Hariri Accuses Nasrallah of 'Deception' over Yemen, Says Hizbullah Behavior 'Imported from Iran'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Mustaqbal movement leader ex-PM Saad Hariri on Friday accused Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah of “falsification and deception” regarding the Yemeni conflict, noting that Hizbullah's Yemen rhetoric is “imported from Iran” and does not serve Lebanon's interest.

“Following in the footsteps of (Iran's supreme leader) Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has excelled in falsification, deception and the shows of intimidation and sectarian mobilization,” said Hariri via Twitter, only minutes after Nasrallah launched scathing tirades against Saudi Arabia over its Arab-backed airstrikes in Yemen.

“What we heard was a chorus of historical fabrications, evocation of the past's grudges and a blatant manifestation of hatred against Saudi Arabia, its founder and its leadership,” said Hariri.

“Insulting the late King Abdul Aziz will put the insulters in the line of fire, from their biggest authority in Tehran to the smallest one in Dahieh,” he added.

In a televised speech earlier on Friday, Nasrallah launched a vehement attack against Saudi Arabia over its Yemen operation, accusing it of being the source of “takfiri ideology” in the world.

He also criticized the late King Abdul Aziz al-Saud, the founder of the kingdom. “After the founding king seized control of Hijaz, his Wahhabi followers -- inspired by their culture -- demolished all historic artifacts that have to do with the Prophet in April 1926,” said Nasrallah.

But Hariri stressed that “political escalation” will not manage to “distort the image, role or reputation of Saudi Arabia.”

“The scene that Hizbullah is presenting is imported from Iran and has nothing to do with Lebanon's interest,” Hariri warned.

He noted that “Hizbullah does not miss a chance to declare that it is capable of putting an entire sect in the Iranian basket.”

However, the Mustaqbal leader reassured that “Hizbullah's continuous escalation” will not “drag” his movement into stances that might “undermine the foundations of dialogue and civil peace.”

“If their job is to sacrifice Lebanon's interests for the sake of (Huthi chief Abdul Malik) al-Huthi's objectives, our responsibility obliges us not to be dragged into responses of the same nature,” Hariri added.

“We are keen to prevent strife in Lebanon while they are keen on rescuing Bashar Assad's regime and on the Iranian role that is interfering in Yemen and the Arab countries,” he went on to say.

Tensions between Riyadh and Hizbullah increased in the wake of Saudi Arabia's Arab-backed military operation against Yemen's Shiite Huthi rebels. The air campaign, launched in late March, is aimed at defeating the Iran-backed rebels and restoring power to President Abderabbo Mansour Hadi.


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Missing ArabDemocrat.com 17 April 2015, 22:04

I may not like the regime in KSA, but you are right on the mark. The Khomeini revolution has been a blight on Iran and the Arab world.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 17 April 2015, 22:08

KSA is trying to move to a better future and shed the most extreme manifestation of Wahabi ideology. The clerical regime in Iran is hell bent on undermining the whole Arab world, creating and arming militias that are outside the control of the state.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 17 April 2015, 23:02

BigJohn - As I said, we have two blights: One is the regime in Saudi Arabia and the other in Iran. Our blight in Lebanon is Iran. Despite all your utterances, KSA has been a force of stability in Lebanon while Iran has been a force for Chaos. The most monstrous of all of the regime you mentioned in the Assad regime and Iran and the Hizb are assisting him in slaughtering the Syrian people. In Yemen, they support a thuggish militia that threw the country into a civil war because of their insatiable greed. Your problem is that you are a sectarian who sees one side and one side only.

Thumb geha 18 April 2015, 07:19

is there a more extremist and sectarian speech than that of this nasrallah?
each day he is showing us a more hysterical face: they are loosing and they know it.
years of planning and billions of dollars spent to create mayhem in the Arab world have gone down the drain :)
where is their farsi empire now?
soon we will liberate our country from these farsi.

Default-user-icon achrafieh (Guest) 17 April 2015, 22:09

hope arab will be democrats arab democrat .com
is ut true what happened in 1926 really !!!!!

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 17 April 2015, 22:15

You are delusional. Do not talk about Arabs - most of whom now despise Nasrallah and his masters. Your project is a sectarian one. It is undermining and destroying the arab world. The Khomeini revolution has been a blight on the arab world that can only be matched by the wahhabi one. At least KSA is trying to get itself rid of the most extreme manifestation of this destructive ideology. The clerical regime on the other hand is hell bent on undermining the arab world and arab society. Allah yerhamak ya Saddam - Zalamtak.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 17 April 2015, 22:17

Wrong again!!! Every Sunni leader of significance have expressed support for KSA. Even those who are paid by Hezbollah have stayed on the side.

Default-user-icon achrafieh (Guest) 17 April 2015, 23:01

is it true what happened in 26

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 17 April 2015, 23:07

BigJohn - His project is Whilleyet Al-Faqih and that is a sectarian project. When he and Iran undermines Arab countries for the service of Whilleyet Al-Faqih, what would you call that --- A secular democratic project? No. As a Lebanese Arab, your priorities should be Lebanon and then the Arab World. When you blindly support blindly anything that comes from Whilleyet Al-Faqih, you are no longer one. If Turkey (or any country) tries to do anything resembling to what Iran is doing in the Arab world, I will be the first to stand against them. Let us be real, you stand with the clerical regime in Iran and Nasrallah stands with the clerical regime in Iran - no matter what.

Thumb canadianpaul 17 April 2015, 23:13

With this latest speech (and I'm sure there'll be many more, which will be more and more virulent, as the Yemenis slowly but surely take back their country), Nasrallah has lost the last shred of legitimacy in the Arab World.

You can criticize a country's policies, but to stoop down to twisting historical facts and attacking the founding father of Saudi Arabia? Well, he just dug his own grave. He used to be the target for Israelis, but now, every spook from Bali to Timbuktu is going to be targeting his head.

Thank God he opened his big mouth. The road to freedom in Lebanon starts today. Hallelujah!

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 17 April 2015, 23:29

no decent person should be ashamed from facts of history
god bless democracy

Default-user-icon Hammerhead (Guest) 18 April 2015, 00:45

Big John, for heavens sake, when are you SSNP members going to change your tune, when are you going to evolve, it's been the same shit for the last 40 years, The Syrian regime split your party, used you for their assassinations put you in a fix with your countrymen and you still defend the murderous Bachaar. As long as Bachaar is in power you guys have nothing to fear, once his gone you guys are in trouble.

Default-user-icon roger leluc (Guest) 18 April 2015, 08:15

as an outside observer I am just surprised how sunni Islam has been wahabised ! identifying Sunni Islam with Wahhabi is an unmistakable sign of obscurantism and intolerance fulled by petrodollars.

Thumb -phoenix1 18 April 2015, 12:50

Mr. Hariri, you should tell our dear Sayed Hassan that he who lost his own country cannot expect to gain someone else's country. Syria gave him an irrefutable proof, now since Sayed Hassan seems not to understand anything called logic, Yemen then is reminding him of it. The saddest part is this, that great leaders always take cue from history. In the seventies, Yasser Arafat was promised by the US, the West and the majority of Arab countries that Lebanon will become a replacement state for his lost Palestine, sure enough, but Arafat for got that there are always some people, even if seen as little people, these people love their land above all, the rest about Arafat we all know, he died and much of it lived like a rat in a bunker. In WW2, a great US general, George Patton read history, then made a successful crossing of the Manche on D day. Sayed Hassan sadly for him is no decider of his fate either.

Thumb Mystic 18 April 2015, 15:27

Hariri was fast to jump in, he was like waiting for that speech. I thought the Wahabis didn't care one bit about the Resistance words?

Sayed Hassans speech yesterday, burned Hariri so bad that he had to cry on his twitter about it.

Thumb -phoenix1 18 April 2015, 16:06

Mystic, I heard Sayed Hassan's speech, yeah, I can smell something burning, I checked, we all checked, the whole world checked and it turned that it was Sayed Hassan's pants that were burning. It's a small world ya Mystic and you like him cannot remain fixated in a life of self-denial, we all hope, for the sake of peace for everyone that you and him and your likes will wake up to the truth, hopefully sooner than later.

Thumb Mystic 18 April 2015, 17:19

Geagea and you would gladly convert to Wahbbism, if that could give you more power. Your lust for this power in Lebanon overwhelms you people Phoenix, which is why Christians throughout the world rejects your kind.

They want stability for the christians, not murderous anti christians such as Geagea and co.

Thumb -phoenix1 18 April 2015, 19:39

Mystic, I am talking of personalities and you respond with attacking me personally. On the basis of that I feel rewarded because that just proves how Hezbollah reacts when challenged. was it all a show your party of God was putting up? Was it the same show you were putting up all along? Furthermore where you mentioned about Geagea converting to Wahabism, I do admit that here you seem not only to have lost your pedals but also your bike. The weekend would be a good time as ever to take a much needed rest, for you that is. May I thus take this opportunity to with you and your loved ones a good weekend filled with peace.

Thumb -phoenix1 18 April 2015, 19:41

**To wish you...***

Thumb Mystic 18 April 2015, 20:11

Nothing to do with personal attacks phoenix, your words alone has proven whom you belong to, Geagea aswell.
First you took pride in so called Phoenicia, only to sell your idealogies for Wahabism now, just like you did for the Zionists back in the old war.
You can feel rewarded all you like, just like Geagea when he receives his oiled greased paychecks. Just when Geagea felt rewarded when the Zionists invaded in 2006.
Even though, I do not see you as a demon or Satan, as you do to fellow posters.
You're the one that changed over the years, not me.
I will take no rest as my people are struggling, neither should you rest, because the Wahabis you support will gladly burn Lebanon to ashes if they had the chance, I doubt you would want that.
Good weekend to you too.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 18 April 2015, 23:14

Change is good. Only idiots are proud that they do not change with new facts.

Thumb Mystic 18 April 2015, 17:22

yeah right, and Mostabal are the secular party they claim to be? How come their major funder is the KSA then? KSA with no human rights and no women rights, nothing what so ever.

The Women are the backbone of the Resistance, without the womens support then the Resistance fighters would never succeed, so no. We value women not like the Wahabis does.

Thumb Mystic 18 April 2015, 18:17

Remember the Halba massacre in 2008? Those were mostaqbali takfiris chopping people up.

Thumb EagleDawn 18 April 2015, 19:21

flamethrower, are you just "affiliated" with the terrorist party or are you actually "owned" by them like a slave?

Thumb EagleDawn 18 April 2015, 19:26

your nasrallah bil soura fakat no need for sawt coz you are deaf