Netanyahu Slams Hizbullah, Compares Mughniyeh to Bin Laden in 'Spilling American Blood'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not forget to blast Hizbullah during his anti-Iran speech before the U.S. Congress on Tuesday, describing the Lebanese party and Tehran as a real threat to Israel's survival.

“For those who believe that Iran threatens the Jewish state, but not the Jewish people, listen to (Sayyed) Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hizbullah, Iran's chief terrorist proxy. He said: If all the Jews gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of chasing them down around the world,” Netanyahu said.

“Iran's goons in Gaza, its lackeys in Lebanon, its revolutionary guards on the Golan Heights are clutching Israel with three tentacles of terror,” he added, in an impassioned address to the U.S. legislature.

Netanyahu also recalled Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif's 2014 visit to Lebanon.

“Last year, the same Zarif who charms Western diplomats laid a wreath at the grave of Imad Mughniyeh,” Hizbullah's slain military commander, Netanyahu said.

“Imad Mughniyeh is the terrorist mastermind who spilled more American blood than any other terrorist besides Osama bin Laden,” the Israeli PM added.

He warned that “in the Middle East, Iran now dominates four Arab capitals -- Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sanaa.”

“If Iran's aggression is left unchecked, more will surely follow,” Netanyahu cautioned, calling on the international community to “stand together to stop Iran's march of conquest, subjugation and terror.”

The elusive Mughniyeh, who led Hizbullah's military resistance against Israel, was killed in a 2008 car bomb blast in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Hizbullah blamed his killing on Israel, the party's sworn enemy, which denied involvement.

Information about Mughniyeh is limited, but he is generally understood to have been a principal leader and operative for a number of years within Hizbullah's military, intelligence, and security apparatuses. He may also have been among the founders of Hizbullah in the 1980s.

U.S. and Israeli officials have accused Mughniyeh of association with many bombings, kidnappings and assassinations, beginning with the Beirut U.S. barracks bomb attack and U.S. embassy bombings, both of which took place in 1983 and killed over 350, as well as the kidnapping of dozens of foreigners in Lebanon in the 1980s.

He was indicted in Argentina for an alleged role in the 1992 Israeli embassy attack in Buenos Aires.

U.S. officials have accused him of killing more United States citizens than any other anti-U.S. operative prior to the 2001 U.S. attacks, and the bombings and kidnappings he is alleged to have organized are credited with all but eliminating the U.S. military presence in Lebanon in the 1980s.

Netanyahu's controversial address to the U.S. Congress sought to highlight Iran's perceived expansionist hopes as one reason to halt nuclear talks between Tehran and the world powers.

Iran, a Shiite Muslim nation, is blamed for helping to prop up Syrian President Bashar Assad, for supporting Huthi Shiite rebels who have seized the Yemeni capital and for trying to influence Iraqi leaders.


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Thumb geha 03 March 2015, 20:02

hizbushaitan will pay the price of the US/iran deal :)

Thumb Mystic 03 March 2015, 21:58

"If all the Jews gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of chasing them down around the world." Another made up lie, by Netanyahu aka Bibi, Sayed Hassan never said such a thing. Zionists should indeed be chased around the world, not normal Jewish people.

Remember many jews are actually against the Zionist State of Israel.
'Israel' is still a stolen occupied land, no matter how much the World powers tries to ignore it.

Thumb Mystic 03 March 2015, 22:10

Ya Netanyahu(Bibi) the state you zionists have created, is not even more than a 100 years old. Israel was a failed state, as soon as it was founded. Heroes like Hajj Radwan r.a made sure you zionists remembered that.

You better remember the sirens of 2006, people inside ISrael sure does remember. You fled like fools in that stand off, you came to eradicate the Resistance, you left within a month. Now you use pathetic takfiris to defend the occupied Golan Heights.

Israel in the 2006 War, not in triumph.

Missing helicopter 04 March 2015, 04:57

Now Lebanon is occupied by Iran through HA ...... ma teshrod be3eed.

Thumb Machia 03 March 2015, 23:23

Netanyahu is an extremist, a criminal and liar. Nothing new. But those US congress men and women that stayed to watch him reminded me of some Syrian or North Korean gathering welcoming their supreme leader!

Thumb liberty 04 March 2015, 03:04

unfortunately, your poor English stands in the way of comprehending world events.

Thumb Machia 04 March 2015, 10:52

Please stop the accusations against fellow Lebanese who are representing a large portion of our country's citizens. Show some patriotism and stop falling into the Israeli "divide and rule" trap.

Thumb Machia 04 March 2015, 10:58

Wrong Gabby. Nasrallah is Lebanese and represents a large portion of Lebanese citizens. You cannot compare him to Netenyahu.
I do not agree with Nasrallah's view of the world or his policies or his unilateral use of violence but he is a fellow citizen.
I disagree with him within Lebanon but when it comes to choosing between him and any foreigner, that is very easy. I am pro-Lebanese at any time.

Thumb geha 04 March 2015, 11:32

that statement is flawed as nasrallah takes his orders from iran and not from Lebanon.

Thumb Machia 04 March 2015, 13:38


You might be right but he is still Lebanese. Saad Hariri takes his orders from Saudi too. I can criticize both Nasrallah and Hariri for this but that does not mean that I will ever choose a foreign power over my fellow citizen.