Syria Government to Allow Aid into Besieged Madaya

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syria's government gave permission Thursday for U.N. aid deliveries to three besieged towns, including Madaya near Damascus where people are reportedly starving to death, the U.N. said.

"The U.N. welcomes today's approval from the Government of Syria to access Madaya, Fuaa and Kafraya and is preparing to deliver humanitarian assistance in the coming days," a U.N. statement said.

It said there were "credible reports of people dying from starvation" in Madaya, including a 53-year-old man who reportedly perished on Tuesday.

The three towns are part of a landmark six-month deal reached in September for an end to hostilities in those areas in exchange for humanitarian assistance.

Access to Madaya and nearby Zabadani had been restricted by pro-regime forces, while Fuaa and Kafraya, in northwest Syria, are surrounded by anti-government fighters.

Madaya last received humanitarian assistance in October but has since been inaccessible "despite numerous requests," according to the statement from the U.N.'s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Around 40,000 people, mostly civilians, live in the town in Damascus province.

At least 10 people have died there from a lack of food and medicine, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitoring group.

Social media users expressed outrage Thursday at images of what appeared to be Madaya residents looking extremely frail after months of little food.

The U.N. said that over the past year, only 10 percent of its requested aid deliveries to hard-to-reach and besieged areas of Syria were approved and carried out.

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Thumb barrymore 07 January 2016, 16:44

This is certainly good news as civilians have been dying of starvation and lack of medicine.

Thumb justin 07 January 2016, 20:57

write to them and explain your case

Thumb liberty 08 January 2016, 06:06

It is the work of the despicable troll mowaten.

Thumb barrymore 07 January 2016, 16:47

they should all die before the aid comes in according to you. It is useless to reason with a person like you!

Missing imagine_1979 07 January 2016, 17:03

U are becoming more and more discusting as the days passes southern, not only u are cheering for retarded fanatics like da3ech but with a labayka ya hussein style but u refuse to see the souferance of civilian population dying from starvation...
Like palestenian yarmouk camp where people starved bc of a siege assad imposed utill da3ech came in from nowhere, food could not pass by da3ech could...
It is really becoming discusting, i can understand the hatered toward rival camp but to omit the starvation of thousand of people... Really disgusting man...

Missing 07 January 2016, 17:33

Because the UN and aid agencies are at the mercy of the Syrian government and Hizbollah! And if there is no urgency, why in the next few days and not in the next few weeks! It is shameful the attitudes of some of the m8 monsters.

Thumb justin 07 January 2016, 20:58

A must see

DNA- حزب الله..فعل "مضايا" ناقص- 07/01/2016

Thumb justin 07 January 2016, 22:00

Prime Time News - 07/01/2016 - مجاعة مضايا

Missing peace 07 January 2016, 17:01

as i said the aim for bashar and hezbollah is to empty all sunni villages near the border and around damascus to secure the regime: it is called ethnical cleansing...

Missing peace 07 January 2016, 17:31

yes that is exactly the plan... then those hezbis criticize israel while their master is applying the same technics!

and pityful southern: what does it do if the SAA is mostly sunni? it does not prevent your butcher from cleaning villages that are sunni.... pity on you blind idiot...

Thumb marcus 07 January 2016, 17:47

Absolutely! It does not take a genius to see what assad and hezbollah are doing. Looking at the map you will see where the serious fighting is taking place; in sunni areas surrounding the Alawi canton. The Russian airstrikes are concentrated on attacking the moderate rebels around and across the future Alawi state while leaving ISIS controlled regions almost airstrike free.

Missing peace 07 January 2016, 18:09

sure southern sure... instead of spreading your stupid posts go ad have a look of how assad is emptying sunni villages along the border and now in damascus... just like the israelis your assad is... be proud southern baby...

Thumb ex-fpm 07 January 2016, 18:41

Syria's population is more than 90% Sunni if you include the Kurds. Syria has compulsory enlistment for state services and the armed forces or conscription. It is natural the majority of the Syrian Army was Sunni. However, after the revolution, the number of Sunnis in the army has dramatically decreased to the point where Assad himself had to admit in his speech in front of parliament a few months ago (before the russian intervention) that the recent military setbacks were due to the diminished "human resources" as he referred to them. The influx of shia hezbollah, iranian guards, shia pakistanis and afghanis to help the regime further supports @1anonymetexasusa point of view.

Missing helicopter 08 January 2016, 01:25

That is what king Salman said when Nimr was executed.. It is not about Shi3a and Sunni, it is about being with or against the Kingdom.

Thumb marcus 07 January 2016, 18:14

Southern you are not ever with your fellow Lebanese regardless of the attacker!!! The other day, you and Mytsic were accusing M14 of sending the 2 Lebanese helicopter pilots to near the Syrian border and justifying the syrian regime's crime against the LAF. You did not condemn the act but tried miserably to justify Assad's actions.

Thumb marcus 07 January 2016, 18:19

he says here is the TRUTH and then he quotes Al Manar?!!!

Thumb ex-fpm 07 January 2016, 18:33

rofl @marcus!!!

Thumb thepatriot 08 January 2016, 10:25

WoW Southy... congrats on all your comments ...not an ounce of denial, tons of objectivity, analytical skills, a deep knowledge of Geopolitics, unbiased comments, empathy, and a brilliant factual analysis. Thank you for your contribution to this forum... and to humanity.

Thumb skeletor 07 January 2016, 18:45

It is rather weird you mention my name. I can assure you that it is in your best interest not to mess with me.

Thumb _mowaten_ 07 January 2016, 19:20

weird: thanks. lol

Thumb ashtah 07 January 2016, 19:55

do you know Mr. troll the weird that Iran is called the "Islamic" republic of Iran.

Missing peace 07 January 2016, 19:57

and hezbollah the "islamic" resistance.... LOL

Missing peace 07 January 2016, 19:57

and hezbollah the "islamic" resistance.... LOL

Thumb ashtah 07 January 2016, 20:01

mowaten under another weird name:

Quoting and quoting does not make your bankrupt argument valid. Hezbollah went into Syria and besieged cities, massacred Syrians, ethnically cleansed towns and villages ( Qusayr is now owned by shias) and when the Zabadani front was ignited and besieged, the rebels retaliated by besieging the 2 shia towns. Now, scream, shout, and quote as much as you want, nothing will change.

Thumb ashtah 07 January 2016, 20:03

is Wilayah Al Faqih the new and improved version of democracy, freedom, and tolerance. What's you robjection to Alloush's speech if you live and die by the teaching of wilayat al faqih.

Missing humble 07 January 2016, 20:18


Missing humble 07 January 2016, 20:19

The Butcher is a crimibal....and those who support him are criminals too.

Thumb liberty 08 January 2016, 06:09

despicable troll