Mustaqbal: No Side Has the Right to Usurp Govt.'s Decisions on War and Peace

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc stressed on Wednesday that the government alone is responsible for issues of war and peace, adding that the Shebaa operation earlier during the day should remind all Lebanese factions of the importance of preserving stability and security.

It said in a statement after its weekly meeting: “No side has the right to usurp the will of the Lebanese people and replace the constitutional authority of the state that is tasked with making national decisions.”

“We therefore reject any act that may involve Lebanon in matters that do not serve its interests,” it said.

It made its remarks in light of Hizbullah's attack on Wednesday against an Israeli military convoy in the occupied Shebaa Farms in southern Lebanon.

Two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven wounded in the incident that prompted Israeli shelling on southern regions.

A Spanish member of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon was killed in the Israeli shelling.

Hizbullah's attack came in retaliation to an Israeli airstrike on January 18 on Syria's Quneitra region in the occupied Golan Heights that resulted in the death of six party members and an Iranian general.

The Mustaqbal bloc offered its condolences over the death of the Spanish UNIFIL member, calling on all sides to respect U.N. Security Council resolution 1701.

Commenting on the army's recent battles with extremist armed groups along the Lebanese-Syrian border in the eastern Bekaa, it said: “The troops who fell in the recent Ras Baalbek battle died in defense of Lebanon's freedom, dignity, and security against criminal terrorists who do not serve the Syrian cause.”

It also noted that the Change and Reform bloc's proposal that the Lebanese army cooperate with its Syrian counterpart to confront terrorist border threats “contradicts the state's policy of disassociation and the Baabda Declaration.”

Such a suggestion also makes Lebanon appear supportive of the Damascus leadership against the Syrian people given their plight to overthrow the regime, continued the bloc.

“We consider that the Lebanese army and legitimate security forces are the sole sides qualified to confront terrorism in Lebanon and protect its borders,” it stressed.

Eight soldiers were killed in clashes between the army and armed groups in the Ras Baalbek region on Friday in another round of fighting with extremists from Syria.

The Change and Reform bloc proposed on Tuesday that the army cooperate with the Syrian army to confront such threats, demanding also that it put an end to such battles.

Since the eruption of the Syrian conflict in March 2011, the army has repeatedly waged battles with extremist groups along border regions with Syria.



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Thumb popeye 28 January 2015, 19:30

I await the day when I will read ONE meaningful post, ONE counter argument, ONE credible or mature info from you, ...flamethrower-- , but alas!

Missing humble 28 January 2015, 21:31

By which law can Ebola decide of my future and the future of all generations?
To create their Islamic Republic they want to destroy what exists. By attacking Israel, they can reach the objective of total destruction. Maudit soit Ebola. Maudits soient les traîtres partisans d'Ebola. Maudit soit ce caporal serviteur d'Ebola.

Missing humble 28 January 2015, 21:32

No. No. No. Ebola is NOT resistance. It is an iranian army which aims at creating an Islamic Republic.

Thumb nickjames 28 January 2015, 21:33

"good, then you support today's operation since it falls within lebanese territory and therefore directly within lebanese sovereignty and therefore, lebanese interests."

Looooooool since when was it in Lebanese interests to have its entire country destroyed??? Since when is it in Lebanese interests for Israel and Hezbollah to play a pre-programmed game of chess in which only the pawns are killed, and the ahwe is spilled all over the game board that is Lebanon?????

Thumb saturn 28 January 2015, 21:35

well give them time, they are working on those Saudi 20 million. The Army can now buy sunglasses for every soldier, yuppie!

Thumb nickjames 28 January 2015, 21:36

Flamey, you need to look at reality, which is that Israel and Hezbollah are conspiring together to keep Lebanon weak. The fact is that all the Arabs have become subservient to Israel, including Hezbollah. The only thing is that while they carry out Israel's plan, the Arabs still fight amongst themselves because they're stupid.

Missing humble 28 January 2015, 21:44

What are you encouraging? The destruction of Lebanon?
You cannot eradicate Israel. Fact. But you can only do great harm to Lebanon.

Missing helicopter 29 January 2015, 03:41

No, he is encouraging the supremacy of the Iranian Mullah's at the expense of Lebanon. Iran controls for Arab Capitals thanks to followers like F.T., Mowaten, Southern, and Mystic. They control Syria through the Asaad's, Lebanon through HA, Gaza through Hamas, and now Yemen through the Houthis.

Missing humble 28 January 2015, 21:45

Ebola cannot eradicate Israel. Fact. But they can only do great harm to Lebanon.

Missing peace 28 January 2015, 22:14

bigjohn: just tell us in which way did this hit serve the purpose of liberating chebaa? the hit on these officers was so strategic to free chebaa? or was it just a childish revenge to please his majesty nasrallah? lol

Missing peace 28 January 2015, 22:17

isn't it up to the lebanese army to decide of peace or war after the green light from the gvt or is it up to a party?

that is the wuestion you should answer... now if it up to hezbollah to decide , it only means that you prefer a party to govern rather than the government... that you place the fate of the country in the sole hands of a political party... thus you do not believe in a country called Lebanon....

Missing people-power 28 January 2015, 22:46

I predict Israel will go after Hezbollah positions in Syria.

Previously, Hezbollah has specialized in asymmetrical warfare, for example:

1. Hiding among civilian population when sending rockets into non military targets.
2. Dressed as civilians when counterattacking the invading forces.

In this manner above, Hezbollah is a more difficult to target by conventional means.

Within the last 2-3 years however, Hezbollah is forced to fight more conventional warfare in Syria. This leaves Hezbollah assets more vulnerable to attacks from conventional air assaults (which the Syrian opposition is not capable of doing).

When Israel decides to strike at Hezbollah, they will find some easily identified targets in Syria.

Missing people-power 28 January 2015, 22:46

Israel did not yet have justifiable reasons to strike at Hezbollah targets in Syria (not including the Golan). I think the attack on Hezbollah in the Golan was a premeditated effort by Israel to escalate their battle with Hezbollah. They anticipated thaat Hezbollah would retaliate, which in turn they will use this as a reason to go after Hezbollah elsewhere in Syria.

Missing humble 28 January 2015, 22:47

If Israel doesn't retaliate it is because the powerful international pressure trying to save Lebanon. But, the next agression from Ebola, Israel will launch an all out war. The last one.

Default-user-icon TheCh (Guest) 28 January 2015, 23:37

what about Quneitra? how much does that fall within lebanese territory?

Default-user-icon Canadian (Guest) 29 January 2015, 02:09

according to syrians sheb3a is syrian land so its not the right to Hizballah to do any activities,once syrian goverment signs that that land belongs to lebanon than we give hizballah the right to destroy whatever passes over that land , but we did not protect their activities as long as is not official but hope the war does not happen because will be extermination i guess this time.

Missing the_truth 29 January 2015, 03:37

One day the arabs will learn there is strength in unity...and one day they will learn religion will only bring their own destruction...and one day a history book will write that the arabs could have took back the land of palestine, but instead of uniting against the enemy. They fought among themselves and let the enemy prosper and destroy.

Missing humble 29 January 2015, 11:04

The hell with the iranian Ebola disease.