrouk and God bless may they be blessed with a long happy productive lives, and not end up as Iranian cannon fodder.

Thumb megahabib 05 November 2014, 19:08

Even this gets sectarian comments, and Naharnet does not delete a single comment. Only if you criticise Geagea or Saudi Arabia...

Thumb liberty 06 November 2014, 04:51

did it hurt your tender feelings mega hypocrite?

Thumb megahabib 07 November 2014, 00:36

When have I criticised Sunnis for giving birth?

Thumb Maxx 05 November 2014, 21:29

LOL. "When it rains it pours!" Mabrukeen...