Israeli Army Uproots Trees, Steals Soil on Entrance of Adaisseh

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Israeli army uprooted several trees that are located outside the technical fence on Lebanon's southern border and also stole the soil at the entrance of the town of Adaisseh, the state-run National News Agency reported Wednesday.

Two excavators carried out logging and uprooting trees outside the fence between Kfar Kila and Adaisseh with the support of a Merkava tank and a number of Humvees.

Moreover, excavators drag massive amounts of the soil extending the machine's hands from above the fence.

The Lebanese army and UNIFIL were on alert and have monitored the Israeli acts on the border.

The technical fence runs parallel to the Blue Line hich was established by the U.N.

On Tuesday, an Israeli boat VENUS violated the territorial waters to a distance of 8.5 miles off the al-Bayyada beach, and then sailed back to the Haifa Port.



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Thumb ex-fpm 26 August 2015, 10:36

the Israeli army uproots trees at the border and its ally the iranian mercenary resistance uproots trees in the center of Beirut.

Default-user-icon mowaten.chimp.313 (Guest) 26 August 2015, 10:51

wrong.... the resistance plants trees and does not uproot them. It is the Sa3oodi wahabis who did it wearing the sword of ali.

Missing humble 26 August 2015, 10:41

This is a very fertile soil which they will sell for gardens...

Default-user-icon Phil (Guest) 26 August 2015, 10:54

Wait.. where was the 'resistance' that we here so much about, day and night?

Thumb EagleDawn 26 August 2015, 11:58

busy killing syrian babies
busy liberating yemen
busy setting beirut on fire
busy making drugs
busy killing policemen in bahrain
busy kidnapping czech journalists
very busy indeed

Default-user-icon illegitimate extra terrestrial southern (Guest) 26 August 2015, 11:22

always a source of wisdom
well said

Thumb EagleDawn 26 August 2015, 11:55

he wants to impress us with his vast english vocabulary hahaha!

Default-user-icon Tenevah (Guest) 26 August 2015, 16:29

All the ‪#‎Zionist‬ of ‪#‎Israel‬ ‪#‎IDF‬ ‪#‎IOF‬ are not a true govt ..or of a legit state .. They are merely militants, paid agents of western powers. To be exact. Thats all they ever were, all tyey will ever be.