Saudi Prince Held in Record Beirut Airport Drug Bust

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A Saudi prince and four others were detained on Monday in the largest drug bust in the history of the Beirut airport, a security source said.

Saudi prince Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz and four others were detained by security at Rafik Hariri International Airport while allegedly "attempting to smuggle about two tons of Captagon pills and some cocaine," a security source told AFP.

"The smuggling operation is the largest one that has been foiled through the Beirut International Airport," the source said on condition of anonymity.

Captagon is the brand name for the amphetamine phenethylline, a synthetic stimulant. The banned drug is consumed mainly in the Middle East and has reportedly been widely used by fighters in Syria.

The security source said the drugs had been packed into cases that were waiting to be loaded onto a private plane that was headed to Saudi Arabia.

The five Saudi citizens were still in the airport and would be questioned by customs authority, the source added.

In April 2014, security forces foiled an attempt to smuggle 15 million capsules of Captagon hidden in shipping containers full of corn from Beirut's port.

The National News Agency said the private plane was to head to Riyadh and was carrying 40 suitcases full of Captagon.

Saudi Arabia's large royal family has had past run-ins with authorities in various countries.

Late last month, a Saudi prince was arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly trying to force a woman to perform oral sex on him at a Beverly Hills mansion.

But authorities decided not to pursue the charge, citing a lack of evidence.

In 2013, a Saudi princess was accused in Los Angeles of enslaving a Kenyan woman as a housemaid, but the charges were also eventually dropped.

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Thumb EagleDawn 26 October 2015, 12:25

lol, the source!
Al Jadeed is as credible as when mowaten says he is secular and Lebanese.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 16:58

hahahaha you guys will not shame away from any excuse to remain in denial, it's hilarious (in a pathetic way)

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 13:41

you can as iranians execute too.....

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 13:46

but it wouldn't be surprising that the hezbis at the airport just set him up to have leverage over saudis for their cheikh.... perfect timing isn't it? or just a coincidence?

Default-user-icon Charles (Guest) 26 October 2015, 13:51

Esta buena la farla!!

Default-user-icon Mokf (Guest) 26 October 2015, 14:11

"can't be bought by dirty money"

are we talking about the same country?

Thumb marcus 26 October 2015, 14:22

Your Iran executed more than 2,000 people in the last year alone including gays, minors, and women.

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 14:27

i don't know just asking :)

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 15:17

i already commented that on the post you mentioned but let me repeat : saudis are just like iranians, both use death sentences for crimes that wouldn't even be punished in western countries; both are retarded regimes ... the big difference is that you support a retarded regime while i denounce both....

you close your eyes for iran but suddenly open them for saudis when both countries are to blame... that is called hezbi double standards that you religiously apply....

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 15:18

as hezbollah never was in the drug business ma hek ya southern? LOL

Thumb kanaandian 26 October 2015, 15:29

So the Saudi daesh terror group wont get their smack.
Poor jihadists

Thumb lebanon_first 26 October 2015, 15:33

southern is so happy they found a saudi thug, he is all over the place in jubilation.

Yes Southern. There are saudi thugs. But as for your so called axis of resistance, all of them are thugs.

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 16:25

sure that's why the "axis of resistance" liberated the golan many years ago... LOL

Missing Rita.Nahhas 26 October 2015, 17:29

I am convinced you are paid by the Iranian Embassy but how much? I see you on every article, day and night even on Sundays! Why do you sell yourself to the devil. I demand answers and Now!

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 17:35

sure since 1973 they weren't able to liberate an inch of the golan... because your beloved master protects it for the isralis....

Thumb barrymore 26 October 2015, 17:36

"and are now liberating hama, homs, idlib and aleppo"....
Are these Lebanese territories your hizb is liberating?
Where is "occupied" Shebaa Farms in all of this or liberating Syria takes precedence?

نشرت صحيفة النهار عن مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي القريبة من ميليشيا حزب الله اللبناني بيانات نعي ثمانية قتلى جدد من عناصرها قتلوا في سوريا أثناء العمليات الهجومية النوعية في إدلب، حسب ما أوردت المواقع.
والقتلى هم: "حسين غازي الرشعيني من بلدة الكويخ - مدينة بعلبك، وحسن علي نايف حلاوي من بلدة كفركلا الجنوبية، وعلي عبدالله شعيتو، من بلدة الطيري الجنوبية، وعلي السيد محمد خشفة، من مدينة القطراني الجنوبية، وسامي حسين شريفة، من مدينة النبطية الجنوبية، وحمد سعيد فواز، من بلدة جباع الجنوبية، وحسن علي نايف حلاوي، من بلدة كفركلا الجنوبية وعلي فواز، من الجنوب.

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 17:39

hezbollah will not liberate shebaa farms as it would mean they cannot make their lying business about resisting israel that is occuying Lebanon! and they promised a few years ago that they would hand over their weapons to the army once Lebanon is liberated.... but they will find other excuses to keep them and weaken the lebanese army.... as usual

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 18:03

barrymoar: preventing the CIA-backed s3oodi-bought barbarians from surrounding lebanon and stabbing the resistance in the back can indeed take precedence over anything else. israelis are deterred in the south, they will not attack directly because they are not ready to pay the price of such an adventure. this is why they are sending the "expendables", poor brainwashed arabs/muslims from the 4 corner of the world, radicalized by wahhabi takfiri ideology can be used as cannon fodder and their blood is cheap for israelis.

Thumb janoubi 26 October 2015, 18:05

it was never about Lebanon or Shebaa Farms. Nassrallah openly acknowledges he is a soldier in wilayat al faqih and his party is the party of waliyat al faqih. Sheba farms is just an excuse for nassrallah to keep his weapons and use them wherever and whenever the mullahs in Iran order him to do.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 18:06

peace: you were asked what you ever did for this country and the answer is resounding silence. you're not in position to whine about hezbollah not doing enough to your taste. either do it yourself if you think you can do better, or peace off and let those who are able and willing do what they do.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 18:09

janoubi (by which you mean from south of the border certainly) hezbollah doesnt need an excuse for anything, as they have their actions speaking louder than any speech or argument. shebaa farm is still under occupation and we will get it back, it's only a matter of time. like for the south of lebanon, israelis laughed, their pawns in lebanon laughed, thinking hezbollah could never free it, until they ran off during the night only leaving a trail of panic in their wake.

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 18:29

pityful mooowaten still defending his iranian militia.... what do you do for you country except cheering a foreign militia that pledged allegiance to iran ? i support the army unlike you. i support a state which is the ONLY one to decide of the fate of a whole nation not in a foreing militia to decide for me! i support the fact that your militiamen should join the national army the only force that should defend our nation, not a foreign militia... so you should rather be ashame to support a foreign party rather than the national army who is the only force i recognize to defend Lebanon!

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 18:42

all words, in reality you dont support the army:
-you distrust their judgement when they themselves consider hezbollah an ally
-you wish for them to lose their most reliable ally in the fight against takfiris, which even armies like the syrian, and iraqi ones are struggling
-you wish for them to pick a fight with said ally, putting them in even greater danger. even if this would never happen, that is the reality of what you wish and call for.

you're just hiding behind false pretenses, all you care about is the visceral hatred you have for hezbollah, and you're ready to sacrifice the lebanese army and lebanon as a whole for the sake of it.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 18:43

if that's what supporters do, better have more enemies than supporters like this!!

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 19:12

proof again that you never hear or read what we say, and instead answer whatever you wish we had said. i never said the army is weak, i always said the army itself is not safe from s3oodi-bought/CIA-backed politicians who prevent it from doing what needs to be done. under US pressure they signed "treaties" banning the army from getting any type of weapon that could threaten israel for instance, what is that if not treason?
not to mention all the politicians who rushed to aid the israelis in 2006 and who were exposed in the wikileaks, these traitors would turn in every hezbollah weapon and fighter the instant they are under their control. do you think we're that dumb that we dont see clearly in your games and hypocrisy?

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 19:18

very patriotic indeed you are.... you just show how much you prefer to put your faith in a political foreign party than in the state of Lebanon...
that it is not to the army to decide but to you as its commanding does not suit your interests...
"do as hezbollah says" is your motto.. weapons from saudis is not in our interest so we decide that the army is backed by the cia! LOL no wonder since your binary mind makes you think this way.

pityful indeed you are....

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 22:56

well salami : if you didn't get my point then no body can help you...

i guess it is because of the void that you call your "brain" LOL

Missing humble 26 October 2015, 15:37

Most importantly : 1) - who is producing the Captagon in Lebanon?
2) - who sold it to the Saudis.

I bet Mastica, Northern, non-mowaten and other Ebola followers have the answer.

Thumb ex-fpm 26 October 2015, 15:47

Outlaws are outlaws... of interest, is despite daily claims by mowaten and co. that naharnet is Saudi owned yet here it is published on the front pages of naharnet;)

Thumb ex-fpm 26 October 2015, 16:15

wrong, it did report on the L.A incident too.

Thumb ex-fpm 26 October 2015, 16:20

Thumb ex-fpm 26 October 2015, 16:25

even this article refers to the incident in Los Angeles:)
"Late last month, a Saudi prince was arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly trying to force a woman to perform oral sex on him at a Beverly Hills mansion."

Thumb barrymore 26 October 2015, 17:37

big john, did naharnet report the incident in los angeles or not? lol

Thumb janoubi 26 October 2015, 17:57

the simple fact these Iranian propagandists are allowed to post on naharnet is ample proof of this news media neutrality and transparency.

Thumb megahabib 26 October 2015, 15:52

Blame Iran!

Default-user-icon Fred Gulliani (Guest) 26 October 2015, 16:07

Saudi Royal family and the similar ones are shame on nations...They shouldnt exist in the 21st century..

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 16:08

they are protected by diplomatic immunity that is why they feel free to do whatever they want....

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 16:18

well joiunts... just go and see for yourself in the Bekaa.... and if you still deny then you are a lost cause....

Thumb Mystic 26 October 2015, 16:23

Execute the Saudi pusher Prince.

Problem solved.

Thumb Mystic 26 October 2015, 16:29

Saudis princes are real known for their drug habits only their common citizens gets beheaded for doing it, about time they got hit by some Lebanese justice, Mostaqbal can jump into the Beirut river for all I care, their masters wants to execute people speaking up against them, but their princes can freely push drugs around Lebanon?

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 16:30

then miss tic why don't you denounce your beloved party for being in the drug trafficking too ? LOL

Thumb Mystic 26 October 2015, 16:36

I guess you got your fix already peace.

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 16:43

sure you wouldn't assume that ashraf el nass are also drug dealers... bad for your com... don't worry facts die hard...
only cowards cannot assume their responsibilities and your answer proves how ill at ease you are to answer so you take the easy way : insults as usual, poor coward you are....

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 17:04

takfiris do the same with their raping orgies and buying and selling of sex slaves, and plenty of reports by their victims, former members and informers have said they abuse all sorts of psychoactive substances.
nobody (except you) thinks the image of piousness they try to project is true or sincere.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 17:05

and this is exactly why when we condemn takfiris we are not attacking the religion they pretend to represent, because they dont. it's all a scam.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 17:09

lol peace, they managed to discreetly "plant" 2 tons of captagons in the prince's private jet, all "perfectly hidden" in 40 suitcases... what a conspiracy nutcase you make :)

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 17:11

please tell us peace what you saw when you went to the bekaa, we're all very curious.

Thumb joebustani 26 October 2015, 17:21

The ISF anti drug unit released a statement a few moments ago detailing the operation carried out at the airport in which it exonerated Prince Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdelaziz from any and all charges in the matter. The ISF further explained the Prince's assistant of 15 years and a confidente , Mr. Mahdi Hussain Moqdad, a Lebanese Shia ( on Passport ) used his position with the honorable Prince to smuggle a huge amount of Captagon pills into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without the Price's knowledge.

Mr. Moqdad confessed without further delay he belonged to the international terror group known as Hezbollah. He further revealed he was instructed by the terror party's leader to market the drugs in order to finance he party's terror activities.

Hezbollah is a known terrorist organizations with links to organized crime, money laundering, political assassinations, and drug trafficking.

Source: Agence France Presse

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 17:33

lol here comes the lie-fabricating chimp.

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 17:33

mooowaten : it wasn't in the plane but on a van ready to be loaded, get your infos straight... and Watch the news LOLLLLLLL

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 17:33

cannabis fields... ever been there? i guess not ya souri

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 17:59

OMGGGG IT WAS IN THEIR VAN NOT THEIR JET!!! inspector peace just cracked the case and proved the innocence of his s3oodi master! expect many sugar cubes in reward from your sugar daddy!!

Thumb janoubi 26 October 2015, 18:08

yeah, according to people like this iranian southern he achieved a divine victory when one corrupt saudi is captured. It satisfies his sectarian thirst and gives him a reason to carry on.

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 18:16

pityful mooowaten the idiot souri.... i was just pointing out how convenient this story is... the day after alnimr is sentenced to death they find a saudi prince in Lebanon with 2 tons of drugs...

if you were a bit more intelligent you would take these news with care and wait... but of course too happy you are and your pavlovian reflexes get the best of you.. you start barking and foaming at the news with no questions asked... but brainwashing does this to idiots like you and janoubi...

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 18:39

hahahaha are you that deluded that you actually think you proved anyone wrong? the comments are above, i let you read and re-read them as many times as you want. in the mean time, buh-bye.

Thumb janoubi 26 October 2015, 18:59

yes for sure and his private jet caries 4,000 pounds at takeoff.;!!!!

Thumb EagleDawn 26 October 2015, 19:02

you really mistake all your propaganda for truth don't you mowaten?

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 19:04

wow so much smartness coming from you ya peace, i wish we had seen more of it when every time a syrian was arrested heading to the gulf in possession of captagon he was immediately labelled a hezbollah basij working for the north korean regime without the slightest basis... suddenly when it's about your masters, and they are caught red handed in broad daylight you decide to "wait" before rushing to conclusions?? i'm at loss here, but what do i know, you're the smart one, so why do you just go "wait" somewhere in silence

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 19:12

"my masters" LOL it proves how binary and limited your thinking is...

seems your brain bugs each time i criticize saudis as you do not want to see it because it goes against your childish propaganda: " if not with hezbollah then you are with the saudis!" LOL

but no worry here, it is not because your master is in tehran that i have one in riyad. not every one is like you so don't take your fantasies for reality, idiot.

but keep up your propaganda it seems it is the only thing you are good at because thinking you cannot you leave that to iranman! LOL

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 19:14

i dont see any other reason for you to desperately try to defend them here.

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 19:18

like the ones in bsharreh you mean? or are they different? and how did you link them to hezbollah?

fyi you parotting propagandists, the hashish farmers dislike hezbollah, because they have been trying to stop the production.

see what they have to say about it smartie, coming from vice so you wont say it's a "hezbollah mouthpiece"

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 19:19

am i defending them? LOL still deluding , i guess it s time for your meds...

just wondering on this timing that's all.... means i am defending saudis to you!... you are beyond cure pityful souri

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 19:22

sure mooowaten sure.... hezbollah don't do in drugs, ok we all got it... how can such religious fanatics ever touch drugs... my bad

when i say Bekaa it was near baalbek fyi ....

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 19:24

you havent even taken the time to see the video, answering within a couple of minutes to parot your usual denial mantras.. what point is there in talking to someone like you? stay entrenched in your prejudice, doesnt seem like you're able to overcome it, and it's not like anyone cares.

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 19:24

ya texas, moooowaten the souri just said hezbollah is fighting against those who grow drugs in the Bekaa.... we have to believe his words of wisdom as no religious fanatic iranian people would ever touch it...they are saints

Thumb ex-fpm 26 October 2015, 19:48

lol, mowaten says a lot of things he is paid to say. Let it go

Thumb _mowaten_ 26 October 2015, 19:26

comments are still above for all to see. and as far as i'm concerned i'm done talking to a wall. good night.

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 19:27

seems you care! look at the rage you have today to defend your iranian militia! like a rabid dog defending his master... 3aw 3aw... my bad if i tell some truths that hurt your propaganda....

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 19:30

yes they are for all to see and everyone will see that i am not defending them but it 's too subtle for you to understand with such a limited brain....

Thumb ex-fpm 26 October 2015, 19:34

مزارعو الحشيشة شركاء للجيش في الدفاع عن أرض الوطن!مزارعو-الحشيشة-شركاء-للجيش-في-الدفاع-عن-أرض-الوطن

Thumb ex-fpm 26 October 2015, 19:42

"عام الحشيشة" في بعلبك... مئات آلاف الدونمات "عَالمكشوف" وعلى جانبي الطرق!عام-الحشيشة-في-بعلبك-مئات-آلاف-دونمات-عالمكشوف-وعلى-جانبي-الطرق

Missing peace 26 October 2015, 22:55

rooster: i didn't know hezbollah was in itself a sect LOL

you are a pathetic idiot...

Missing canadianadam 27 October 2015, 02:57

1) there are thousands of princes so it will happen
2) hopefully the Saudis will do the right thing and extend an appropriate punishment as they would for others.
3) because if they don't, he will have impunity as a drug dealer just like Nasrallah - the biggest drug slander in Lebanon.

Default-user-icon Cedar (Guest) 27 October 2015, 18:29


Your soooo unbiased and soooo fair ...