Explosion Shakes Suspected Hizbullah Arms Cache in Siddiqin

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A huge explosion went off in an alleged arms depot in the Hizbullah stronghold of Siddiqin in the South overnight and party members prevented the security forces from reaching the area, media reports said Wednesday.

The reports said the cause of the blast could not be determined after Hizbullah drew a tight security dragnet around the scene of the explosion.

Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5) said the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon launched an investigation and announced that a technical team will head to the scene of the explosion to corroborate the reports that it went off in an arms depot in contravention of Security Council resolution 1701.

But a spokesman for the U.N. peacekeeping force, Andrea Tenenti, denied that UNIFIL had sent any patrol to the area or had launched any investigation.

“UNIFIL doesn’t have any info about it and is in continuous contact with the Lebanese army,” he said.

Last year, several blasts caused a large fire at a building in the southern town of Shehabiyeh. At the time reports said the explosions went off at a Hizbullah weapons depot.

An arms cache belonging to Hizbullah has also exploded in an abandoned house in the southern village of Khirbet Selm.

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Thumb geha 23 November 2011, 08:41

2 points in this regard:
- they prevented the army from checking it :)
- I hope all their arms depots will explode killing all these syro/iranian terrorists, which are trying to terrorise us and leaving israel (their partner) at ease.

Default-user-icon Muhamad (Guest) 23 November 2011, 09:14

I gues they were assembling a car bomb to kill a Lebnese politician some how, and by accident it went off. These terrorists outlaws still enjoy freedom for the conspiracy aginst Lebanese poepe. It is a shame for all Lebanese to have them anywhere in parliamant or nearby

Default-user-icon rabz (Guest) 23 November 2011, 09:50

why dont you geha do something about it and try defending your land and people in the south and all over lebanon with the armyy rather than typing here all the time and insulting everyone here and there. just a thought

Missing youssefhaddad 23 November 2011, 10:12

It is as usual a "Cooking Gas tank explosion " !
Damn "Zionists"...
The security forces should not bother themselves, Hezbollah members will clean the mess up.

Default-user-icon oxymoron (Guest) 23 November 2011, 11:21

@ Rabz: i suggest you take a minute to re-read your post and see if it makes any sense?!?
ok let me help you, how can the army "do something" when although it is the only legitimate force in the country is not able to go around freely in the country and investigate? And for the record since the Hizb is in power now they have no excuses to say "the zionist" M14th control the army and will pass on the information.

Default-user-icon AntiHizb (Guest) 23 November 2011, 11:50

Lebanon begged the UN for 1701 in order to stop the 2006 war after which the hizb of thugs claimed divine victory just because it destroyed 20 Israeli tanks....Lebanon has been in violation of 1701 ever since its inception.

Thumb geha 23 November 2011, 13:18

just a note: I am not insulting anyone, rather just stating facts!
if you cannot ssee the difference then you are as blind as a bat!

Default-user-icon Seven (Guest) 23 November 2011, 13:36

@Youssedhaddad...Oh god, not another Lebanese loser born in America and thinks that the USA is some sort of entity of eternal goodness. He believes he MUST perpetually show his support for the USA (for he is insecure) by having its flag on his avatar and defending all of its acts and records . This losers (and others like him) are totally oblivious to the great harm the USA has done in the world, through wars (Iraq), coups (Iran 1953), and the support of dictators (many examples here!)!

Default-user-icon Bubba (Guest) 23 November 2011, 13:58

What's the matter with you guys, this obviously happened at a convention of car dealers from Dahieh and the result of a bunch of them having parallel arguments about personal matters, nothing to see here. An update will be coming shortly from the very competent always on top of things inspector sorry Chief inspector Marwan Charbel.

Missing lebanesy 23 November 2011, 14:08

Well done Hezbollah
Keep exploding your weapons and your people
Another one and still counting

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 23 November 2011, 14:10

I join my voice to my fellow Shiite and " Islamic Revolution in Lebanon " supporter mowaten or whatever he's going by today in hating , mainly Christian , Lebanese born overseas or living there because once they get the right to vote our baby making machine's / trash bags effort in flooding the markets with Shiite babies / future motorbike black shirt wearing thugs will be rendered useless and our dream of an Islamic Republic under Shari3a law will become a distant dream .

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 23 November 2011, 14:20

this is a very dangerous and serious situation.
the army is in "control" of the 1701 territory in the south,i understand due to the "calamity" that the army couldnt reach the site after the explosion, but where is moukabarat el jaysh to know about the depot b4 the accident? or they know and shut up? or moukhabarat el jaysh is only existant on the syrian border to catch the antiassad terrorists?
where are the officers of el jaysh ellubnani el horr????????

Thumb thepatriot 23 November 2011, 14:24

"try defending your land and your people in the south..."
Excuse me, since 2006, how has the Hezb defended anyone or anything?
Their only bullets fired were against other Lebanese in 2008...
What is there to defend in the south?
The Hezb is deployed beyond the litani river...what's the point in that??
Do you think that Israel is interrested in attacking us if not provoqued?
Please don't come up with the shebaa excuse, all UN maps, and French mandate Maps show the villages are in Syria... It is a false pretext to keep the weapons...So??
What has the 1953 American Administration have to do with today's geopolitical context?? You are not rational.
Thank you for your presence on this forum. We miss Jabal Amel and are glad to have a new buffon to untertain us. Your posts show you abundance of analytical spirit, knowledge, and maturity...again, Thank you!

Default-user-icon Libnane (Guest) 23 November 2011, 14:27

Oh, now I understand what they mean by the term "resistance"...they resist allowing the army check up on them and their terrorist acts.

Anybody who thinks this is a group that is working on behalf of the Lebanese is kidding themselves. These people are a proxy Iranian army with Lebanese passports. Their allegiance is to Iran, NOT Lebanon. Wake up and smell the coffee people. They will continue to attack Israel from Lebanese soil at the behest of their patron, Iran. This is NOT to paint all Shias as followers of Hezbollah- to the contrary- many Shias do not wish to be identified as followers of this terrorist organization. But, like Al Qaida who hijacked Sunni Islam, Hezbollah has hijacked Shia Islam.

No solution but to partition Lebanon. These thugs will not coexist peacefully with the Lebanese at large.

Missing sergio 23 November 2011, 15:25

ya RabzI believe if your people mean hezbelsheitan lay down your weapons & the army handles the security of the country the so called ennemy will leave us alone in peace.

Missing sergio 23 November 2011, 15:34

Seven talking about America, I don't know what you have against Americans, if they grant you a visa maybe you should go to Dearborne MI & see yourself all the Lebanese shiites there. maybe US should sent them all home. maybe they will migrate to Iran

Missing sergio 23 November 2011, 15:36

Ya Galiboun i don't know if you were born yet, but it was Aoun the clown who attacked churches to be more precise attacked Bkirki & terrorized them.
wake up

Thumb geha 23 November 2011, 15:48

from the above M8 posts I can see misinformation and misinformation....
not a single truth! wake up guys! stop useless accusations and respond to the question at hand: is hizbushaitan a resistance or a state within a state?
if they were a resistance, the army would not be blocked out when something happens, and they would not threaten us with their weapons.
if any of you has something to say, then please reply to these 2 basic questions.

Default-user-icon what_a_joke (Guest) 23 November 2011, 16:26

It was probably just another gas tank. I'm sure Hizballah will fully cooperate with the state because the resistance is only here to defend Lebanon from Israel.

This is getting old, predictable and pathetic. It's time to discuss your weapons and intentions so we can move forward in life because Hizballah in the current state is a cancer to the Lebanese society that is preventing us from doing so.

Thumb joeleb 23 November 2011, 16:38

I don't understant how the Lebanese Security Forces were prevented from entering the area. The LEBANESE SECURITY FORCES! They are the legitimate institution and they are prevented from entering an area in Lebanon by a rogue group. Hizbullah is yelling and screaming about the US and Israel spying on Lebanon, well that's something that happens in every country, Israel and the US spy on each other too...we should be yelling and screaming at Hizbullah, which is the true threat and TRAITOR to Lebanon, swearing allegiance to Syria and Iran...They are spies and informants and servants for these two countries and they show off about it too....The Lebanese army and security forces should, and must have access to the whole country, and Hizbullah members who prevent that should be arrested for obstruction and be thrown in jail....Enough is enough, Hizbullah doesn't care about Lebanon and it's well being, all it cares about is it's own agenda and survival...perfect description of a parazite.

Default-user-icon NoNoNo (Guest) 23 November 2011, 17:29

I wonder if this explosion, the third major Hezbo arms depot explosion in a relatively short time, has anything to do with those American/Israeli spies that Hezbo has not yet managed to catch. Hasn't Hezbo been going on and on for the past couple of days about yet another one of their "exploits" and "success stories" against Israeli/American agents?

Someone better remind Hezbo that one explosion in an arms depot may be considered an acceptable loss, that two will start raising some eyebrows, but three??? Hezbo is either too disorganized to know how to store arms properly (in that case party members should not be handling explosives) or is so badly penetrated by foreign spies/agents that can blow Hezbo munitions up at will and get away with it by making it look like yet another accident.

Missing just_think 23 November 2011, 17:45

How unpatriotic of Hizbullah to stop the Lebanese army from doing their jobs..

Thumb libnani 23 November 2011, 17:56

I hope they blow themselves to hell

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 23 November 2011, 18:04

moukhabarat el jaysh between the bekaa and the south.

Default-user-icon Marvin (Guest) 23 November 2011, 18:04

Now that's what I'm talking about an earth shattering kaboom! Improper storing of Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

Missing peace 23 November 2011, 19:05

as many asked here i d like to know what justification is there to prevent the NATIONAL security forces from investigating an explosion on LEBANESE soil....

it only means that hezb once more doesn t want to comply with the rules of the state making it an OUTLAW party...
they do not work for lebanon but for there master iran...