Govt. Seeks U.S. Clarifications on 'CIA Spies', Hizbullah Slams 'Aggression'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Information Minister Walid al-Daouq announced after a cabinet session on Wednesday that the government would seek "clarifications" from the U.S. ambassador to Beirut after Hizbullah said it had succeeded in exposing CIA operatives.

Earlier on Wednesday, Agriculture Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan, who represents Hizbullah in the 30-seat government, told reporters during a break from the cabinet meeting that the government had "decided to summon U.S. Ambassador Maura Connelly to question her on this issue."

"This is not the first aggression of its kind on Lebanon ... and cannot be divided from Israeli (spies)," Hajj Hassan said.

But Daouq clarified that Premier Najib Miqati asked Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour during the session to seek “clarifications” from Connelly about “media reports” that have raised the issue of CIA operatives, denying that the government had decided to summon the U.S. ambassador in person.

The cabinet’s decision and Hajj Hassan’s statement come hours after Hizbullah said it succeeded in uncovering Central Intelligence Agency operatives who had infiltrated its ranks and urged the government to take immediate measures against the U.S. embassy.

"Lebanese intelligence vanquished U.S. and Israeli intelligence in what is now known as the intelligence war," said Hizbullah MP Hassan Fadlallah, who heads parliament's telecommunications committee.

"Our security apparatus ... has exposed several American and Israeli plots on Lebanon," Fadlallah told reporters outside parliament.

"We call on the Lebanese government to take immediate action ... and raise the issue with the United Nations and embassies, so that the whole world is aware of what the U.S. embassy in Lebanon is doing."

Wednesday's comments follow reports earlier this week which said Hizbullah had uncovered several operatives within the movement working for the CIA.

In the first acknowledgement of infiltration since the group's founding in the 1980s, Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in June had said members of his group confessed to being CIA agents.

Nasrallah accused his arch-foe Israel of turning to the U.S. spy agency after failing to infiltrate his party, slamming the American embassy in Beirut as a "den of spies."

The U.S. embassy in Beirut dismissed the accusations as "empty."

More than 100 people in Lebanon have been arrested on suspicion of spying for Israel since April 2009, including military personnel and telecoms employees.

Lebanon and Israel technically remain in a state of war, and convicted spies face life imprisonment or the death sentence if found guilty of contributing to Lebanese loss of life.

Lebanon has protested to the United Nations over the busted Israeli spy networks.

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Thumb charbel 23 November 2011, 14:50

We thank you for helping the government to find spies, but then, we are not so keen on you taking the place of the Lebanese State. We would rather you surrender the spies to the Lebanese judicial system, rather than try them yourselves. We believe in the Lebanese justice not any other parties. Hizballah never surrendered the CIA spies it said it had arrested. No one know who they are "to preserver their families honour" as Hassan Nasrallah said. If you are a Hizbollah member, and found to be a spy, You get a special treatment.

Default-user-icon Majnou (Guest) 23 November 2011, 15:18

All is fine when we catch spies for the west and israel but how about those spying for iran and syria? shouldn't they also be arrested? a spy is a spy no matter who he is spying for!

Thumb thepatriot 23 November 2011, 15:24 have your spies, they have theirs...we haven't heard much of you when your spies got caught in Cairo...or Nada Prouty (caught in the US) ...or Daqduq (Hezb spie captured in Iraq)...Nasim Nisr in Israel...and so on...

Thumb geha 23 November 2011, 15:40

look at your coalition: syria, iran and israel.
it is enough spies all over.

Default-user-icon enough_weapons (Guest) 23 November 2011, 16:40

You do realize that the spies are there for you... The Lebanese care more about getting rid of the main problem which is Hizballah, Syrian politics and other armed militias so we can get on with our lives and start looking at building the future of Libnan.

PS: the only good thing you still do is offer to lay down your weapons and integrate with the Lebanese army. Otherwise you're going to keep raising the tension in Lebanon and give more and more people/factions an excuse to bare arms.

Missing just_think 23 November 2011, 17:49

Hizbullah Has Exposed Several U.S., Israeli Plots in Lebanon...and Vice Versa.

Missing peace 23 November 2011, 22:55

is the gvt going to summon the syrian and iranian ambassadors too for their agents in lebanon? they claim to be an independent and soveriegn state no?

so no double standards....

Default-user-icon Frankish (Guest) 23 November 2011, 23:13

And who is the Lebanese government to question the USA? As if Lebanon does not belong to the US. Down with this government. We want interference by the US and everybody else except Syria, Iran and Lebanon, too. We want cheikh Imbecile back and we want him NOW. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Default-user-icon Le PheneChien (Guest) 24 November 2011, 05:05

There were plenty of Media reports about the Syrian embassy in Lebanon killing and kidnapping Syrian nationals, Are we going to summon the Syrian Ambassador since the latter is not as busy as Connely with your applications to Immigrate to Michigan in USA.