Report: Hizbullah Preparing Military Arsenal to Occupy Galilee

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah is preparing its military arsenal and fighters to launch an operation to occupy the Galilee area in Israel, al-Joumhouria newspaper reported on Thursday.

The party’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s on February 16 sent “military notification… declaring that preparations to occupy the Galilee is ongoing,” a source close to Hizbullah told the daily.

“Hizbullah began preparing after the 2006 war for any new confrontation with the enemy,” the source said.

Nasrallah called on the Resistance fighters in a speech on February 16 to stand ready to occupy the Galilee area should another war "be imposed on Lebanon," in a response to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s threats to invade Lebanon once again.

Al-Akhbar daily also reported that Nasrallah has warned that Tel Aviv will be the first target in any war Israel decides to launch against Lebanon.

Security sources told the daily that “the resistance leadership was secretly on high alert after receiving reports that Israel will probably launch a war on Lebanon.”

“Obtained information confirmed these reports, showing that it was supposed to take place in August, however, changes occurred at the last minute,” the source said.

Sources told al-Joumhouria that the “resistances’ military preparations are ongoing.”

According to information obtained by the daily, a delegation from Hizbullah military experts visited areas in Bekaa and the South to check on the resistances’ positions, while 727 fighters from Hizbullah finished their military training in Tehran.

“Israel will be surprised by attacks from within the Israeli towns via the Palestinian resistance cells,” sources told the daily.

They added that “the battles will be on the Israeli grounds; therefore targeting the Galilee is a definite option.”

The sources didn’t rule out Syria’s participation in the war “especially if the interior situation deteriorated further more.”

Iran’s Fars news Agency reported that Syrian President Bashar Assad has warned that he would “set fire" to the Middle East if foreign forces launched a military strike on his country and would ask for Hizbullah’s help to attack Israel.

The party, established nearly 30 years ago to confront Israel's occupation of south Lebanon, fought a 34-day war with Israel in 2006.

Israel and Syria are technically at war, but their frontier had been calm since the war in 1973, when Israel repelled a Syrian assault to recapture the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

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Thumb geha 27 October 2011, 10:42


Thumb turmos 27 October 2011, 10:47

Here we go again...... Is this what we really want....? Next, he will say he is preparing to occupy Washington DC. I am sure if he dares to attempt anything remotely of this nature, you can be assured Lebanon will be flattened.... and it will be yet another "divine" victory!

Wallah, how can we plan our future in a country such as this when every other day we hear people like him make such statements?

Thumb thepatriot 27 October 2011, 10:51


Default-user-icon 442 (Guest) 27 October 2011, 11:53

as long as there are zombies in lebanon, this is normal, i dont blame him

Default-user-icon G (Guest) 27 October 2011, 12:04

I was thinking that i was ready to mov back to Lebanon (my beloved home country) in the upcoming month but now i have changed my mind. I love 2ard libnen but the people with this mentality will never let Lebanon rise.

Putting every other cause first before Lebanon and its beloved people that just want to live and enjoy this short life. Its a shame and no matter what anyone says, mentalities will never change.

Let each country fight for its own cause and this for sure isnt our fight. Every true patriotic Lebanese knows that

Everybody loses in a war. If you don't understand this than you are only fooling yourself

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 27 October 2011, 12:25

this plan will lead to the expulsion of 1948 palestinians , to jordan, and bibi king abdallah... as for lebanon ,the biggest losers will be 80 pct of aoun supporters exported to new zealand/canada/australia.imagine the destruction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Default-user-icon Just Visiting (Guest) 27 October 2011, 14:13

@Mowaten: ROFLMAO...... it is ironic how you refer to the poster above as Mr. past and you quote things from 1948........!!!!! You seem trigger ready to quote this information from your Hizb's archives???

Default-user-icon Arturo (Guest) 27 October 2011, 16:02

When destroying saddam Hussein was the goal, the propaganda machine made people believe his army is the 3rd strongest in the world. Now hizballah is being made a super power. Wake up people and see the light.

Default-user-icon TITUS (Guest) 27 October 2011, 16:07

The best and most effective way to terminate the criminal terrorist Iranian organizations the likes of Hezb Ebola is to target their HQ in Qom and Tehran. All military campaigns should be focused on Tehran and Qom, if the free world wants to put its resources to good use. STOP PICKING THE EASY 1000's of protracted fights and engage the real enemy the very vulnerable paper monster Iran for a definitive right fight... Procrastinating is not going to solve the problem it will just make it grow bigger and spread further. Till when will the free world let these Neanderthal criminals hijack the Middle East and world Peace and security I wonder...Why is the HUSSAIN Obama administration so muted on Iran and its flagrant criminal transgressions I wonder?....

Missing peace 27 October 2011, 17:31

the arrogance of this "divine" party will lead it to its end... feeling cornered they didn t find anything better than invading gallilee as if israel will not react by bombing lebanon and using its allies ....

this party has nothing left but to continue an its path of madness forgetting that they are willing to wage a war as usual on the behalf of lebanese people without asking its permission!
there is a gvt which is the only one in a position to wage a war, but certainly not a party!

this shows how much this party cares about its country and is only fulfilling its agenda...

let them do it, and we ll see if they are so abaday as they pretend to be....
but this time more than half of the country will be against them

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 27 October 2011, 18:10

I am falling off my chair laughing. Syria never even fired a gun toward Israel or Turkey for the Golan or Antioch. Now he is going to set fire to the Middle East?

The Hezz don't have the capability to go to Galilee.

Nassy gets on TV and lies because he is going down. No one is afraid of him. Even the Lebanese are resisting the Hezz now.

Default-user-icon marie (Guest) 27 October 2011, 20:12

ya mazen, We do not want to share in this democracy of yours, NO THANKS! keep it for your folks and go and fight your own war without us!

Missing peace 27 October 2011, 21:18

"should another war "be imposed on Lebanon," in a response to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s threats to invade Lebanon once again."

this will happen only if the hezb provokes the israelis as usual then will claim to be the poor victims as usual...

Default-user-icon killer_instinct (Guest) 27 October 2011, 21:34

hahaha :]

Default-user-icon Israeli (Guest) 28 October 2011, 00:24

Nasrahlla, tired of living ?

But what about the peacefull people of Lebanon ?

Missing realist 28 October 2011, 00:39

Hizbullah will not "occupy" anything but Beirut if anything. Hizbullah will not committ military/political suicide, who is going to recieve 1 million southerners?? the Syrians?! of course not.

The theatrical war between the hizzies and israel (that serves both agendas) has rules and regulations, occupation of galilee would give israel the international right to destroy lebanon.

Mowaten, yes the resistance liberated lebanon just the afghanis beat the russians, this is not new. There is something called "equlibrium" and that has been reached. Hizbullah failed to understand the equlibrium in 2006 ie that the rules of the game are not the same as pre-2000.

There are no more wars except the one on the people in Syria and Lebanon, anyone who believes that dictators would risk their armies against a much stronger foe is an idiot.

The very existence of Israel is in hizbullah's favor: it can keep its weapons and occupy lebanon in the name of israel.

Default-user-icon Samboussek (Guest) 28 October 2011, 01:01

Please, mr nasrallah what are yo waiting for, pleeeaaase do it!!!!

Thumb joesikemrex 28 October 2011, 03:06

While you're at it why don't you invite Jordan and Cyprus. LOL. You are full of human waste. What you think you're an army? you are nothing but a bunch of uneducated criminals, with warped minds and twisted ideology.

Thumb cedar 28 October 2011, 06:06

Galilee belongs to Lebanon anyways. Everyone knows Jesus' family is from Galilee and Lebanon, it was one area before. It should be returned to Lebanon.

Missing small.axe 28 October 2011, 08:30

Hezbollah cannot occupy one inch of enemy territory for more than one day. They are terrorists who specialize in murdering and threatening their unarmed political opponents, and then running away. Yes they have Iranian supplied IED's that are capable of causing damage to an invading army, and they have unguided missiles capable of launching at civilian populations. They have RPG's and landmines which can also cause damage to invading armies, But they are not designed to occupy SQUAT. They specialize in "hit-and-run" operations. They specialize in dressing in civilian clothes during times of war, sending missiles or RPG's from civilian areas, then hiding behind women and children.

What other cowardly military organization sets up a command and control center in the basement of a hospital? Or hides missiles in civilian areas?

As a terrorist organization, they do not follow Geneva Conventions for warfare.

First capture one inch of Shebaa before talking about Galilee.

Thumb turmos 28 October 2011, 09:12

The bottom line or the new equation in any new war (God forbid) is more like this: Your sayyed will not have a chance to say "Law Kuntu Aalam" or "Had I known..,"

Default-user-icon BetweenTheLines (Guest) 28 October 2011, 12:39

The sources said...

Thumb geha 28 October 2011, 14:36

We do not want war, we want peace.
for that if we need to sit with israel on a table, I do not see why not.
we need stability to have a good economy and jobs.

Missing peace 28 October 2011, 15:20

funny how mowaten qualifies less than a half of lebanese the "real lebanese"...
to be a true lebanese you have to submit to a terrorist party!!! so hilarious the arrogance of hezbi supporters who thing they are the elected ones, oh! just like the sionists by the way!
no wonder israel can t live without the hezb and vice versa: two extremes that join together...
the real ones who play the game of israel is not those against hezbollah but hezbollah itself!

so more than a half of lebanon doesn t deserve to live in lebanon according to hezbi criteria...

if that isn t sectarism or racism....

Thumb thepatriot 28 October 2011, 15:30

Why would we want to attack israel in the first place?
And please don't bring up the Shebaa farms. All maps the UN has been able to find show the farms are Syrian ... And the UN stated that the Israeli retreat was in conformity with the 425... Are the UN a "zionist" entity as well?

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) 28 October 2011, 16:12

To: Mowaten: I'm an Israeli and i''m happy to read many comments of Lebanese who are looking to live in peace same as most of us.
We sat to the table with Egypt and Jordan and in case of a dispute we solved the problem sitting to the negotiation table .
We say in Hebrew to people like you that "The tongue has no bone, therefore what ever you can spit you do it.
But let me ask you a simple question: Did you ever see a war ?
Did you hold a gun in your life?
Did you see dead bodies ?
Did you see crippled people as results of war?
Did you meet people with war shocks and trauma the never heals?
Did you meet the parents of the dead ?
I have been in wars in 1973 and in Lebanon in 1982.
Those who were in wars don't hate like you sitting in your salon watching TV , or internet.
Let me remind you that in wars there is no victory, both sides counting their dead.
If you have the impression that you will support aggression of Hezballa and Lebanon will remain intact you are wrong.
Think it over.

Default-user-icon John from Koura (Guest) 28 October 2011, 18:06

Peace with Israel????? You are either a Zionist, a paid collaborator, or very dumb, The Palestinian Authority has been in peace "talks" with the Apartheid, racist, ethnic cleansing, settler state for 20 years and the terror state has only stole more land, destroyed more homes and farms, and build more colonial settlements. Nelson Mandela never talked to apartheid, until the racist state was abolished (and at the time of Apartheid, western countries supported apartheid until one day they found out that it was not in their interest)

Thumb thepatriot 28 October 2011, 18:28

Yaaa mowaten...
Is there one inch of proof that those territories are Lebanese... All maps including the French mandate maps demonstrated that these territories are without any doubt Syrian.
Now...your little brain can be washed and washed again by the party that needs to make up facts in order to keep their weapons...But think about it for a second...what does the UN have to win...On the other hand, what does the long beards have to win...hahahaha..
No habibi, you're the cute one ;-)

Thumb thepatriot 28 October 2011, 18:31

Suddenly the CIA is your source of references..hahaha...
So are they reliable ...or not?

Thumb thepatriot 28 October 2011, 18:42

Anyway...what have your brave & courageous "patriotic" friends done in order to "liberate" the farms...Zero, nada, cipher!!
Oh wait! They have a plan...they've been thinking it for 5 years now...hmmm...

Missing small.axe 28 October 2011, 20:27

MoRotten..... the CIA website does not show the percentage of people who support M8 or M14, it shows the percentage of seats in Parliament currently affiliated with M8 or M14.

At the time of the 2009 election, the majority of seats were controlled by M14, and clearly a majority of voters supported M14. The CIA website shows the percentage of seats in Parliament AFTER the switcheroo made by Jumblatt and his group. Prior to the switch (resulting from threats made aganst them), the M14 coalition was in the majority in Parliament, and the clear winner of the 2009 elections.

Most indications show that Jumblatt's bloc is not firmly part of the M8 group, but they made a temporary alliance due to threats made by Hezbollah, and for opportunistic reasons.

You can now see Jumblatt making his slow moves back to M14. But regardless of that, the voters chose Jumblatt and his group at a time when he was part of M14. So yes the majority of voters are pro-M14.

Default-user-icon jim morissian (Guest) 01 December 2011, 13:09

حكي ما علي tva